Mt. Pisgah UMC | Haiti

| June 01 to June 08, 2013

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Staff: Eric Richardson

Trip Journal Updates

We Have Arrived!
by Brittni L. | June 1, 2013
We have made it safe and sound to Haiti! After a long day of travel, we settled into our lodging facility for the week. Our home for the week has an orphanage, a school, and a church on the property so we immediately began loving on kids. The day has been full of resting and enjoying the beauty of Haiti. For supper we had a delicious Haitian meal which was rice and beans with Haitian red sauce, fried plantains, and chicken. We are ready for a good nights rest because tomorrow will be lots of ministry planning! Thank you for your prayers! Bon nuit! (Good night!)

Sunday Funday!
by Brittni L. | June 2, 2013
After a restful night of sleep, we awoke refreshed and ready to worship at Pastor Josué's church, Open Bible Church. Hearing songs in Creole and English brought the reality of God being an universal God to life for us! Nate and Mark shared testimonies in the church service. We were also able to lead the church in a worship song! Pastor Josué taught about being a friend of God and that means He doesn't keep secrets from us. How wonderful it is to be able to call God our friend.

After church, we took a walk around the community to get a feel of where we will be serving this week. We broke off into small groups to practice the skits we will be sharing at VBS this week. So ready to see the kids responses! We ended the night with an awesome time of worship with Open Bible Church.

Be praying for us tomorrow as we begin construction and ministry for kids!

Nate Sharing!
by Caroline C. | June 2, 2013
Bravo, Nate, for stepping up and sharing your testimony!

Full day of ministry!
by Brittni L. | June 3, 2013
Today was the first day of ministry! The group split up and some of us went to the school to lead a VBS. The other half helped serve with construction at the nearby orphanage. At the VBS, we sang and danced with the children. We even acted out the story of Jonas and the whale. The kids learned that when God tells us to, "Go!", we should do it!

After lunch, we loaded up with mango trees, pine trees, and papaya trees to plant at the families home in the community. We prayed for the families that as the trees grow, so will their relationship with the Lord.

We are ending the day with a nice time of reflecting through our awesome day God has given!

Jezi Ou se wa Mwen!
by Brittni L. | June 3, 2013
Jezi Ou se wa Mwen! Jesus You are our King!

Another day in Haiti!
by Brittni L. | June 4, 2013
We can’t believe our week in Haiti is halfway over. We began the day with another VBS at the school. At VBS, we acted out the story of David and Goliath. Like yesterday, the other half of us continued the project at the orphanage. The progress is looking great! We know God is going to bless the kids here with the extra space.

Later, we finished our tree planting from yesterday. We went into the community, introduced ourselves, and what we were doing. We asked to pray over the families and the fruit the trees will bear in the future. We are so grateful that the Lord provides fruit for us!

This afternoon we got to love on the kiddos of Haiti some more! Some of us went to Life is Hope B while the rest of us stayed back and hung out with the kids at Faith in Action Orphanage. Love these kids!

It's been an incredible day and we can't wait to see how the rest of the week will turn out!

Tree planting
by Brittni L. | June 4, 2013
Digging a hole for the fruit tree!

Life is Hope B!
by Brittni L. | June 4, 2013
We loved playing, singing, and dancing with the children of Life is Hope B! They are so easy to fall in love with!

by Brittni L. | June 5, 2013
We've had another day of VBS and construction! Today the story was about the good Samaritan. After telling the story, we had the kids make bracelets and then pass the bracelet to the person next to us. The whole point was learning how to share with others. It was a great way of putting what they learned to use.

Final Day of Ministry
by Brittni L. | June 6, 2013
Today, we entered into our last day of ministry for the week. Our schedule today was mostly the same as the last couple of days, beginning with a visit to the school for VBS and construction. Following that, we headed out for a little tree ministry. We've learned tree ministry was a great opportunity to get to know the hearts of Haitian families.

We went to Life Is Hope B to say our final goodbyes to the precious kids. We spent time laughing, singing, and enjoying their sweet company. As it was time to wrap up, we had a hard time saying goodbye because the kids have captured our hearts. It's been such a blessing seeing God move in our lives this week!

by Brittni L. | June 7, 2013
To close out the week, we spent the day enjoying some of the beauty that Haiti has to offer. Our first stop in the morning was to a beach near Gressier. The water was very cool and refreshing after a long week of serving.
After a quick lunch at a fast food restaurant, we made the drive to the coastal town of Petionville to buy souvenirs to bring back home.

At the end of the day, we returned home for an incredible buffet dinner including several different meats, side dishes. We closed out the trip with a time of worship and reflection on the week, sharing our best highlights and thanking our hosts for welcoming us into their community with open arms.

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Sandi Giller

Praying each day for God's protection and presence with each of you. Taylor, we are so very proud of your willingness to help and serve. Can't wait to hear about how God used this time!


Praying for all of you daily! So overjoyed to see y'all being the hands and feet of Jesus, serving the people of Haiti! Continuing to pray for HIM to work through y'all the remainder of your time there! ??

Jeff and Ashley Bernier

Miss you Nick!!! We are so proud of you! You and your friends are the hands and feet of Christ. Lots of prayers coming your way! Mom and Dad

Lee Fincher

So proud for all the students, leaders and Praying Pelican staff. Know that your servant hearts are a blessing to everyone you meet. Praying for God's provision, guidance and love to overflow this week. PAP, I miss you!

Miriam Davis

Praying for you daily, Becca! Can't wait to see how God uses you all this week!!! Love... Mom, Dad, Kate and Liz:)

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