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 Boston Mission Trip

American history, great seafood and a strong, hardworking community all await you on a Praying Pelican Missions trip to Boston. Nicknamed “The Hub of the Universe”, the greater Boston area is home to nearly 5-million people, which means there is plenty of opportunity to serve.

When you get connected with a church or nonprofit organization in Boston, you’ll find welcoming people doing their best to serve the city’s needs. The city was originally founded by Puritans, but a Pew Research Center study says only about 57% of Bostonians now claim to be of Christian faith. You’ll have a chance to show God’s love, not only to people in need, but to those who serve them as well.

When it is time for a little relaxation, Beantown offers incredible recreational activities, including Fenway Park, Boston Common and the Old North Church. You and your team can dive into American history, while also diving into a deeper relationship with Christ.

PPM’s goal is to help your team utilize its unique talents and gifts to make the greatest impact possible. Together, with partners across Boston, your team can be a part of spreading the light of Jesus across one of the oldest cities in the US.

If you would like to learn more about how you can serve the people of Boston, contact Praying Pelican Missions today.

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At A Glance. get the basics.

Location North America
Language English
Income $40,593
Religion 57% Christian, 10% Other Religions, 33% Atheist, Agnostic or Nothing
Climate Humid Continental (4 distinct seasons). Cold, snowy winters and beautiful summers
Population 6.75 Million
Ethnic Groups Caucasian: 75%
Motto "Sicut Patribus, Sit Deus Nobis" ("God be with us as he was with our fathers")
Statehood February 6, 1788

Pricing Information. see what all is included.

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Trip Length:
Group Registration Fee - Not included in participant cost:
Materials Provided:
  • Group leader handbook
  • Online group devotionals and handbooks
  • Trip promotional materials
  • Group T-shirts
  • Fundraising ideas
Unlimited Consultations:
35+ Hours of Ministry:
Transportation to/from Airport and Ministry Sites:    
Participation in Local Church Services:
Sleeping Accommodations: Floor sleeping (with air beds) in churches, community centers, etc Hotel accommodations
Meals: Meals provided Meals provided
Recreation or Local Cultural Experience:

FAQs. we know you're wondering.

Prior to the trip, you will receive a group leader manual, which includes fundraising ideas, online trip handbooks and resources for participants, promotional materials, group t-shirts, and unlimited pre-trip consultations with your trip leader. Once in Boston, you will receive three meals a day, sleeping accommodations, customizable ministry options, an opportunity to attend local church services, evening worship, prayer, debriefing meetings, and a local sightseeing or recreation activity.

Airfare/ground transportation throughout the trip, spending money, offering at church services, construction and/or ministry materials, personal insurance, and optional recreation.

The main language spoken is English. Although it has the 7th largest population of immigrants so you may hear a new language at every turn.

Yes. We take extra precautions and lay down strict ground rules to ensure safety. Crime occurs in the Boston just like everywhere else, but we have never had a PPM team experience a major incident of crime. Our genuine partnership with pastors and other community leaders in Boston ensure there is always someone looking out for the well being of our teams.

There are no insects in Boston that you wouldn't also find in most places within the similar areas in the US.

If you decide to fly, you will need to rent transportation for your group to get from the airport to the ministry location. You will also be responsible for your own transportation throughout the week.

On PPM USA trips, each group is responsible for their own transportation. You may either drive your church vehicles or rent from the airport.

Logan International Airport, BOS

Praying Pelican Missions will provide safe food to eat and safe water to drink. In places where plumbing is suspect, PPM will provide purified water to drink.

Yes. There will be a time set aside to buy souvenirs if so desired.

A variety: American, and other cultural meals. We'll feed your team well!

Only if you have severe dietary restrictions such as major allergens like poultry or gluten. In cases such as those, it's wise to bring appropriate snacks to supplement your diet for the week. Although we try to cater to the needs of each of our individual team members, it's a good idea to bring snacks as well.

Please see our general FAQ page for answers to questions not specific to Boston

Location Info. basics about Boston.

Boston is a beautiful city based on history and hard workers. The culture is still true to that today. Even as you walk into a church you may hear stories about how families have been attending the same church for generations. Some people will even refer to Boston as overworked and underloved.

Temperate Climate. English. Safe.

Restaurants and historic bakeries around every turn. Including the first place to make Boston Cream Pie

The primary religion is Christianity but few actually proclaim Christ.

If you were waiting for the perfect time to bring a group to Boston, the time is now. Contact us for more information or register today!

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