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| July 07 to July 13, 2012

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Trip Journal Updates

Safe Arrival!
by Eric R. | July 8, 2012
After long flights and a bus ride across the country, we have finally arrived in Granbouchi, Haiti! Upon arrival, we ate a quick dinner and went straight to bed. After a great night's rest, we were blessed to be able to attend church and worship with the Haitians in their native creole language.

We spent Sunday afternoon walking through the village, getting acquainted with the locations we will be ministering in this week. Our walk ended at the beach, where we had a chance to play soccer, football, and other games with the children from the community.

We are excited and looking forward to a great week!

Group Meeting in Eden Haiti
by Eric R. | July 8, 2012
Here we are learning about the community and ministries we will be involved in this week.

Playing on the Beach
by Eric R. | July 8, 2012
Once we finished our walk through the community, we had a trail of kids behind us!

Construction Project
by Eric R. | July 9, 2012
This morning we began work on our two ministry projects. One of the projects we are involved in is doing the finishing work on a home that is being built for a woman in the community named Adelene. She currently lives in a small, one room home with seven of her children. The home being built for her is almost complete!

We began by sifting sand and preparing to mix concrete to finish the floors and stucco walls. We will also be finishing the ceiling of the porch and hanging several doors. It is exciting both for our team and for Adelene as her new home is nearing completion!

Learning to Make a Kite
by Eric R. | July 9, 2012
While taking a break from sifting sand, one of the boys in the community showed us how to build a kite.

Almonds on the Beach
by Eric R. | July 9, 2012
We also continued our afternoon ministry with the children on the beach. In the shade of an almond tree, the kids showed us how to break open the seeds to eat the almonds inside.

American Football
by Eric R. | July 9, 2012
We enjoyed showing the children how to play American football. They thought it was great!

A Tree Planting Army
by Eric R. | July 10, 2012
This morning we continued our projects that were started on Monday. Aside from the construction, we are also blessing the community by planting trees along the road and in people's yards. When the trees mature, they will provide much needed shade along the road for people as they walk, as well as provide an additional source of fruit to eat.

We had several varieties of trees for the people to choose from, including coconut, lemon, cherry, and mahogany. It was a blessing to see how happy the people were as they decided which variety they wanted and where the trees would be planted in their yard!

Planting a Tree
by Eric R. | July 10, 2012
Here is our group planting a tree in someone's yard. As you can see, many of the children in the community followed along as we planted!

Blessing Adelene With a Tree
by Eric R. | July 10, 2012
We were able to plant a few trees around the new house we are finishing for Adelene. It was great to see how excited she was!

Construction Continues
by Eric R. | July 10, 2012
The construction on Adelene's house continued this morning also. Here you can see Matt, Keith, and several other of our adults sifting sand for the concrete that is being used to finish the floor inside the house.

Afternoon Tour of Les Caye
by Eric R. | July 10, 2012
We took a little break after lunch to go on a tour of Les Caye, one of the larger cities in Haiti. We learned a small portion of the 500 year history of the city, saw several of the landmarks, and visited the coast where they load sugar cane onto boats and ship it to other countries.

Last Day of Ministry
by Eric R. | July 11, 2012
Today was our last day of ministry and it was amazing! We were able to complete both of our projects, which means we finished the construction of Adelene's house and planted over 300 trees throughout the community. God has truly been at work as we served in the community and shared the gospel this week. We are thankful that HE gets the glory for our labors!

Construction Completed
by Eric R. | July 11, 2012
One major project we worked on this week was hanging the interior doors of Adelene's house. This was quite the project, as the door frames had to be built from scratch. We certainly missed our power tools from back home, but the blessing of working alongside the men in the community was well worth the effort invested!

Ah Ji Ji! Ah Ja Ja!
by Eric R. | July 11, 2012
While the guys were out planting trees and working on the house, the girls decided to invite the children to the church for games and crafts. We had over 100 children that showed up for a couple of hours of games. It was a blast!

Crafts with the Children
by Eric R. | July 11, 2012
Here you can see us helping the children with their crafts. Once we began, it didn't take us long to learn several helpful creole phrases, including "Wait", "Finished", and "Beautiful."

Recreation & Going Home
by Eric R. | September 4, 2012
After a week of ministry, we got the opportunity to travel to a couple of beautiful places in Haiti for some rest, relaxation, and swimming. Our first stop was the Saut-Mathurine waterfall in Camp-Perin, Haiti. It was a long, bumpy, winding drive to get there -- but well worth the effort!

At 90ft, the Saut-Mathurine waterfall is the largest waterfall in Haiti. It was an incredible experience getting to climb up a short way and jump into the rushing water. More incredible was watching the local Haitians climb to the very top and jump!

After a time of swimming and a picnic lunch, we got back on the bus and headed for Port Salut, one of the most beautiful beaches in Haiti. We were able to spend a couple of hours swimming, souvenir shopping, and just enjoying the sun and the sound of the waves.

All in all it was a great end to an amazing week of ministry!

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Melanie Wheeler

I see God is busy with miracles. Not to mention the fact that Tabby and Keith Klundt got on an airplane, but the word is being shared through action. The greatest sharing possible. Prayers are with the whole team. Enjoy!

Jeff Condit

It's 5:30 PM on Thursday, the 12th. 24 hours from now (forget the time zone issue) and you'll be standing on US American soil again. We're all blessed to be Americans. And we're humbly blessed that you've shared your abundance with others this past week. May this week be the start of a new lifetime of sharing (with others) what God has mercifully given to you (and to all of us).

Julie Timm

I am so excited and proud of the work that your church is doing for the Lord. It truly is a blessing to pray for all of you. A sprecial shout out from Texas for our family members that are serving! Blessings to all.

The Collins

So glad to see the cooooollllll pictures of all of you and the area where you are staying. Praying for the team and all those you come into contact with. Praying for boldness and energy for each one of you and that many lives will be changed in the name of Jesus.

Monica Clark

Praying for the group and that you are blessed as much as you are a blessing to the people in Haiti. Grace is doing great and keeping busy.

Haben Family

Praying for you each night at Grace's bed time and "finding you" on the globe - praying that He will be glorified in all that each of you say and do!

Vicki Sink

Go today in the strength of the Lord. He will accomplish much through you. You have the prayers of your church family!

Jeff Condit

Thank you, God, for 17 smiling faces.

Vicki Sink

Is it as hot there as it's been here? What did you guys eat for your first meal? Was it wonderful worshiping with brothers and sisters in a different language? Thanks for the pictures!

Jerry Schrick

Great pics! You all look maaahhhvelous!

Vicki Sink

Praying for you all. I will be watching for updates.

Jeff Condit

May the Lord give sleep, rest, strength and courage according to His mercies that are new every morning.

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