Valley Brook Community Church Youth | Belize

| July 10 to July 16, 2011

Local Host:
Staff: Rob Graham

Trip Journal Updates

We are Here!
by Leah and Bethany | July 10, 2011
After a day of traveling we are finally here! After some lunch we headed off Dorothy Menzies Children's Home for some fun with the children. Our hearts were melted as we had to leave for our trip to our ministry site of Belmopan. We thank you all for your prayers and we cannot wait to get this week under way!

Reconstruction for Jesus!
by Leah | July 12, 2011
We are having a wonderful time here in Belize. Despite the rain, we have been able to accomplish a lot with our service project. We were able to put new siding up on the front of Anna's, a woman in the neighborhood, home. We had a good turnout at VBS and had a great time during the "FIESTA!" Yesterday we were able to hear a man from the neighborhood's testimony which was so inspiring. God is truly at work here in Belmopan with us. Thank you so much for your prayers and God Bless You! We miss you and can't wait to tell you about all the wonderful things that are happening to us.

Tuesday Night Worship
by Bethany R. | July 13, 2011
Last night we had the privilege to lead the church service at Belmopan Baptist Church. What an amazing experience it was to join in worship with the Belizeans. We kicked off the service with worship and testimonies by Jeff and Lauren. After that Steven brought the message on God's love for us and how it reaches us no matter where we are. The Lord was in our midst as we spent time in prayer. Thank you all for your prayers! We cannot wait to lead church again tomorrow night!

Anna's Home is Finished
by Bethany R. | July 13, 2011
After 3 days of hard work, we are finally done with the siding! The Lord is good! After rebuilding the walls and completing the siding on the house, we joined in prayer for Anna and her home. She was forever grateful for the work we did for her.

Next up on service projects we are going to be putting in a wooden floor in a home that is only dirt as of now. Be in prayer for us as we take on this task.

Xunantunich Recreation!
by Bethany R. | July 14, 2011
Today we took some time to ourselves for recreation! We visited the Mayan Ruins at Xunantunich, Belize. These ruins showcase the biggest temples, altars and ball-courts in all of the sites in Belize. We loved getting to see such a historical site and imagining how the people lived back then. Did you know at the height of the Mayan civilization, the population of Belize was over 3 million people? That's 10 times as many people as there is in the country today!

We also loved getting to see more of the rainforest and many different animals and wildlife. But quite possibly the best part was getting to the top of the largest temple and looking down on Guatemala. It was impressive to see the beautiful land our Lord has blessed us with!

We then ate a quick lunch and headed to our site to kick off VBS for the evening. Thank you all for your prayers, we can feel them at work!

Hospital and Orphanage
by Bethany R. | July 15, 2011
After a day of recreation we were well rested and excited for a day of ministry! Today we got to go to Belmopan General Hospital and the Belmopan Children's Orphanage. It was an amazing experience to see these institutions in another country and how they work.

We got to prayer over many different families and individuals at the hospital. We ask that you be in prayer for Ruth, a young lady who is 5 months pregnant and was cut across the stomach with a knife. She is in recovery, but is in need of prayer.

We also got to play with the children at the orphanage which was an incredible blessing and was so much fun! They were so excited to see us and to get to play with us. It was so hard to say goodbye to the children... it is amazing how much you can love a child with just 45 minutes with them.

Last day of VBS
by Bethany R. | July 15, 2011
Today was also our last day with the kids at VBS. It was so difficult to say goodbye to them, knowing we will probably not see them again. After many tears and long hugs, we said goodbye. We are amazed at how the Lord used these kids to show us His love this week. Their smiles will be something we will never forget.

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Kim Gaudreau

Awesome pictures! Yeah God for the many ways you have been able to be the hands and feel of Jeus this week. Praying you finish well and have a safe trip back home tomorrow. The Gaudreau family is looking forward to having you back in the neighborhood Mr. Coleman!

Genna Perry

Hey everyone! I love all the pictures, you all look like you are working so hard and having a lot of fun serving God. I can't wait to hear about all the people you got to serve and all that God did in your own lives. I miss you Rach, can't wait to see you. Have a safe trip back, love you guys :)

Diane Heermance

Hello hard workers!!! Just wanted to tell Stephen that I really miss his help in the office this week as we prepare for Sport Camp next week. Adam and Emily I hope you are getting plenty of rest too.... can't wait to serve together when you get back!!!! We are praying for all of you, what an experience you are having. We love you all! And Stephen... Audrey says hi! :)

Lisa Johnson

Happy Birthday Lauren!! I hope you have a wonderful day doing what you love to do - serve in Jesus' name with your family! The house looks great that you are woking on. You are all in my prayers everyday. Hugs and kisses to Em!

Joanne Perry

Wow, the pictures alone speak volumes. We are excited to continue to follow your week and look forward to welcoming you home. I am sure you all will be returning with changed hearts and an even more amazing love of the Lord and all His people. Thank you for your service and wonderful example of Christ love. You're in our thoughts and prayers! Love to all! The Perry's xoxo RayRay

Pastor Clark

Hi Students and Leaders, We are proud of you for being radical and going to another country to serve people in Jesus' name! Thank you for sacrificing your time, comfort and treasure to identify with those who have less than you! We are praying for you and we can't wait to hear what God has done in your lives and through your presence in Belize!

Barbara Bradley

It's so wonderful to see you all on the website and to read the great comments. Thank you for the text telling me you all arrived safely. And thank you VBCC for giving my child this incredible opportunity to serve the Lord. Luke, I am so proud of you. Your spiritualism and Faith have always shown through. Spread the love and His Word. My prayers are with you all for a fulfilling week and safe return.

Jan and Diane Heermance

Hello from home. We miss you all so much but are so proud of the work you are doing for the Lord. Stephen, we were excited that you had an opportunity to teach about God's love in Belize. We loved seeing your picture!! We know you are all taking your pills :) so you all stay healthy!! We can't wait to see what you will do next. We are praying for you!


Stephen... I MISS YOU!!!! Tommy misses you!!! Izzy and Lucy miss you!!! But we are all so proud of YOU... big dish of chicken, pasta, and broccoli waiting for you when you get home!! Keeping the whole wonderful team in our prayers! Hugs and love, Mama Kirsch

Kim Gaudreau

Wow! What an amazing opportunity to show the love of Christ in such a tangible way. I'm sure Anna and the people in her neighborhood feel loved. Can't wait to hear how God worked through the whole team when you return! Praying for continued good health and strength and energy for all of you! Know that your VBCC family is praying for you! Kim

Scott Johnson

Hi Awesome TEAM!! I am so excited to be able to participate with you on your Mission Trip! God is AWESOME and you are light!! We are proud of you and are praying for you!! Scott PS: Hi Princess!

Shawn Parisi

It is so wonderful to read and see the work you are doing. You are all such a blessing to my life. I'm praying for your safety and the impact and light all of you can be for the Lord during your trip.

Irene & George LePore

Hello from Grandma and Grandpa LePore. We're praying for you and the success of your mission. We're so proud of the work you all are doing for the Lord.

Sheryl Cutler

Hey VBCC team - Wahoo - we can send love and prayers and emails to you around the world - this is soooo cool! Thanky ou for stepping out and being radical and travelling so far to love others and spread Jesus' love. We were away during your send off at church but wanted you to have our hugs and prayers all week - love to you all!!!! Love, The Cutlers

Janet Pitchford

What a beautiful sight you all are! Faces smiling and reflecting the light of Jesus. Praying you will be a blessing as you "go" this week. God's work is going on in the heart of each one of you. Praying for strength, stamina, energy, and compassion and good health. Emily, my special granddaaughter, you look awesome! What a great hair style for hot weather and travel.

Lisa Johnson

You guys look great! Such a united team! We are so thrilled to send you out into the world to spread God's word and help the poor. You are being the hands and feet of Jesus. We already miss you all but I especially miss Emily - love you sweetie!!

Diane Heermance

Praise God for your safe arrival. We are all praying that you will be used mightily by the Lord! Thank you for shining your lights for Jesus. You are loved and missed!!

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