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| July 07 to July 13, 2012

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Trip Journal Updates

Safe Arrival
by Eric R. | July 8, 2012
After long flights and a bus ride across the country, we have finally arrived in Granbouchi, Haiti! Upon arrival, we ate a quick dinner and went straight to bed. After a great night's rest, we were blessed to be able to attend church and worship with the Haitians in their native creole language.

We spent Sunday afternoon walking through the village, getting acquainted with the locations we will be ministering in this week. Our walk ended at the beach, where we had a chance to play soccer, football, and other games with the children from the community.

We are excited and looking forward to a great week!

Walking Through the Community
by Eric R. | July 8, 2012
Here we are walking through the community, learning about the way life works in Haiti.

Playing on the Beach
by Eric R. | July 8, 2012
Once we finished walking through the community, we had a huge group of kids trailing behind us to play on the beach!

Construction Project
by Eric R. | July 9, 2012
This morning we began work on our two ministry projects. One of the projects we are involved in is doing the finishing work on a home that is being built for a woman in the community named Adelene. She currently lives in a small, one room home with seven of her children. The home being built for her is almost complete!

We began by sifting sand and preparing to mix concrete to finish the floors and stucco walls. We will also be finishing the ceiling of the porch and hanging several doors. It is exciting both for our team and for Adelene as her new home is nearing completion!

Learning How to Make a Kite
by Eric R. | July 9, 2012
While taking a break from sifting sand, one of the boys in the community showed us how to build a kite.

Almonds on the Beach
by Eric R. | July 9, 2012
We also continued our afternoon ministry with the children on the beach. In the shade of an almond tree, the kids showed us how to break open the seeds to eat the almonds inside.

Water Balloons
by Eric R. | July 9, 2012
The children absolutely loved playing catch with the water balloons!

A Tree Planting Army
by Eric R. | July 10, 2012
This morning we continued our projects that were started on Monday. Aside from the construction, we are also blessing the community by planting trees along the road and in people's yards. When the trees mature, they will provide much needed shade along the road for people as they walk, as well as provide an additional source of fruit to eat.

We had several varieties of trees for the people to choose from, including coconut, lemon, cherry, and mahogany. It was a blessing to see how happy the people were as they decided which variety they wanted and where the trees would be planted in their yard!

Planting a Tree
by Eric R. | July 10, 2012
Here is our group planting a tree in someone's yard. As you can see, many of the children in the community followed along as we planted!

Planting with the Children
by Eric R. | July 10, 2012
The children in the community made wonderful company as we moved from home to home.

Construction Continues
by Eric R. | July 10, 2012
As the group planted trees, we also continued work on Adelene's house. Here you can see Steve playing apprentice to a Haitian carpenter as they both worked to build door frames for inside the house.

Afternoon Tour of Les Caye
by Eric R. | July 10, 2012
We took a little break after lunch to go on a tour of Les Caye, one of the larger cities in Haiti. We learned a small portion of the 500 year history of the city, saw several of the landmarks, and visited the coast where they load sugar cane onto boats and ship it to other countries.

Final Day of Ministry
by Eric R. | July 11, 2012
Today was our last day of ministry and it was amazing! We were able to complete both of our projects, which means we finished the construction of Adelene's house and planted over 300 trees throughout the community. God has truly been at work as we served in the community and shared the gospel this week. We are thankful that HE gets the glory for our labors!

Construction Completed!
by Eric R. | July 11, 2012
One major project we worked on this week was hanging the interior doors of Adelene's house. This was quite the project, as the door frames had to be built from scratch. We certainly missed our power tools from back home, but the blessing of working alongside the men in the community was well worth the effort invested!

Ah Ji Ji! Ah Ja Ja!
by Eric R., | July 11, 2012
While the guys were out planting trees and working on the house, the girls decided to invite the children to the church for games and crafts. We had over 100 children that showed up for a couple of hours of games. It was a blast!

Catching Lizards
by Eric R. | July 11, 2012
One of our highlights this week was spending free time with Bebe, one of the workers at our camp site.

In this picture, you can see him showing some of the guys how to turn a palm leaf into a trap for small lizards.

Recreation & Going Home
by Eric R. | September 4, 2012
After a week of ministry, we got the opportunity to travel to a couple of beautiful places in Haiti for some rest, relaxation, and swimming. Our first stop was the Saut-Mathurine waterfall in Camp-Perin, Haiti. It was a long, bumpy, winding drive to get there -- but well worth the effort!

At 90ft, the Saut-Mathurine waterfall is the largest waterfall in Haiti. It was an incredible experience getting to climb up a short way and jump into the rushing water. More incredible was watching the local Haitians climb to the very top and jump!

After a time of swimming and a picnic lunch, we got back on the bus and headed for Port Salut, one of the most beautiful beaches in Haiti. We were able to spend a couple of hours swimming, souvenir shopping, and just enjoying the sun and the sound of the waves.

All in all it was a great end to an amazing week of ministry!

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Lori Maddox

It has been amazing to watch all the exciting ministry opportunities you guys were able to participate in this week. My heart has been there with you and we have been praying for each and every one of you. Can't wait to hear how God spoke to you. Wishing you safe and blessed travels tomorrow. Love and prayers, Ms. Lori

Sim and Gail Cave

Hey Haiti Team!! Loved the pictures throughout the week. Looks as if you've had an awesome time! Garrett - can't wait to see you tomorrow and hear all the stories...I know you have lots! Love you and miss you!! Praying for safety on y'alls long trip back.

Hannah White

Hope you all have a fun day on your Haitian excursion today! I have loved seeing the pictures of what has been going on each day. Will be praying for safe travels tomorrow. Love you, Hannah W.

David & Sandra Collins

Really enjoyed seeing your pictures, very proud of you all! We "like" the thumbs up Stevie, keep up the good work! We love you all and will continue to pray for you.

Pastor Michael

Bug, did you give your flip flop to a one legged person? Just kidding. I love you guys and we had a great youth group tonight. I'm praying for you and I'm excited to hear how God used you. Happy Birthday, Danny! I'll see y'all when you get home. Pastor Michael

Alice Lovett

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNY. Love you so much. I know you are doing what God created you for.... Love you too, Tori and all the rest of the gang. I pray you will all be in the center of God's will for this trip and great things will happen. (Be safe and have a great time)

Dave, Sandra & Jacob

Happy Birthday Danny!! Hello Stevie & team!

Avelyn Lovett

Happy Birthday Daddy !I love you. Have fun.

Jud and Sandra

Glad things have gone well and you had a safe trip. The pictures are great. Jordan, miss ya and hope you are having a great experience. Danny, happy birthday tomorrow, hope you have a good one. Love all you guys.

Cathy, Jenifer and Amber

Hey Stacey! We love you and miss you so much already! Glad to see you all made it there safely and you are in our prayers as you spread the gospel this week.


Hi Alex and Heather, I loved seeing you smiling faces! We are praying for a wonderful trip, full of eternal fruit and daily protection. Have a great week and ...(keep those pictures comin') ;) Love and hugs, Kenda

Suzette Lovett

Glad to see you all made it:-) Praying you have an amazing, wonderful and safe trip! We love you all! Remind Torri she will get in alot of trouble if she trys to stuff children in her luggage!!


mr. danny ohhh man and for the rest of yall have fun and be safe. that meanes stevie!!!!!!!!!! have fun ll be praying for yall :)

John and Jerolyn

Hey Alexander and Bushnell team. We are praying for you and are excited to see what God is going to do in and through you this week. We love you! John and Jerolyn Rosentrater.

Brenda & Darrin Bonner

Hello Bug and the Bushnell team! I hope your days in Haiti bring experiences you will never forget, and that you see God move in an amazing way! We are praying for you all! Love and miss you already! Brenda, Darrin & Bre

Robert & Mary Jane White

Hey Heather, Alex and mission team, Hope y'all had a good trip into Haiti. Can't wait to hear what God does. Love y'all, Robert & Mary Jane White

Sim and Gail

Hope you all had a good trip into Les Cayes tonight. Garrett, we are praying for you and the rest of the group to have a week you will never forget! Love you and miss you already!

Hannah White

Hey Heather, Alex, and Bushnell team! Hope you had safe travels today. Can't wait to hear and see all that is going on. Love you, Hannah W.

David & Sandra Collins

Hey Stevie & Bushnell gang. Can't wait to see what you did on your first day! We love you & will be praying for you all.

Jud and Sandra

Hey Jordan and Bushnell team. Miss you already. Hope you had a good trip. We are praying for you. Love you, Jud and Sandra.

Dana and Angie

Hey Alex, Heather and Bushnell team ! Hope your trip today went well. We are praying for you. Love you, Dana & Angie

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