Hurricane Harvey

Houston, TX

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As the waters recede, the impact of Hurricane Harvey is hard to put into words. Thousands of homes have significant water damage, displacing over 30,000 people. Not only have homes been damaged, but also places of employment, education, and more. As we talk with partner churches, we hear their hurt, their shortness of breath from working tirelessly, and their hope.

God is uniting His people - it's a remarkable contrast, one that only God can orchestrate.

Praying Pelican Missions is working with church partners within the Houston area to support them in long-term efforts. We have opened multiple trip dates for teams to come alongside these churches as they serve their communities. Teams will be assisting with cleanup, clearout, and repair of water damaged homes, as well as other projects identified by our partner churches.

We invite you to assemble a team to join us. Once you have your team put together, please sign up below. If you wish to serve on a trip date that is not currently available, please contact us directly at 888-PPM-4090. At this time, we are welcoming groups of 5+.

Our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. May God grant them peace, comfort, and hope during this time.

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