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| June 21 to June 28, 2008

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Trip Journal Updates

by Angie | June 21, 2008
We arrived in Belize and were welcomed by the heat and humidity at about 12pm. We loaded a bus and headed to Liberty House (an orphanage). We played soccer with the kids, read books, and met Miss Natalie, the head of the orphage. Our next stop was the Global Village Hotel, the Praying Pelican staff headquarters in Belize, for a late lunch/early dinner. After getting some fuel for our stomachs, we set off for our hotel, St. Christopher’s in Orange Walk; it took about an hour to get there. We received our room assignments and got settled in. Our evening meeting consisted of a welcome from our trip leader, hearing of some rules and guidelines, a time of sharing some fun memories from the day, and discussing tomorrow.

First Full Day in Belize!
by TempAuthor | June 22, 2008
This morning we went to Orange Walk Nazarene Church. Some sat in the Sunday school and were soon in charge of the class. The superintendent started the class, but said he wanted the group to lead it, so they read stories from their donation supplies and sang songs. We met Pastor Rick and his wife; she did a message directly from a passage and shared about how it applies to life. There was singing and Cody did his testimony. Lunch was beef, rice, and a variety of fresh fruit-papaya, bananas, and watermelon. After lunch, we walked through the village inviting people to Vacation Bible School. Some people we saw were from the church, so we acknowledged that we saw them that morning, which they seemed to appreciate. Those that were not at church that morning, were very receptive to our invitation and visits. When we returned to our hotel, showers and naps were greatly appreciated. We met for our missions training at 5pm and had dinner at 5:45pm; the spaghetti was wonderful as was the garlic bread and pineapple juice.

Work Day!
by Angie | June 23, 2008
This morning for breakfast we had fried Jacks, eggs, payapa, and orange juice. We walked Pastor Angel Castillo's house to repair his roof. The old roof was removed and the new put on. For lunch we went back to the hotel for hamburgers, fries, and pineapple juice. We rode the bus to Louisiana Government School for sports. Next was a bus to Orange Walk Nazerene Church to help another group with VBS. We enjoyed learning and playing "peso peso" with the team and locals. Bus back to hotel so could walk to Sing Wong Chinese Restaurant for dinner. There we celebrated Brett's birthday by singing happy birthday and the giving of a Snickers bar. We then walked across the street to have a meeting at the hotel. We shared highlights, had worship time, and played Belize trivia.

Day 4
by Angie | June 24, 2008
This morning for breakfast we had cantaloupe, eggs, tortillas, and papaya juice. We then headed to our work site-the pastor’s house where we started a new work project-his shed. Another project that we worked on was to prepare a floor for the shed. For this we needed to break apart rocks with sledge hammers. We enjoyed lunch then it was back to the site for some and over to sports for the others. Those doing construction continued with the rocks; the people with sports enjoyed playing red rover and red light green light. Again, we split up some at construction and others to VBS. For Vacation Bible School there were many more kids that came. They participated in music and seemed to enjoy themselves. Next, we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up for church and to eat some dinner. We walked to church and enjoyed a Spanish service in which everyone got up and participated in the worship service. Now it is off to a team meeting.

Mayan Ruins
by Angie | June 25, 2008
This morning we had an early start with another great breakfast that included fry jacks! We then loaded the bus and headed for Lamanai, the Mayan Ruins. Lots of bug spray was applied and we were ready to hear some history (and climb the tallest ruin). We took our time, an hour and a half, exploring the forest in which it would only take ten minutes to walk through; our guide had quite a bit of information to share with us. Seeing monkeys and toucans was a definite highlight for many. For lunch, we ate sandwiches at a picnic pavilion. Most of our group went swimming in the New River Lagoon. Our relaxing mid-week time was completed as we rode back on the bus to the hotel. Next, we were off to sports ministry to play basketball. It was very enjoyable to be familiar with the locals and to be able to acknowledge many by name. We then helped with VBS; there were about 75 kids there today. The groups that some of us lead around to the different stations were about 25-30 kids big. We came back to our hotel for a dinner of bar-b-q chicken, vegetable rice, and orange juice and for a team meeting.

Final Day of Work
by Angie | June 26, 2008
After a hardy breakfast of eggs, tortillas, and juice, we headed out to do some prayer walking. Next, we went to Buen Pastor church to work on painting the concrete wall around the church yard. Sports ministry went well; we played some basketball. VBS had over 100 children today! Praise God! Dinner was hamburgers, fries, and salad. We had a team meeting with worship and got to bed since tomorrow we need to be up and loading the bus at 5:30am to get an early start to our relaxing final day in Belize.

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Momma Sharon

How are those that are under the weather? Please post a note in your daily blog entry, we are anxiously awaiting word.

Lesley Regenhardt

Just to let all of you, especially those who are under the weather, we're continuing to pray for you!!! Matt ~ I hope you feel better soon! I love you! ~ Mom ~

Aunt Shelley (Matt D)

Just a note to let you know I love you and am very proud of what you are doing to help sustain God's work. That is what He asked of us...care for each other. Those who don't have...we give. Those who do have...we share. Thank you for being who you are and sustaining what I know is true in your heart. I love you and am praying for each of you!! God will truly bless each of you as you carry on what He has taught us to do.

Rick Brandl

Josh Brandl, congratulations! You have a new baby brother! Benjamin Luke Brandl was born at 2:26 pm on 6/24/2008; 7 lbs. 10 oz.; 20.5 inches long. He seems to have your temperment! We are so proud of you!

Lora Cornelius

I thank the Lord for this blog. It makes me feel like I am right with you. I am praying for strength, endurance, joy, love, safety, health, words spoken in wisdom, I miss my Jess. Life with the Cornelius guys .....what can I say. It's not the same without our Jess. Love you, darlin.

Di Baddorf

Yesterday was sad, having to celebrate Brett's birthday with him so far away. But we know God has him in Belize for a reason and will watch over he and Janna as they lead the group. We hope everyone there helped him celebrate his birthday. We will continue to pray for your group, your spreading God's word, His love, your love, and a safe trip home.We love you Mouse. Mom & Dad

Matthew Hedgepeth

Glad to hear all are safe and I'm proud of all of you (especially the Cornelius chick)! Keep safe, team and we're praying for you. Do something for His Glory!

Scott Caraway

What up, Matt?!!! It's your favorite - ok, its your only Godfather, letting you know that I am so proud of you and your team for taking this life changing journey! My advice to y'all is to connect on a personal level with as many folks as possible - get to know them, even if you only have a short amount of time with them... extend your hand first and they will respond... As I learned years ago with my volunteer work, it only takes one person doing one small task to have a profound impact on the lives of many... Remember that the personal connections you make down there will become cherished memories for you, and they will impact the lives of the people of Belize forever. You will never be the same after this trip - your life and world perspective will forever be changed... and I know exactly how that feels, so I am just beside my cute self with joy for all of you! Sending my best wishes and prayers for all of you! Your Mac Daddy loves ya!

Lesley Regenhardt

Just a quick note to let all of you know you're in my constant prayers. It's so good to see the new picture of y'all! Have fun, be safe, and continue to let God shine! We are all so proud of each and every one of you. Matt, BIG hugs to you! Double T, happy bday!!!!

Michelle James

I am praying that you will touch many lives and everyone you meet will see what a wonderful inspiration you are as Christians! Have fun!

Michelle Carrington- Global Outhreach

Hope you are enjoying your time in Belize! Praying for your physical, emotional and spiritual strength. Have fun and be safe. Blessings-Michelle


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUBLE T!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful way to spend your day. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Jane Hillis

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear double T...Happy Birthday to you!!!!! I hope you had an awesome day!

Momma Jane

What an awesome looking team! I know ya'll are going to make great memories...even if at the time they don't seam like they will be good memories :). Don't forget that God's plan is always perfect no matter what it may look like to us. I will be praying for each and everyone of you all week. I can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get back. I love you all!!!

Mark & Lesley Regenhardt

We are so happy you made it safely! We're continuing to pray for all of you and your work in Belize. Continue to be safe, and let God shine in your hearts!! Matt D, we love you dearly!

Lora Cornelius

Good Morning Praying Pelicans, Belize and Hope Presbyterian!!! We are loving, thinking and praying for you. Just remember we serve an Awesome God who wants to love, provide and save the people of Belize! Today as you hug someone - God is getting to hug that someone. We serve Jehovah Jireh - the God who is more than enough!!!! Remember there is no distance in prayer not only is God with you, but as we think of you ....we pray. We love you Hope Pres Team! Go and allow God to hug His children in Belize!

Karl, Lora, Jackie Lee Cornelius

We are very glad you all safely arrived. We are praying for this trip and look forward to hearing about your trip. God is going to do great things this week! Jessica - we love you

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