First Baptist Church, Terrell | Belize

| June 19 to June 25, 2011

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Staff: Jennie Pakan

Trip Journal Updates

Hello Belize!
by Staff | June 19, 2011
After a quick flight, we drove two hours north of the Belize airport and got settled in for the night at the school where we are staying this week. There was so much to see on the drive! We had a chance to meet the other groups we are working with this week. It’s a fun mix of denominations and US states represented! We look forward to a full day tomorrow. Oh, and there was an amazing Belizean dinner served tonight! We could get used to that!

School at San Pablo
by Bethany R. | June 21, 2011
Today was our first full day here in Belize! We jumped right into ministry this morning at San Pablo Community School. As our group led out in this ministry, first we helped the children learn a few songs. After introducing ourselves, we then started a craft of making visors for them to wear. The children loved all of the bright colors and excitement of the group. We are so excited to be heading back there tomorrow!

Work on the Church
by Bethany R. | June 21, 2011
We then loaded up on the bus and headed to the town of Douglas, which is where our service ministry is located. After a yummy Belizean lunch of stew chicken, fried plantains and Squash Juice, we began working on painting the church. We all worked together really well and got the entire outside of the church done, as well as replacing a rotten beam. Tomorrow we will get started on the inside!

VBS and Youth Night
by Bethany R. | June 21, 2011
After VBS at Douglas, we quickly changed and traveled to the town of Buena Vista for a Youth Night with the church there. Our group led out in this ministry and brought the worship for the evening, shared testimonies and Bro. Ricky brought the message. Please continue to pray for us as we allow Christ to move through us this week!

Lessons at School
by Bethany R. | June 22, 2011
Hello friends! This morning we started off back at San Pablo’s Community school and we were surprised to find that more kids came to see us! We split off into 5 different classroom and taught Bible lessons, sang songs, played games and did a craft. We are becoming so attatched!

Starting the Wall
by Bethany R. | June 22, 2011
Next we went back to Douglas Baptist Church and began work on painting the inside of the church and getting started on building the wall. It was hot, but everyone pitched in where needed and we got a lot accomplished!

Face Painting
by Bethany R. | June 22, 2011
Finally we started on our VBS at the church and had 41 children show up to learn about Christ! Praise the Lord! The kids started catching on to the songs and games and we loved seeing their smiling faces. Today we also started doing face painting with the kids and they loved it! All in all, we are getting stretched to our limits and working hard but the Lord has a plan and we are excited to watch Him work through us!

Our Hearts are Full!
by Bethany R. | June 23, 2011
What a wonderful day the Lord has made! We began today back at the school for more fun and games, lessons and crafts. The kids ran out to meet us as soon as the bus arrived and the joy that filled our hearts was indescribable. As we said our goodbye’s at the end of the day the answer to the question we have been teaching them (“Who does Jesus love?), was shouted so loud it made our hearts swell with joy (“ME!”).

Construction and Painting
by Bethany R. | June 23, 2011
Next we headed back to the church in Douglas to finish up the work on the wall, do more painting and get started on the benches for the Buena Vista church. The wall was completed as well as one bench. Pastor Mai’s face lit up as he was presented the first completed bench and the love and gratitude he felt was palpable.

VBS excitement
by Bethany R. | June 23, 2011
Around 12 children showed up at the church around 11:00 a.m. Remember, VBS starts at 4:00! They were so excited to spend time with us and kept asking, “When is VBS?” So finally we started VBS. After songs, games and a lesson, the kids made cross necklaces to wear home. They were reluctant to leave us and we can see a glimpse of how hard tomorrow is going to be.

School's Out
by Bethany R. | June 24, 2011
Today was our last day of school ministry. All of the kids showed back up with smiles on their faces. From cheese dip to fruit salad, the school made sure we knew how much they appreciated us. Our hearts were overflowing when we had to leave. It is evident now to us how much of a difference just one person can make in someone else’s life.

Completing our Work at Douglas
by Bethany R. | June 24, 2011
Then we headed back to Douglas to finish up our projects. We completed everything! Praise the Lord! It was a lot of hard work, but more than worth it in the end. Here are a few pictures from the church.
This is a part of the inside of the church, which we painted.

by Bethany R. | June 24, 2011
This is one of the beautiful benches that we made for the church in Buena Vista.

Goodbyes at VBS
by Bethany R. | June 24, 2011
Then it was time for our last VBS. It was bittersweet as we sang the final words to “I Just Want to be a Sheep…” The kids did not want to leave and neither did we. However, we invited them back to church at 7:00 and many of them came back and brought their relatives. Be in prayer that those families will continue to stay in contact with Pastor Mai.

Headed Home
by Bethany R. | June 25, 2011
After a wonderful day of recreation on Friday, it is time to head back home and say our goodbyes to Belize. We had such an amazing week here in this beautiful country. Thank you all for your prayers. Christ showed up in a mighty way this week and we cannot wait to get back and share our experiences with you!

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Laury Grow

Great sharing God's love to the children of Belize with you. Thank you God for wonderful friends.

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