Calvary Bible Church | Haiti

| August 03 to August 09, 2013

Local Host:
Staff: Almando Jean Louis

Trip Journal Updates

Back to Jacmel!
by Cassie | August 3, 2013
We arrived safe and sound in Haiti, boarded the bus and headed to Jacmel this afternoon. We settled into our now familiar lodging location and were ready to relax, eat, meet, and sleep. So, that's what we did! We are so excited to see what God has in store for us this week starting with an 8:30 church service in the morning!

Continue to pray for us, friends, as we serve the Lord this week!

Another Sunday in Haiti.
by Almando | August 4, 2013
Many of us had another opportunity to worship alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters again this morning. We felt so very welcome. Very sweaty church service with lots of happy Haitians. The singing was just amazing. We loved how everyone could worship together even though it was in different languages. We loved seeing Christians around the world worshiping together because besides us there was another church called Calvary Baptist Church that visited the church as well. The love for the Lord in that room was overwhelming.

After the service the pastor asked us to line up so that the church members could greet us one by one. We loved seeing familiar faces. Having some kids remember our names was priceless. We are so looking forward to loving on more kids this afternoon and on the days to come.

PS: A rooster makes a great alarm clock

One fun afternoon
by Almando | August 4, 2013
This afternoon we were able to do something we were beyond excited to do---taking the orphans to the beach. We all crowded on a school bus with them and their nannies. We were flabbergasted that they remembered our faces---our names even. The beach was beautiful and we all had a blast. We loved the time that we spent with them, floating them, playing with them in the sand, running with them...

We loved the relationships that we built with them and saw God's love flashing in their eyes, their smiles and their little hands reaching up to us. One of the girls reached up to me and called me dad (Russ). A couple of the little ones fell asleep on us and peed on us even but that was still precious. We feel really blessed to be loving on those little children knowing that God created each one of them for a purpose and that they are loved by us and Him.

We fell in love with the Haitians today and we see this trip differently.

Continue to pray for us as we move on.

A fun circle!
by Almando | August 5, 2013
What a great way to start a day! For many of us, our day started with the little ones in the church. We were glad to see so many smiles on their faces and hear giggles all over the place. It was awesome to ask them their names and just have fun with them. We loved hearing them shout out in song to our Lord. Our heads are hurting from all the hair playing (the girls). Their smiles will stay with us forever.

We can not wait for tomorrow!

by Almando | August 5, 2013
Scraping, sanding---preparing for painting, let's turn the church white!

Half white...
by Almando | August 5, 2013
What a great way to spend an afternoon! Half of the church building has turned white this afternoon.

Unexpected victory!!!
by Almando | August 5, 2013
First game---AMAZING! We won our first game! We are so pumped to finally win our first game in three years. It was a blast and so cool to play and win....all to strengthen the relationships we are building with our Haitian brothers and glorify Jesus. Rock solid goalkeeping, terrific defense, victory---awesome time! one guy said to us "oh you think you are going to win?" Well, we did not think we would but we did. For some of us, sitting in the audience watching the EPIC soccer game with young men that needed Jesus....the reason for the trip, was quite an experience.

Pray for another victory tomorrow.

More shots
by Almando | August 5, 2013
Timmy Scored!

Epic Epic
by Almando | August 5, 2013
The girls were stupendous!

Up on the ladders!
by Almando | August 6, 2013
As we are continuing to paint the church today, Woogy showed us that he is not only a good supervisor but a talented painter as well. Check him out :)

Sweep and mop!
by Almando | August 6, 2013
As our painting job is reaching up to the clouds, we realized that it's getting dangerous for us girls. We then decided to let the boys who are not scared of height continue with the painting. Instead of sitting, watching the boys, we agreed to clean the sanctuary. We found out that there is a post on one of the pillars inside the church that says "ministry of cleaning" including a schedule for each of the church groups and pictures of people with trashcans, broom....The bottom line on the poster says: " a humble task becomes a holy task when it is done for God.

We feel very humbled to be a part of that cleaning ministry in the church.

Needs a trophy!
by Almando | August 6, 2013
If you are watching and listening carefully, you will see and hear one man and one voice and that voice is Mr Russ' voice. He is the head of the cleaning session, he is making sure and having the crew make sure that everything is done well. He is so into it!!!!

A bigger circle.
by Almando | August 6, 2013
We had another great time with the children again today. We needed more space to play more games with them so we went to a little soccer field further up the church to play with them, love on them and being loved by them. We could not have asked for a better time. We are so looking forward to tomorrow.!
by Almando | August 6, 2013
Well, should we call it a bad news? It was another good news today. We had another wonderful soccer game but the church won this time.

One more game to go!

Kick off!
by Almando | August 6, 2013
Prayer time before the game led by pastor Duplessy.

Precious Precious
by Almando | August 6, 2013
Precious time with the little ones. Love truly transcends language barrier.

Nightly shot!
by Almando | August 6, 2013
A nice view of the soccer field from the church---our lodging.

Last touch
by Almando | August 7, 2013
The painting crew is up to turn the church building as white as possible this morning. Pray for them as they are climbing ladders and hanging off the bar windows....

Fun Times
by Almando | August 7, 2013
Early---but so much done already with the children. Some of us make really good horses for those kids. They love being picked up by us. Pray for strength and energy for us as we minister with those kids that are 24/7 energetic.

by Almando | August 7, 2013
Coloring figures always follows a bible story and it is so much fun!

A nice change
by Almando | August 7, 2013
We started today like yesterday. We had a fun time dancing, playing and loving on the children besides painting the church. I conquered my fear of height by standing high on a ladder - Woogy (legs still shaking). But we had a great recreation time in the afternoon. God gives us rest and relaxation when we really need it. Glory to Him. We went to the beach we took the kids to last Sunday and had a wonderful time getting to know everyone on the team more. We realize that the relationships that we have made are no longer companionship, they are friendships. Our time of recreation today really showed us how close we have grown together.

After the beach we went to a very nice hotel for supper. The view at the hotel is outstanding.

Pray for us as we are planning on a full day of ministry in a new community tomorrow.

The end!
by Almando | August 8, 2013
What a wonderful week we had with a wonderful people! We could not have asked for e better ending. As it was planned, we had a full day of ministry today. We loved the ride to the mountain. We enjoyed the children ministry we had up there and the other soccer game that we won. Wahooooooo!!!! Again, this afternoon, we went to the orphanage and ate dinner with the kids and that was super nice! It was very hard to say goodbye---that brought tears to our eyes.

We have lots of stories to tell when we get home, tons of pictures and videos to show---we can not wait!

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Kristin Wege

Hi Mum and Ky, Glad to see you guys are having a great time and working hard. Also glad to see you are representing well and won one of your soccer games! Missing you both and looking forward to hearing all of your stories. Love you both as big as Florida! xoxo

The Gores

Looks like you had a wonderful day yesterday1 Looking forward to seeing you soon! Have a great last day. Praying for you and the team. Love you!

Jody Courter

Danny and Suzanne, Can't wait to see you Friday night at the airport. Praying for a safe traveling day! Mom

Kelly Hudson

Hope you are all enjoying your last full day serving the people of Haiti! I must say that I am so excited to see my boy tomorrow! Love and miss you Derek!! See you at the airport:~)

Cathy Kevlik

Justin, Kylie and Darlene.....I miss you guys and I am praying for your safe return. I can't believe it is time to come home already. I am anxious to hear all about Haiti. Love you all. See you tomorrow. XOXOXO

cathy parrott

Well, can't believe your time there is almost over! Praying for safe travels and well being. Can't wait to hear everything - oh, wait- from others - Tim and Dave, my men of few words - love you guys!

Anthony, Katie & Caleb

David (Catanese), We hope your trip is going well. We're praying for you and can't wait to see you when you get back!

linda smith

Hannah and excited that you have had this time in haiti and cant wait to hear all about it! See you all tomorrow. I am SURE many will be praying for safe travels!

Matt Hudson

Derek and team - Awesome to see just a small glimpse into your work and service this week. We look forward to hearing all the stories and praying for a safe journey home. Again - I am proud of you son! Love Dad.

diane thibault

hi katie, wishing you a wonderful last full day in haiti...i found jacmel on google earth...yay!... and wishing you a safe trip home tomorrow. love you! auntie di

Deb Risteen

What an exciting day lies ahead today! Can't wait to hear how you blessed others and in return, blessed! We have been praying for God to continue to strengthen you and encourage you in your walk with Him as you finish strong. Good byes are SO hard especially with the children! May God to give you His peace as you leave tomorrow knowing that a piece of your hearts will remain until He calls you back! Phil. 1:6 'being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus" Love you bunches and can't wait to HUG each of you RISTEENS!!!

Rachel Courter

Danny and Suzanne Hope you enjoy your last couple days in Haiti!! We all miss and love you both!! That restaurant looks amazing!! I can't wait to see you again! Lots of love Rachel

Charissa Wolgamott

Hi WOOGY! I hope you have an AMAZING last full day there! I can't believe you went on a tall ladder but wouldn't do BIZZARO with me!! *wink I love you so much and can't believe that I get to see you and hug you tomorrow!! Lots of love, Charissa

Dan Courter

Hello Danny, Suzanne and Team, Praying for you today as you have a full day of ministry in a different community. Excited to have you home tomorrow night and be able to hear about how God has worked in your life. So glad that you have had lots of practice painting because our deck rails really need another coat of paint. Love you so very much. Dad

Heather Renaud

Hi Maddy, What an awesome week you have had!!! You guys have done great things ,painted the church, playing with the orphans and spreading Gods love you should be so very proud of yourselves :) today is your last full day, boy has the week flown by fast. Cant wait to see you on Friday!! Love you bunches!! Mom

Paul Faxon

Hello Darlene, Kylie, Justin and the rest of the crew! Great to see you all in the last photo, it appears you are all doing well and getting some down time as well as a good meal. It sure appears, from the other photos, that you got a lot done this week and built some life long relations as well. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night and will pray for a safe trip home.

Cathy Kevlik

AMAZING!!!! That is all I have to say. Justin you look great. I miss you and can't wait to see you and hear all about the stories. What a trip. oh how proud I am of you. Oh and by the way Nana kevlik says hello..I talked to her yesterday and you know her....ooooooo my baby boy is he ok....oooooooo im so proud of him......LOL it was funny. So we are praying for your safe return and for your continued ministry to the Haitian people. I love you. See you soon. XOXOXOXOX

Melissa Gore

Hi Katie, I miss you! I'm happy to read about everything you're doing and see pictures of your sweet face! I love you and am praying for you to have a good rest of the trip and return home to us safely. - Sissa

Cheryl Phillips

Wow! What a lot you guys have accomplished in a short time! Church looks great and it sounds like you are making some wonderful friendships with the kids. B, L, and M: miss you, but so glad you had this opportunity to serve others. Friday's coming fast...finish well...can't wait to see you and hear what God is doing in Haiti! Love you, Mom

Lois Pincince

Hi Wesley and Mahala! Great work you are doing down there! Love seeing the pictures and getting the updates! We are missing you here but are praying your last day there will be full of lasting meaningful ministry for the Lord. We can't wait to hear first hand all that God has done this week. We love you! Mom and Dad

Jillian Pooler

HI Ceal I hope your having a great time!!!!!!!!! I miss you and I think Milo does too because he's being nice , Turbo is crazy as normal. we went kayaking with the Risteens earlier today and swam. I cant wait to see you Friday night!

Dad Pooler

Hi Cecilia, The week is winding down. I know God has been doing great things through your group. I am proud of you and can't wait to see you. Love Dad.

rebekah scadding

Hello to 1/2 my family :) (dad emmy koryssa lindsay) I hope you are having an awesome time in Haiti and that God is using you to be HIS hands and feet! I heard an awesome quote at soulfest...."if you want to be the hands and feet of Jesus remember what happened to his hands and feet." Thought that was a great reminder. I've been praying for you all, a lot and wish so badly I was there especially since we are "camping" in our apartment :) I miss you all sooooo much and I can't wait to have you's to quiet when I come for visits! Guppy misses you Dad.... a lot! I've been giving her extra belly rubs for you! Can't wait to hear all about it & see all the pictures :) Enjoy your last full day and give it all you have! Praying for strength as I'm sure you all are tired!! Love you guys! -Bekah

Rachel Courter

Hi team, Danny, and Suzanne Hope you had a great day full of fun and spreading God's word! Danny and Suzanne, love both soo much. 5 day club went great Bella and Amelia came! Sleep well. Miss you! Love Rachel

Daddy Catanese

Hey David! Hope you are doing well and working hard! Before you know it we'll be picking you up at the airport. Praying for you and the group everyday, and we sure miss you!

Ali Wolgamott

Dad, I love you. Me and Noah and Hope are going with the Durants to the Boston aquarium on Friday. When I see you I'm going to run up and give you a big big big big big humungous very big hug! LOVE ALEXANDRA

Hope Wolgamott

Hi Daddy, I want to tell you I love you and I want to say Stinky Feet! Love, Hopie

Noah Wolgamott

Dad I miss you so much ! I can't wait to see you when you get home . On Tuesday we had Burger King ! Love Noah

Grandpa Daniele

Dear Mayor Tim Wood: While you are doing GODs work in Haiti, the folks in Derry are concerned that you are OK and that you are accomplishing all your goals. We miss you and hope that you will return to us with many stories. Your constituency is waiting with baited breathe for your return and the many stories you will have to tell. We are utilizing the school auditorium for the occassion. Love Gramps.

Michelle Fecteau

Hello Rachel and brothers and sisters of Christ! I wanted to let you know Ron passed his driver's test so Amen to that and to all your prayers for him. He is one happy camper! Congratulations for All you are doing for the Lord and I pray HE Blesses you for your obedience and love. Rachel can't wait to hear your stories. Love you Mom!

Rachel Phillips

Hello Phillips kids, It's your oldest sister here. Hope everything is going well. Don't worry about deserting me here. I'm totally fine. Not that we've done much or anything. Megan: Hope you don't mind, but mom, dad and I took a quick trip down to Florida. We went to Disney. They said it was cheaper to go see it now with only three of us than at Christmas. We didn't think you'd be too upset because after going to all of the parks, staying at all the resorts and snorkeling with dolphins, I did manage to grab you a Tinkerbell wand. Lauren: You don't have to be concerned about me doing anything too exciting while you were gone. I mean, we did go on a three-day four-wheeling marathon and at the end of it mom and dad bought me one (I'm taking it to college with me, sorry). It was the most BORING course EVER. I mean, who wants to ride around in the middle of Montana? LAME. Brian: So, Market Basket let me take your job. I hope that's ok. I didn't want to tell you until you got back but I felt kinda bad so... yeah. But hey, now I can buy YOU all those lime rickey drinks! Oh, and we took a quick trip to Cedarpoint, but it wasn't that great. I mean, the word's fastest roller coaster DID give me the best adrenaline rush of my life, but compared to staying home with mom and dad, it was totally a let-down. You guys are probably out there having an amazing time and stuff, so don't think of you poor older sister. I'm fine. Really. p.s. In all seriousness, I love you guys and I'm praying for you! ;)

Caleb Byron

Tim, I have composed a short poem for your reading pleasure: Roses are Red, Sunburns are too, Guess what came in the mail? EMPIRE EARTH 2! Hurry up and get back, Just so I can beat ya, Thursdinner tomorrow, Is MYO Pizza. God bless, Caleb

Cathy Kevlik

Hebrews 6:10 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. Justin I look at the pictures and my heart is ready to explode...I am so proud of you and love you so much. I miss you, and I can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

Jacen Hudson

Hey D, miss you and hope that God is shining through you.

Grandmom Courter

Dear Danny and Suzanne, We continue to pray for you all. Church building looks very nice. Grandpop and I took a walk down to the lake this morning. He is doing well. What are the plans for this afternoon? Are you enjoying the water? Swimming nice? it is wonderful to see you all interacting with the children. May The Lord bless the entire team as you serve Him there. We love you!

Brad & Karen Illian

Praying for you team! It is so good to hear the ministry updates and see the pictures of familiar places of ministry. Love looking at the pictures with our kids too and having talks with them about orphans and how other churches look...and yes, they look for a Risteen in every picture! :) Trusting God to bless the rest of your trip and bring you back with a closer walk with Him and a deeper burden for those who need the Lord. Love to all...big hugs to Emmy, KoKo, KatieGore and Lindsay!

Dan Courter

Hi Suzanne, Danny and Team, So exciting to see and read about all that you folks are doing! Praise God that He is using you to glorify Him. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We love you very much. Dad

Jeff, Michele, and Josh Gore

HI Kate! Love seeing all the pictures and the updates! We have been praying for you and the whole team and are looking forward to hearing about all your experiences. Stay safe and keep doing a great job! We love you. <3

Rachel Courter

Hi Danny and Suzanne So good to see you guys in some of the pictures! I miss you both so much. The church looks amazing, great job everyone! The team's soccer victory was so exciting to hear about! Love you and miss you(a lot) Rachel

Michelle Fecteau

Hi Rachel, missing you and your great smile and laugh! It looks like you are having a great time down in Haiti, alot of my friends are praying for you and Jackie wants to see you when you come back. Spread the Love girl you are good at that! Be still and know that HE is God and He is in you and working through you. Praying for you daily. XOXO

auntie di thibault and cousin sunny

hi katie. the beach and games and painting the church,oh my! excellent! love to you from your aunt and furball cousin!

Cathy Kevlik

Darlene and Kylie.....I also miss you...:) Love the pictures of cleaning, making it all pretty. What an awesome job everyone is doing. Jim came home with 2 pounds of Black Raspberries the other I just finished a big batch of Jelly....I am like the Jelly queen this year. Already made Blueberry, Blackberry, Black Raspberry and Strawberry will be the wild grape jelly....LOL. I am praying for your safe return and praying you will hug as many children as you possibly can before you come home. I can't think of anything more rewarding, I wish I was there. Love you both. see you soon. xoxoxoxxo

Cathy Kevlik

Well you all have been busy little bee's. It is so wonderful to see the hard work you all are doing. I am proud of you all for winning in soccer!!!!! GO TEAM !!! I love the pictures, and seeing all the children having so much fun in the water is so very touching. Justin I hope you are well and staying as cool as you can. I have been looking at the weather report for Haiti and it looks like it has been good. It has been great weather here, really chilly at night. I miss you and am ever so proud that you choose to help those in need. It just makes my heart soar. I was reading my devotional last night and I was amazed at the scripture I read: 'enjoy serving the Lord, and he will give you what you want." Psalm 37:4. It was about God's plan for us and how we each have a gift that God has given us to share with others. I am proud to say that your gift is sharing the word of God with others. Thank you for everything that you are doing in HIS name. I love you and miss you xoxox. I am praying for your safe return and your continued success in Haiti.

Elizabeth Beaton

Hello again, It just took a few minutes to update. We see the comments now! Dad is wondering how you are enjoying the bananas! Love again across the miles, Liz

Elizabeth Beaton

Hey Rachel, Dad and Catherine are wondering why their comments are not posted. Did you see them this morning? Hope so. Thinking about what you may be doing today...You look cute in your Haiti fashion! Hoping for more pictures! Love, Liz

deb miller

Dar and Kylie - Exciting news..... Isaac Henry Hales was born at 7:30 this morning. 7 lbs. 3 oz. 21 inches. All are doing well. We are having good weather here, hope it is manageable there for all the hard workers. Get lots of pictures and make many new friends. We love you and are praying for you!!!! XOXO

Deb Risteen

LOVE THE UPDATES!!! It makes me feel like we are a small part of your journey, as we pray faithfully for you, thanks Almando! As we look expectantly each day at the pictures(searching for RISTEENS) the Lord reminded me of a verse: Eph. 3:20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory throughout all generations! The hard tasks you are doing, hearts you are touching, friendships you are making, will be for eternity! Thank you for choosing to be a blessing wherever HE calls you and I know you are being blessed right back!! Russ, I had to laugh when I read about you and your cleaning crew and could so hear you ! They have a great example to follow! Girls, kiss and hug those little ones for me and thank you for your selfless servant's hearts! Love you bunches and so happy you are there!! AWESOME soccer win, rusty was SO happy!! ps root canal DONE!

cathy parrott

Great updates! Praying for you all. Tim - looks like climbing scaffolding will have to curb your urge to climb coconut trees! Dave - great job painting, Dan might use you when you get home!

Denise and Michael Daniele

Tim, We are proud of your commitment to this mission and trust that you will pay forward your gifts to all those around you. Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Dan Courter

No surprise here that the head of the cleaning crew is making sure that the cleaning is done well!

Jody Courter

Hi Team Haiti! Congratulations on your soccer victory! The church is looking great too! Praying for strength and grace for you in the heat! Praying that through the relationships you are building, Haitian hearts will be opened to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Danny and Suzanne, so good to see you ministering and having a good time. Looking forward to hearing how God is working in and through your lives when you get back home. Please pray for neighborhood kids to come to our Five Day Club this week. Yesterday was a good club, but no neighborhood kids...Thank you leaders for the love and counsel you are giving all the kids on this trip! Make the most of each moment !

Heather Renaud

You guys ROCK!!! Congrats on winning your first soccer game:) The new paint on the church also looks great you guys must be working very hard to accomplish so much in such a short time you should be very proud. I love to see the smiles on the kids faces, you guys really brighten there lives sharing God with them. Maddy we miss you so much and are so very proud of you for choosing to use your summer vacation to help others. Stay cool love you Maddy!!

Kelly Hudson

Hi Team Haiti! I am amazed to see all that you have accomplished in just a few short days! You guys are awesome! I am sure that they are finding each of you as much of a blessing there as we do here! Praying that the heat isn't causing too much trouble for you and that you are all staying hydrated. My sweet boy, Derek...I am so proud of you and am confident that God is at work in and through you. I have always known He has big plans for you, and it blesses my heart to see how He is working in your heart and in your life right now. I miss you and look forward to hearing all about your experiences there! Please put that mouth guard on and be safe in those crazy games:~) I love you bud! P.S. SO COOL THAT YOU GUYS WON A GAME!!


Hi dewek I miss you and I had waffles and ate them yeah get home soon I don't want to be up till 12:00 anymore.

grammy and grampy parrott

grammy - we're very proud of you, tim and david. looking forward to having you home. grampy - I miss you and look forward to seeing you soon.


Hi Russ, Koryssa, Emilee, & Lindsay, Know that your next-door neighbors are praying for you! Even Jack & Scorch say hi!

Scott Beaton/Catherine Beaton

Rachel, Catherine says she hopes you are having fun. Looks like you guys are making good progress on the church. We will miss you at this week's softball game but I will keep you posted. Love Dad.

Dan Courter

Hello Danny, Suzanne and Team, So exciting to see work progressing on the church building and hearing of success on the soccer field. Praying that God continues to use you to advance His Kingdom and praying that you grow in the knowledge of His will for your lives. Love you very much! Dad

Paul Faxon

Great job on that soccer win CBC players; it must be your fine coaching skills Darlene. The church painting seems to be going well, keep up the good work. It is nice to hear about all the relationships that are developing with the Haitian people. I will keep on praying for your safety and ministry there.

Linda Smith

Go Team Go! Great to see the progress you made on the church and the love you poured out to the kids today. Congrats on the soccer win! We are praying for your safety and hope you have some relief from the heat! It's in the low 80s here! Keep sharing the love of Christ in all that you do! We miss and love you guys!

Lois Pincince

What a blessing it has been to follow your journey thus far through the updates and pictures! We are praying for all of you that God will use each of these experiences you are having to bring these dear people to know HIM. And also praying for strength, health, and stamina for each of you to finish the week strong! BTW, congratulations on your WIN!!! So happy for you!

Charissa Wolgamott

Hi Woogy!! I am loving seeing the pictures and getting to read about your time there! I've been showing the kids the pictures and they always look for you and get excited when they find you. Hope still thinks you're setting up chairs! And every morning when she wakes up she asks me if you have come home yet, what a daddy's girl. I know you are keeping busy and it seems you all are thoroughly enjoying yourselves. I am so glad you have this opportunity! I miss you tremendously! I love you bunches! Kisses and hugs, Charissa

Michele and Jeff Gore

Katie, We just prayed for you this morning and wanted to leave you a message to let you know. We are glad to hear that you and the team had a great day at the beach with the children yesterday! We love you! <3

Michelle Fecteau

Hi Rachel, and the Phillips crew and David. First congratulations on the soccer win, it was starting to feel like the Lancers vs Pinkerton again! Ha we don't want those nightmares. Anyways, I am so glad you are bringing the Love of God to the people around you and sharing His Love in tangible ways. God can use you mightily at any age and I am so excited that you get to taste and see the Goodness of the Lord So early and in such a dramatic way. Rachel miss you so much and by the way Marissa Really likes having the car to herself. Just wait until she has to pay for the gas. Love you Lots! Mom!

rusty and hannah

Hi guys, I miss you and it really is to quiet here. Hey Dad, i read about the little girl, maybe you could find a little boy to bring home to be my brother! Koryssa, Emilee and Lindsay i know God is using you in lots of ways as you teach the kids about jesus! Score some goals for me and WIN!!!! hi koryssa, emilee and lindsay, i am keeping your animals nice and warm at night and doing my journal koryssa. i hope you get to tell alot of kids about Jesus! i miss you all and snuggling with you daddy at night. love,hannah we are praying for you alot

Heather Renaud

Hi Maddy, Miss you a lot !!! Love the picture! Looks like the children are very happy to spend time with your group, keep up the great work!! Trevor and Jen say hi and send their love:) Showed Nana and Grampa your pictures and stories and they are missing you and send their love also:) Joey and Jenny say snort snort love you Maddy!! Continue to do great work we are so proud of you!! Love you bunches Mom and Dad

Dr Dion's

Hi Kathleen, We are so very proud of you and your team. May God give you all the strenght and courage to accomplish your goals. We miss you. Love, Dr Dion's and staff xoxox

Cathy Kevlik

Oh how I love to see the pictures. You all are wonderful fantastic people. I wish I was there. Justin...I miss you...can't wait to hear all the stories and pictures. Give Kylie and Darlene a hug for me, and hug as many of those beautiful children as you can....XOXOXO PS Darlene Im running at Wason for both of us :)

Grandmom Courter

to Danny, Suzanne and the team You are constantly on our minds and we keep praying for you. I enjoyed seeing the beach pictures. I keep looking to see who everyone is! I have seen both Dan and Suzanne. Keep on keeping on folks. Our love and prayers

Matt Phillips

Hello Brian, Lauren, Megan and (extended family...) Missing you a lot! I have really enjoyed the updates on what you guys have been doing (and the pics) - keep them coming. Mom and I were zooming in on the "beach" picture to find all of you (still stressed that I couldn't see Megan). :) I'm sure Megan is there somewhere! Trying to find our 6th child Maddy and Brian's "very close" friend Rachel Beaton! Brian, you have a lot of very pretty girls to protect and watch out for!! We have also been watching the weather updates WOW high 90's with 75 percent humidity! I am very excited to hear all of the reports on what The Lord did through all of you! You are all well prayed for and in all of our thoughts throughout the day - you could not be in better hands!! Love you all, Dad

Rachel and Joanna Courter

Hi Danny Suzanne, So glad to hear about the fun time at the beach with the orphans!! We love and miss you. Keeping you and the team in our prayers!! Love Rachel and Joanna

Catherine Beaton

by the way that last message was to brian! sryy

catherine beaton

wat upp bro! take care of my sista will ya?!

Kathi Pooler

Cecilia, I love the pictures and updates. I'm so happy to see you there in Haiti being part of this amazing ministry. I'm praying for you! Love, Mom

Catherine Beaton

Hey Rach!! Wat up GIRLL! so hows it goin down there!! fun? horrible? :) love ya sista! your fun, amazing, awesome, outstanding and sometimes annoying (barely!) sista from the same mister, catherine

Kenny Quinto

Hi Kathy, So glad you all arrived safely! It's awesome to here how God is immediately at work using you all for His Glory. I am so proud of you and the whole Calvary Team it is very special to know the love you have for the Haitians and our Lord. We are praying for you all and miss you. BTW Jack likes the bed! Love you Kenny

Scott Beaton

Brian hope you and your sister are enjoying the trip. It is a great experience to be sharing with your sister and Rachel. You are a good man to be volunteering your time.

Scott Beaton

Rachel, just checking in to let you know I love you and have been thinking of you. Warm thoughts and all that mushy stuff.......

Jody Courter

Hi Danny. And Suzanne , So excited to see you get to take the orphans to the ocean! God is using you to shine HIS love in your smiles, hugs, and words. Praising God for the opportunity your team has to be the hands and feet of JESUS! Praying for you to have a productive day today in your work! All my love . Mom

Elizabeth Beaton

Hi Brian, I am so happy you are there with Rachel. It's tough for a parent and step-parent to see their kids going so far away from our protection. Glad you are there to watch over her for us! I also wanted to personally thank you for stepping out and doing this mission. Though my life has been devoted to community service, a trip like this has not been feasible for me yet. I thank you for taking up the cross for the rest of us who cannot attend. Peace and Love!

Elizabeth Beaton

I have been thinking about you often. Dad and I went to see Fr. Gary in Portsmouth yesterday and we spoke of your trip and how proud we are of you. It seems like you have a much bigger travel group this year! I have been wondering if this what it will feel like when you are in college. Since you are gone, you are in all our waking thoughts. Be safe, and have fun. Love you, Rach!

Dan Courter

Hello Danny Suzanne and Team, So great to see you guys enjoying the ocean and being an encouragement to the kids from the orphanage. You continue to be on our hearts and minds constantly and the subject of our prayers. We love you very much. Dad

Paul Faxon

Hello Darlene and Kylie, It was so good to see more pictures, and read all about what you are doing. I pray daily for your safety, and also that you will have a great impact, for Jesus sake, on all those Haitian children Keep up the good work! I miss and love you!

Britney Rivard

Hi Rachel! We're glad to hear you and the rest of the team made it safely! Missing you on our Sunday night and can't wait to hear all about the trip when you get back! We miss and love you so much -love Britt and Danielle (Aka Cookie Monster & Kermit ) :)

Michelle Fecteau

Hi Rachel, hope you made it down there in one piece! You are amazing, I love you! Mom and Marissa, We made it to Skillet and we have your CD so Amen to that!

Amber Forrence

Hi Derek(: I'm missing my best friend more than ever, but I am sure you are having a great time! Sounds like your trip to the beach today was much more special than mine. I'm glad you had such an amazing experience. Also, the Red Sox won 4-0, I figured you would want me to stay on top of that. I am so very proud of you and all that you are doing. I love & miss you bunches, stay safe. ~ Amber <3

Michelle Fecteau

By the way Rachel, if you didn't know it you are the Bomb! Haha, I love you and at Soulfest they were promoting/supporting Haiti and the whole crowd sang a song in creole to the people in Haiti which is going on utube. So awesome it felt like Marissa and I were right with you! So Cool, and I am so proud of you! Great pictures of you on the journal site.

deb risteen

What an amazing day the Lord blessed you with today and we know your hearts were encouraged! Rusty, Hannah and I kept praying that God would give you the opportunity to go to the beach with the precious children...I know it's hard to believe girls, but yup, I cried when we read the update tonight and saw God's faithfulness and that sweet little one with precious AND how we have been praying they would remember you!! God is SO faithful! ! See if I was there ....i would try to bring them all home! Today, that would be great because it is WAAAY to quiet, even with some extra ones here! Rebekah and Ben moved in their NEW apartment tonight with a futon and 2 pillows =D We sure do miss you and pray for you ALL so often! Thanks for loving those precious little ones ...even the ones who peed on you!! Praying for a peaceful sleep and a SUPER start on Monday!! XO

Jake and denise

David you be stayin on yo grind g, straight up boy. Keep buildin dem muscles. Haiti loves you, so does God. See you real soon home skillet

cathy parrott

So, I thought I wouldn't comment everyday, but...just want to say you're a great group choosing to take this week out of your summer to serve! It's so cool to see the godly young men and young women you've become. Tim and Dave - hug your brother for me. :)

Cathy Kevlik

Hey Justin I hope you are doing ok. I heard you all made it. I can't wait to see pictures. I hope you are taking in everything. I am so proud of you, I met a lady today at Wason Pond..she is from New Zealand, and I was telling her that you were on a mission with the church. You know me, 2 hours later we exchanged phone numbers and e-mails. LOL. I cleaned your room!! Yes you can thank God that you have such an AWESOME mother!!! because I needed like a hazmat suit!!! I really miss you but know that you are right where God wants you to be. I love you. Please give Kylie and Darlene my best, and take care of them. XOXOXO

Jim Kevlik

Hi Justin. I hope you are ok. Work hard stay safe. We miss you and you will be in our prayers. I love you.

Rachel Courter

Hi Danny and Suzanne! I'm glad to hear that your first day in Haiti went well. Keeping you guys and the team in my prayers!! Love you!!

auntie di thibault

glad to see you and your group have arrived safely,katie. thinking of you and have a wonderful week! love you,auntie di


Missing you Pickle & Oscar! I am praying for you team to be open to see God work through you all. Oscar, Give Almondo an uncomfortable Hug for me and Hannah say Hello to Pastor Duplessy for me. Looking forward to a WIN report - Play hard.

Valerie Fernandez

Hi Team! I hope you guys are having an absolute blast! You guys are up for a very tiring very fun week! And I can't wait to here ALL about it when you guys get back! God bless! and i'll keep you all in my prayers! Derek: Olivia told me today at church and I wanted to say thank you. Also make sure you watch out for those zombies, they've been pretty bad over here. :p Hannah C.: I am virtually petting your water bottle, and I hope you've found someone to braid your hair this year, sorry I couldn't be there to do it. :) Emilee, Koryssa, Katie, Kylee, Lauren, Suzanne, Cecilia: Hi guys!!! Hug those kids for me!! Woogy: Hi BOOGS!! sunday school went well today, and your kids are coming swimming at my house this week so that will be a blast! hope your having fun! To both Tims, Danny, Austen, and any of the other guys I've missed: Drink lots of water and don't forget to smile :) and don't do anything stupid To the translators: I don't know if you remember me but I wanted to say hi to you guys too! I know I've missed lots of people so to those of you I haven't mentioned, hello and God Bless! Every single one of you have been given a special opportunity to touch the lives of the people there. Realize that what may seem as the most insignificant of moments can sometimes end up being the greatest of opportunities...if that made any sense! Okay so I've written a lot and you're all probably sick of me soooooo i'm gonna go!! Luv ya guys and i'll be praying for you all!

Dan Courter

Hello Suzanne, Danny and Team, It was so great to see pictures from the church service this morning. You all look wonderful. Praise God that you could worship with Haitian believers this morning. We continue to pray for you and continue to be excited to see how God is using you there. Pastor Casoni preached a great message here this morning continuing to challenge us to live Holy lives even during tough times considering the great reward that awaits us in Christ. Love you very much. Dad

mom Hales

Hi Dar and Kylie, I love you both. It thrills me to think you are doing a missions trip which I myself would love to do. God knows I can't but my prayers and love are with you all the way. I never had an opportunity to go to Haiti but there again, I would have loved every minute. Please a journal of your days so that I can read it after you come back. Please, like mothers always say - be careful and I will pray for God to keep you from all harm. With all my love, Mom and Grammy!!!!! XOXOX

Michele and Josh Gore

Hey Kate, Glad you arrived safely! We love you and are praying for you!

Rachel Courter

Hi Danny and Suzanne! I love you guys so much and glad to hear you arrived safely!! The house is so quiet with out you guys! I miss you both! Hope you both slept well!! Love, Rachel

Ruth August

I am continually following each day of your trip. God be with you. All my love. Grammy

Grandmom and Grandpop Courter

Danny and Suzanne, You and everyone with you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are praying for safety for each one of you. Trust you all are rested. We pray that the Lord will use each one of you in a unique way. May the love and peace of the Lord rest on you as you serve Him this week. We love you Danny and Suzanne. Grandmom and Grandpop

Paul Faxon

Hello Darlene & Kylie, So glad you are safely in Haiti! I am already missing you, and look forward to the posting of pictures. I will continue to pray for your safety and ministry to the Haitians. Love you

Cheryl Phillips

Great to hear you arrived safely! Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures of how God's using you and changing you this week! P.S. Happy Birthday, David! :)

Greg and Linda Smith

Hey Austin and Hannah! We are so glad to hear you have arrived safely! We are praying that you are the hands and feet of Jesus this week! Let God use you and be sensitive to those around you. We are praying for all of you!

Deb Catanese

To David C... Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear David Happy Birthday to you! Clap David, Clap! We love you! Mom and Dad

deb miller

Hi Dar, Kylie and Justin, Glad you arrived safe. Stay cool and be busy. You have some awesome experiences ahead of you! We are praying for the whole team.

cathy parrott

Glad you've arrived safe and sound! Can't wait to hear how God uses you this week! Tim and Dave - arm wrestling only. Love you guys! P.S. Happy Birthday David C - Sunday!

Cathy Kevlik

Hello Justin, Kylie and Darlene. I miss you guys. Justin I am so proud of you. You are a special person lending your hands for God's work. I love you and miss you. Don't forget to hug LOTS of babies for me. I can not wait to see pictures. Love Mom.

Lois Pincince

Hi Wesley and Mahala! So thankful the Lord has given you the opportunity to serve together this week! We know you are pretty tired right about now and are praying for an extra measure of rest for all of you tonight. We pray that God will equip you as you minister to the Haitian people tomorrow. BTW.... is it ever quiet around here!! We love you so much! Mom and Dad

Charissa Wolgamott

Miss you already!!!!! Just wanted to say that at dinner we were talking about how you guys were in Haiti and Hope said "hmm, I wonder if daddy is setting up chairs" hahaha such a silly girl ;-)

Jody Courter

Hi Danny and Suzanne, We saw that your flight made it safely to Haiti...hope you did too! :) We are praying that you will catch up on your sleep quickly so you can make the most of each moment. Praying for strength and unity for you all as a team! Dad and Mom

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