North Olmsted Evangelical Friends Church | Haiti

| October 20 to October 26, 2012

Local Host:
Staff: Bethany Richardson

Trip Journal Updates

Belated update!
by Bethany R. | October 21, 2012
We are so sorry for the delayed update, we are having difficulty getting internet to update you all. However, we have some now so Praise the Lord!

We arrived in Haiti yesterday afternoon safe and sound. We met up with our other group with whom we are serving this week as well as our PPM staffers. It was so wonderful to finally meet the people that we'll be serving with for the upcoming week.

So as of now we are resting quietly at Life is Hope B, the second home that Pastor Jean has for the many orphans involved in Life is Hope. There are currently 85 children living under this roof as well as all 27 of us Americans!

What a week it will be. We look forward to updating with pictures when the internet is stronger, until then keep us in your prayers!

Sunday Smiles
by Bethany R. | October 21, 2012
We started the morning off with a Haitian breakfast of boiled eggs, bananas and Haitian hot chocolate. Yum!

After we filled our stomachs, we headed out to church to fill our spirits.

We joined in with the church on the property of the future orphanage in Croix-de-Boquets. This is where we will be working this week as well. It was so wonderful to be a part of a Haitian church service and get our first real listen to Haitian Creole being spoken.

We shared testimonies, music and even a quick message on being ready for the harvest, the soil is being planted as we speak!

Thanks to Pastor Christof for hosting us in his church.

Life is Hope A
by Bethany R. | October 21, 2012
After church, a wonderful lunch and a little time to rest, we headed out to Life is Hope A. We were so excited to meet the children and spend an afternoon playing and getting to know them. They sang for us their welcome song as the gates opened, it was truly beautiful.

We love these children! Smiles all around!

by Bethany R. | October 21, 2012
We ended the night with worship on the balcony and an extended prayer service over the week. We know the Lord has amazing plans for us this week. We only hope to be a light unto the world be ready to what he has to teach us.

Our hearts are already feeling at home here in this beautiful country. We ask for prayers of strength and safety as we begin working on the construction of the wall tomorrow. Thank you all!

School Ministry
by Bethany R. | October 22, 2012
We woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise and full Haitian breakfast hot on the table.

Since the kids are not in school yet, we are starting off the morning with School Ministry. Today we sang songs in Creole and English, made bracelets and taught the Gospel story.

The kids sang so beautifully and loud! Oh, how the singing of a child can bless your soul. We are falling in love with these children and the staff here at Life is Hope B.

On the Property
by Marlo W. | October 22, 2012
After school ministry at the orphanage, we headed to the New Life is Hope Property. There we passed buckets of concrete to help build the wall surrounding the orphanage property.

Games on the Property
by Marlo W. | October 22, 2012
When we had a break from work we took the children to play Soccer in the fields nearby. Those who preferred not to play, came up with many other games including Hot Potato, Follow the Leader and NINJA!

The Battle of Jericho
by Marlo W. | October 22, 2012
On the new property and the orphanage grounds, we taught the story of Joshua. To help the children visualize the Battle of Jericho, we gave each of them a Kazoo and told them to blow it as loud and as hard as they could as they circled around the Jericho wall (us adults). They walked, ran, jumped, and skipped around us, blowing their Kazoos loudly! And after the 7th time, they stood together and made as much noise as they could! The wall, then, fell to the ground.

The children really enjoyed being a part of that story!

Washed Away
by Bethany R. | October 23, 2012
This morning, we taught the children about how Christ died for us to forgive our sins. We chose 12 kids to draw an image of sin on a white paper. After they had drawn their pictures, we chose a little girl to erase everything. That is what Christ does for us. He erases our sins and makes us clean! We then sang worship songs and danced. And before we left the orphanage, one of the children prayed over us and prayed for safety as we drove and worked and strength and energy for the rest of our time here. It was a wonderful way to start the day!

Rocks and Cement
by Bethany R. | October 23, 2012
Once at the worksite, we were needed to help move a large pile of rocks. We all pitched in and completed the entire pile in about 30 minutes. Wow, they were heavy! After that we moved quickly along helping the Haitian workers with whatever they needed.

Next we mixed cement, passed it down to the other end of the wall and poured columns. It was hard work, but well worth it.

Planting Seeds
by Bethany R. | October 24, 2012
After lunch we split up into two groups with some continuing with construction, while others went into the community planting trees.

We planted a total of 10 trees and spent a wonderful afternoon with the people of Croix-de-Boquets getting to know them and praying for their future. It was a blessed time of ministry.

After tree ministry, we finished up construction and headed to Life is Hope A for another time of play. The kids were so sad when we arrived because they thought the rain would stop us from coming. We assured them nothing will stop us from coming the next two days!

We finished out the night with a large meal of Calalou and Cabrite (goat) and fresh Cherry juice. After some beautiful worship, we head to bed with a great day of work behind us and with great expectations for tomorrow. We appreciate your prayers and sweet comments, they mean so much!

What a day!
by Bethany R. | October 24, 2012
Today we continued with our normal routine of school ministry, construction, tree ministry and orphanage ministry.

The most special part of the day was buying fruit for all of the children at both Life is Hope sites. Each child received a slice of watermelon and mango as well as sugar cane. They were so excited so get so many sweet things at once, many of them wanted to save it for later.

We spent time singing with all the kids and taught them the lesson of David and Goliath. They loved hitting Goliath (Kevin) in the head with a ball.

We are enjoying the rain and wind as a storm is rolling in tonight. Thank the Lord for the cool breeze and the happiness we shared with the children today. Everything is for Your glory!

Our Soccer Team
by Bethany R. | October 24, 2012
We love Futbol!

Loving the Rain
by Bethany R. | October 25, 2012
We headed out for recreation today and got to see the impact of a little rain on the community.The roads were filled with water and empty of people. Erisias explained how people stay inside on most days when it comes a big storm.

Thank you all for your prayers and concern but we are doing wonderful! The majority of the storm missed us, we are just enjoying the cool winds and rain that it brought in. We even danced with the kids in the rain!

Working Hard
by Bethany R. | October 25, 2012
Evidence of a hard days work in the mud!

Praise on the Property
by Bethany R. | October 25, 2012
Singing with the children at the worksite.

Sugar Cane
by Bethany R. | October 25, 2012
We took a little time of recreation today and went to the Sugar Cane museum. We all learned about the industry of sugar in Haiti as well as the history of Haiti.

It was so much fun and we learned a lot. When we return home, don't forget to ask us about how to eat sugar cane!

Hug 'Em Up!
by Bethany R. | October 25, 2012
Our last day with the children from Life is Hope A was today. How hard it was to say goodbye to the children, but we know the Lord is with them and they are in good hands. Thank You Lord for the opportunity to spend time with Your children.

Saying Goodbye
by Bethany R. | October 25, 2012
Wow, what a week we've spent here in Haiti. We are utterly speechless at how the Lord work in and through us this week. We have a new American family from the West Virginia/Maryland team, a new Praying Pelican family from the staff and a new Haitian family with all of the children and people we met this week.

We wrapped up our night tonight in a praise and prayer meeting, lasting over 2 hours. It was a beautiful night of God's love and unity.

We spent time washing the feet of those who served us; the cooks, our PPM staff and all the extra helpers. It was such a humbling experience to be a part of. (pictured, Jeff from our partnering team oiling feet after they were washed)

As we head home, we look forward to see you all and to see what the Lord is going to do in our lives. Keep us in your prayers for safe travel and we'll see you soon!
Thank You Lord!

Leaving LIH B
by Bethany R. | October 26, 2012
After packing up and cleaning up, we sang with the children one last time. It was a bittersweet moment and many tears were shed for our new relationships we've formed. We are so thankful for the time spent with them and will hold their smiles in our hearts forever.

by Bethany R. | October 26, 2012
Well this is it! We are heading home to you guys and leaving this beautiful country (for now).

Thank You Lord for this week. Oh how we love You and Your children. Thanks to all of you who made this week possible, we are forever grateful for your support and love!

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Betty and Ivan Kacir

We have been following your progress each day. This is a wonderful experience for you. Our prayers are with your whole group.

Angeline Labrado

I hope you enjoy your day at the beach and pray that the weather is nice for you guys.

Julie Colin and Cara Myers

It looks like you guys are having an amazing experience! We all miss you Kevin!

Morissa and Joshua Kullberg and Ginger Dittrick

Lon and team, we are so proud of all that you've done already for the Kingdom of God! So excited to see all of the beautiful updates! Seems like the kids have really touched your hearts!!! Keep up the good work of the Lord! We are all praying for you and look forward to seeing what happens tomorrow!!!

Cheryl Freed

So excited to see and read about the trip each day!

Kellie Anderson

I am praying for you all today...we are hearing/seeing rain in the weather forecast so we are praying that this will not affect your ministry! God's purpose for you there will not be thwarted by the rain! That God would put a hedge of protection around you all, the children and the worksites! Love seeing all the pics...and can't wait to hear the stories!

Penny Kuch

Praying that your light will continue to burn bright, as you work and teach, in Haiti! May God continue to bless this week. Jen, the boys love the pictures and they pray for the team every night!

Angeline Labrado

You said, "Ask and you will receive Whatever you need" You said, "Pray and I'll hear from Heaven And I'll heal your land" You said, "Ask and you will receive Whatever you need" You said, "Pray and I'll hear from Heaven And I'll heal your land" You said, "Ask and I'll give Haiti to you" Oh, Lord, that's the cry of my heart Distant shores and the islands will see Your light, as it rises on us May this be your battle cry as you continue your work in Haiti. God has given you this time to bring His light to them.

Colin and Kieran Clark

we miss you! It looks like you are doing a lot of good work for the children.

Pastor Geoff

Love you guys so much! Wish I was there - but know that God is using you in amazing ways!

Wendy Getz

Really enjoying the updates and pictures! Keeping you all and your work there in my prayers! Thanks so much for being our church's ambassadors there in Haiti! May the Lord fill each of you with His strength, peace, and joy! God bless you all! Love, Wendy Getz

Eileen Campbell

What an awesome day you had. GOD is truly working through all of you in very special ways. Stay strong and enjoy everyday to the fullest. You have been blessed beyond your imagination. Those children look so happy and what a great way to tell the story of Jericho. Love the pictures keep them coming.

Kellie Anderson

Well i must admit that i am missing Eric and Andreah A LOT!!! I am praying that the time they have together is blessed and that they are sharing their wonderful spirit and laughter with the children!!! I am praying that you are able to be true example of God in a very practical way...that you are refreshed in your strength and your hearts...that you are as blest by the people as they are by you! Everything here is fine and tell Eric i said....Sssshhhhh!!!! :)

Angeline Labrado

I am glad to hear that the bracelets worked. I pray that as you rest for the night that God renews your strengths, spirits, and continues to fill you with the Holy Spirit. I pray that tomorrow you wake up refreshed and recharged and ready for another day of ministry. Let Tim know I love him and the lime is ok.

Adam Bollinger and Leah Trainer

We are gllad you arrived safely and may God give you the energy and love to spread to the Haitians while you are there. Prayers for all of you. Love to Laura and Bruce especially. Be safe!

Penny Kuch

Praying for strength as you start your week! May God bless you, as you bless the Haiti people! Miss you Jen! Boys are good!

Denise Webb

So great to read updates of your day. I will be praying for safety, that no one will get hurt serving and building this wall. I will be praying for a good night sleep. I will be praying for your interactions with the people of Haiti, that they are God honoring. Love to my sister and brother in law. God Bless you all!

Kellie Anderson

You all are missed and well loved...we are praying for you all as you begin this wonderful week of ministry to the children and people of Haiti! No worries here and know that we are standing behind you all, lifting you up! We are the ones right behind Jesus, lifting you all up! God bless and see you soon!

Angeline Labrado

My church, family and myself are praying for your team today. We hope things are going well and that God is using you in a mighty way. We are still waiting for an update :-) to know that you guys officially made it in safely.

Morissa Kullberg

I hope you all arrived safely at your destination last night! Eagerly waiting to hear from you all and see how things are going! Especially miss my dad Lon, but I know that God needs all of you there for a purpose! Looking forward to hearing all of your news!!! Update us soon! :)

Angeline Labrado

I am praying for your safe arrival and I am waiting for your the news.

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