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 Italy Mission Trip

Pastors in Sicily, Italy desire the encouragement and support you will bring when you serve on an Italy mission trip. While serving on your Italy mission trip, you will be given the opportunity to share the love of God with refugees who need to know they are not alone.

Our local partners are giving sacrificially every day to reach the many who are caught in the midst of a terrible situation, so when you encourage the pastors on your Italy mission trip, you will be playing a vital role in supporting sustainable ministry. Some ministry opportunities you will be able to take part in include worshiping with your international brothers and sisters in Christ, children's ministry, sports ministry, and many others.

Italy mission trips with Praying Pelican Missions are eye-opening as you will hear stories from the refugees, local church members, pastors, and our missionaries that will grip your heart. As you serve side-by-side with the local church during this mission trip, your life will be impacted just as much as their life will be impacted by you. The time is now to go serve on a mission trip to Italy where you will find pastors who want a genuine partnership and a long-term relationship with you and your team.

Be prepared to be impacted as you share the gospel and the love of God with many during your mission trip. Your chance to bring your most experienced college or adult mission team to the next level of ministry and personal growth can begin here, on your Italy mission trip.

Contact Praying Pelican Missions today to learn more about this life changing mission experience on your Italy mission trip.

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At A Glance. get the basics.

Location Southern Europe, a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea, northeast of Tunisia
Language Italian and Sicilian, English among many migrants.
Income $18,000 (local population)
Religion Roman Catholic 80%, Muslim (about 800,000 to 1 million), Atheist and Agnostic approx. 20%
Climate Mediterranean; alpine in far north; hot, dry in south
Population 5 million (Sicily); 59 million in all of Italy
Ethnic Groups Italian (Local population), African, Middle Eastern (refugees)
Motto "Whichever Way You Throw, It Will Stand"
Independence 1870

Pricing Information. see what all is included.

Trip Length:
Group Registration Fee - Not included in participant cost:
Materials Provided:
  • Group leader handbook
  • Online group devotionals and handbooks
  • Trip promotional materials
  • Group T-shirts
  • Fundraising ideas
Unlimited Consultations:
70+ Hours of Ministry:
Safe Drinking Water:
Transportation to/from Airport and Ministry Sites:
Participation in Local Church Services:
Minimum Group Size: 15
Sleeping Accommodations: Hotel or Equivalent
Meals: Homemade Italian and American meals
Recreation or Local Cultural Experience:

FAQs. we know you're wondering.

Prior to the trip you will receive a group leader manual, which includes fundraising ideas; online trip handbooks and resources for participants, promotional materials, and unlimited pre-trip consultations with your trip leader.

Once in Italy you will receive transportation to and from the airport, transportation to and from ministry sites, three meals a day, safe drinking water, sleeping accommodations, group T-shirts, customizable ministry options, an opportunity to attend local church services, evening worship, prayer, debriefing meetings, and a local sightseeing or recreation activity.

Transportation to Italy, passport, vaccinations, spending money, offering at church services construction and/or ministry materials, personal insurance, and personal snacks.

Italy has 11 official languages. Most Italians will speak English and 2-3 other languages as well.

Praying Pelican Missions holds safety as a top priority. PPM staff are trained and equipped to provide a safe and incident-free mission experience. PPM staff will be with your team for the entire trip and will have access to transportation, cell phones, hospitals, and first aid kits at all times.

Italy has its share of creatures; however, the chance of seeing anything dangerous is very slim. In the unlikely event that one of these creatures is encountered our staff is well prepared and equipped to handle such a situation.

Groups will fly into Catania, Italy where PPM staff will meet them upon exiting customs and immigration. Praying Pelican Missions will take care of all your transportation while in Italy.

All transportation within Italy is included in the cost of the trip and will be arranged by Praying Pelican Missions.

Your group will fly into the Catania Airport - CTA

Most Sicilians have mineral water with their meals; however, tap water is safe everywhere, as are public drinking fountains. Unsafe sources will be marked ACQUA NON POTABILE. If tap water comes out cloudy, it's only the calcium or other minerals inherent in a water supply that often comes untreated from fresh springs.

Yes. There will be opportunities to purchase gifts and souvenirs if one so desires.

The teams will be eating traditional Italian food and traditional American meals.

No. Praying Pelican Missions will provide all meals from the time you arrive to the time you depart. You may wish to bring snacks, but all main meals will be provided by us.

Please see our general FAQ page for answers to questions not specific to Italy

Location Info. basics about Italy.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea; along with surrounding minor islands, it constitutes an autonomous region of Italy officially referred to as Regione Sicilia. Sicily is located in the central Mediterranean. It extends from the tip of the Apennine peninsula, from which it is separated only by the narrow Strait of Messina, towards the North African coast. Its most prominent landmark is Mount Etna, which, at 3,350 m (10,990 ft), is the tallest active volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world. The island has a typical Mediterranean climate.

Sicily has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild and wet winters and hot, dry summers. On almost any average day, temperatures in Sicily may rise up to 111°F. According to the Regional Agency for Waste and Water, on 10 August 1999, the weather station of Catenanuova recorded a maximum temperature of 119°F, which is the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe by the use of reliable instruments. Total precipitation is highly variable, generally increasing with elevation.

Today in Sicily most people are bilingual and speak both Italian and Sicilian. However the use of Sicilian is limited to informal contexts (mostly in family) and in a majority of cases it is replaced by the so-called regional Italian of Sicily, an Italian dialect that is a kind of mix between Italian and Sicilian.

Thanks to the regular growth of the last years, Sicily is the eighth richest region of Italy in terms of total GDP. In the 1970s there was a growth of the industrial sector through the creation of some factories. In recent years the importance of the service industry has grown for the opening of several shopping malls and for a modest growth of financial and telecommunication activities. Tourism is an important source of wealth for the island thanks to its natural and historical heritage. Today Sicily is investing a large amount of money on structures of the hospitality industry, in order to make tourism more competitive. However, Sicily continues to have a GDP per capita below the Italian average and more unemployment than the rest of Italy.

Italian dishes and pastries speak for themselves. Beyond that, Sicily is an island of beaches & vineyards, boasting ancient greco temples as well as Europe's tallest active volcano.

Throughout history, Sicily has usually been controlled by greater powers—Roman, Vandal, Byzantine, Islamic,Norman, Hohenstaufen, Catalan, Spaniard—but it has also experienced short periods of independence. Although currently part of the Republic of Italy, it has its own distinct culture.

Sicily is both the largest region of the modern state of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its central location and natural resources ensured that it has been considered a crucial strategic location due in large part to its importance for Mediterranean trade routes.

Due in large part to its close proximity to Rome and the heavy influence of Roman Catholicism, Sicily remains largely Roman Catholic. This is one of the challenges facing many of the Muslim refugees seeking sanctuary in Sicily. Though Sicily demonstrates humanitarianism locals are resistant to welcoming them into the country.

If you were waiting for the perfect time to bring a group to Italy, the time is now. Contact us for more information or register today!

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