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 Appalachia Mission Trip

The Appalachia region is an amazing place. An area rich in resources and beautiful landscapes. The people of Appalachia are a very humble yet proud people all at the same time. Proud of their heritage and their lifestyle, they are very hard working, close knit, family first oriented yet extremely hospitable group of people.

The Appalachian people not only have to battle the area and the natural elements of their location, their hardship has been perpetuated by the huge loss of jobs due to the decline of the mining, steel and several manufacturing industries. The shortage of gainful employment has lead to severe drug and alcohol addiction issues in many communities and as a result, poverty has taken it’s toll. It has fractured the heart of many and hopelessness is all too common a term used by many.

Contact Praying Pelican Missions to talk to our dedicated staff about your Appalachia missions trip today. Let us help you prepare for a mission trip that will impact both the community you serve and your team.

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At A Glance. get the basics.

Location North America - East USA
Language English
Income $22,000
Religion 39% Evangelical Christian, 29% mainline protestant, 6% Roman Catholic, 1% Jewish, 1% Muslim
Climate Seasonal
Population about 500,000
Ethnic Groups Mixed

Pricing Information. see what all is included.

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Trip Length:
Group Registration Fee - Not included in participant cost:
Materials Provided:
  • Group leader handbook
  • Online group devotionals and handbooks
  • Trip promotional materials
  • Group T-shirts
  • Fundraising ideas
Unlimited Consultations:
35+ Hours of Ministry:
Transportation to/from Airport and Ministry Sites:    
Participation in Local Church Services:
Sleeping Accommodations: Floor-sleeping lodging in a secure church, school, or camp in the area Hotel accommodations
Meals: Meals provided Some local restaurant meals
Recreation or Local Cultural Experience:

FAQs. we know you're wondering.

Prior to the trip, you will receive a group leader manual, which includes fundraising ideas, online trip handbooks and resources for participants, promotional materials, group t-shirts, and unlimited pre-trip consultations with your trip leader.

Once at your location in Appalachia, you will receive three meals a day, sleeping accommodations, customizable ministry options, an opportunity to attend local church services, evening worship, prayer, debriefing meetings, and a local sightseeing or recreation activity.

Airfare/ground transportation throughout the trip, spending money, offering at church services, construction and/or ministry materials, personal insurance, and optional recreation.

In rural Appalachia everyone speaks English. In some locations, you may notice at times that some will speak with distinguishable southern drawl.

Yes. We take extra precautions and lay down strict ground rules to ensure safety. Our genuine partnership with pastors and other community leaders in the city ensures there is always someone looking out for the well being of our teams.

You have your normal insects and bugs that would find in most areas of the U.S. Although in some rural areas you need to be aware of the occasional snake. But those instances are extremely rare.

On PPM USA trips, each group is responsible for their own transportation.

On PPM USA trips, each group is responsible for their own transportation.

Airport choice depends on location. Columbus, OH (CMH) and Charleston, WV (CSW) are two options.

Yes, PPM provides safe food for you during your trip.

Yes. There will be a time set aside to buy souvenirs if so desired.

You will enjoy traditional American cuisine as well a meal or two that reflect the heritage of Appalachia.

Please see our general FAQ page for answers to questions not specific to Appalachia

Location Info. basics about appalachia.

Appalachia is a very “Blue Collar area”. There are plenty of opportunities to get the feel of local culture. The people are very hospitable and friendly. They are very proud of their heritage and are quick to share it with you if you ask. The ministry opportunities are endless!

The climate can be very hot and humid in the summer and very wet and cold in the winter. “Appalachian” English is spoken. Appalachia is very safe and any crime is limited to the local population.

Aside from service and professional industries, the local economy is relinquished mostly to low paying, service oriented positions.

There is a ton of history to be learned all up and down the Ohio River Valley. Many local opportunities to see and hear about the proud history of the people. Some of the local “diner” cuisine is awesome!

Appalachia was the first frontier when America began. Some of the richest history is nestled deep in the hollers and around the river bends of the Appalachian Mountains. It has been forever the spot to visit during the fall season for it’s natural beauty. It also boasts some of the best whitewater rafting in the world. Appalachia is primarily a protestant population.

If you were waiting for the perfect time to bring a group to Appalachia, the time is now. Contact us for more information or register today!

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