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| June 01 to June 07, 2013

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Staff: Bethany Richardson

Trip Journal Updates

We Have Arrived!
by Brittni L. | June 2, 2013
We have made it safe and sound to Haiti! After a long day of travel, we settled into our lodging facility for the week. Our home for the week has an orphanage, a school, and a church on the property so we immediately began loving on kids. The day has been full of resting and enjoying the beauty of Haiti. For supper we had a delicious Haitian meal which was rice and beans with Haitian red sauce, fried plantains, and chicken. We are ready for a good nights rest because tomorrow will be lots of ministry planning! Thank you for your prayers! Bon nuit! (Good night!)

Sunday Funday!
by Brittni L. | June 2, 2013
After a restful night of sleep, we awoke refreshed and ready to worship at Pastor Josué's church, Open Bible Church. Hearing songs in Creole and English brought the reality of God being an universal God to life for us! Two team members blessed the congregation by sharing their testimonies in the church service. We were also able to lead the church in a worship song! Pastor Josué taught about being a friend of God and that means He doesn't keep secrets from us. How wonderful it is to be able to call God our friend.

After church, we took a walk around the community to get a feel of where we will be serving this week. We broke off into small groups to practice the skits we will be sharing at VBS this week. So ready to see the kids responses! We ended the night with an awesome time of worship with Open Bible Church.

Be praying for us tomorrow as we begin construction and ministry for kids!

First Day of Ministry!
by Caroline C. | June 3, 2013
This morning, after breakfast and a devotion, we split into two groups. Some of us went to the school to put on a VBS for the kids. We sang, danced, and taught the story of Jonah. The kids learned that when God tells us to "go," we should do what he says! The rest of us began construction on the orphanage. We are beginning to build up the exterior walls of the new wing of the orphanage. It is so much fun to work together and alongside the locals! Such a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ. God is Lord of all, regardless of culture, age, gender and race!

After a delicious lunch, some of us got to experience the lovely children of a nearby orphanage, Life is Hope B. Once we walked through the gate, we instantly became best friends with the kids! The rest of the group participated in tree ministry. We walked throughout the community offering fruit trees and prayer. May the fruits of those trees be a reflection of the fruit they bear for Christ!

It has been a great day! Continue to pray for us as we minister to the lovely people of Haiti!

Learning New Things!
by Caroline C. | June 3, 2013
The Haitian workers taught us their building methods. Some of us got pretty good at it!

Tree Ministry
by Caroline C. | June 3, 2013
We had such a good time ministering to the locals and sharing the Gospel through this ministry!

A New Day in Haiti!
by Caroline C. | June 4, 2013
What a day it has been! Today’s schedule looked a lot like yesterday. After breakfast we split up again to do VBS and construction. With a creative twist, we taught the students the story of David and Goliath. The children had a blast! The construction project is moving along so nicely! The progress we have made over the past two days is absolutely fantastic! We can’t wait to see how much further along we will be by our last day.

Some of us were able to go do tree ministry today! We pray that the families who received the trees would bear spiritual fruit, just as the trees are going to produce fruit for them.

This afternoon, we split up between the two orphanages again. At Life is Hope B, we sang, danced, and play with the children. At the orphanage here at our lodging location, we played sports, drew with chalk, and laughed quite a bit! It’s been a great day!

Pray for us tomorrow as we embark on our last full day of ministry!

Life is Hope Orphanage
by Caroline C. | June 4, 2013
We loved to sing and dance with the children of Life is Hope B. They are so easy to fall in love with!

It's Been A Great Day!
by Caroline C. | June 5, 2013
Today was our last full ministry day. We have enjoyed serving the Lord here in Haiti so much!

Today’s schedule looked a lot like Monday and Tuesday. We had a good time teaching the story of the Good Samaritan at VBS; the children enjoyed it as well! The progress on the orphanage is mind blowing!

We had an eye-opening experience during tree ministry today. We stumbled upon a small orphanage that is in need of much help. The line from the song “Hosanna” began to ring in our ears. “Break my heart for what breaks Yours . . . “ He did just that.

This week has been so amazing! Tomorrow we will have our recreation day! We are excited to see more of Haiti!

Recreation Day!
by Caroline C. | June 6, 2013
We had a great time taking in more of Haiti today! This morning, we went to the mountain lookout. What a sight! We could see the beautiful coastline and all of Port-au-Prince. We also got the chance to buy fun souvenirs! For lunch, we enjoyed an American meal, cold drinks, and . . . ice cream! That was such a treat.

We ended the day visiting an orphanage called HCO. It was great getting to meet (and for some of us, reunite) with the boys that live there.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here in Haiti! We have made such good relationships with the locals and the fellow Americans whom we served with.

Pray for safe travels as we begin our journey back home in the morning. It is going to be hard to say goodbye!

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