Life is Hope South | Haiti

| June 22 to June 28, 2013

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Staff: Bethany Richardson

Trip Journal Updates

We Have Arrived!
by Caroline | June 23, 2013
By the grace of God, we have finally arrived in Haiti! We are so excited to reunite with old friends and meet new ones. After unloading all of our luggage, we enjoyed a delicious meal of rice and beans, chicken, salad, papaya, and juice! We ended our night with a debriefing meeting and a time of prayer.
Continue to pray for us as we begin our ministry in Haiti!

Church With the Kids
by Joshua | June 23, 2013
We got up early this morning, had breakfast and took a drive to Life is Hope A for church with the kids. What a fantastic and sweet time we had together worshipping, sharing testimonies, and hearing from God's word. The children even blessed us with some songs of their own.

by Joshua | June 23, 2013
Stuart sharing his story. Praise God!

Richard Shares
by Joshua | June 23, 2013
Richard talking with the kids. "We are all family!"

Fun Afternoon!
by Caroline | June 23, 2013
This afternoon, we took a trip to visit the new Life is Hope building. It is absolutely beautiful! We cannot wait for the kids to see their new home. There is so much more room for sleeping, running, and simply being children!
Next, we took a trip to Life is Hope A to see our friends. We love these children so much! We hugged, played soccer, hopscotch, loved, and laughed. We were also able to give the kids some cookies and gatorade. We are excited about all of the fun things we have planned for them this week!
Be checking the trip journal to see new updates. What a great tool this is to use as you pray for us each day!

First Day of Ministry!
by Caroline | June 24, 2013
This morning, we split up into three different groups. Two groups went to Life is Hope A for ministry. One of these groups held a clinic at the orphanage. We were able to help bandage scratches and heal fevers. The other group at the orphanage worked on the Life is Hope child sponsorship program. We took pictures and got background stories on some of the children here. What a huge impact this ministry will make on these children’s lives.
The third group went to the new Life is Hope orphanage to get it prepared for the girls to move in! We spent all day cleaning site, inside and out. We delivered the mattresses and fitted the beds with sheets, a baby doll, and candy. The girls are going to be so giddy when they see their new home!

Beautifying the Building!
by Caroline | June 24, 2013
All of us chipped in to help make this new home look beautiful. We painted mural throughout the entire house!

by Caroline | June 24, 2013
We have some talented artists in our group! Crosses, trees, plants, animals, nativity scene; the girls are going to love it!

Haitian-Style Laundry Lesson
by Caroline | June 24, 2013
Some of us were able to help do laundry with some amazing Haitian women!

Worship Under the Stars
by Caroline | June 24, 2013
We ended the day with a wonderful meal and an amazing time of worship. Even while the universe declares His majesty, He still chooses us and allows us to be a part of His perfect plan! How beautiful.

Moving Day
by Veronica H. | June 26, 2013
Today we had the privilege of moving the Life is Hope children to their new homes. The excitement on the bus ride over to the new orphanage was palpable. The girls praised and sang loudly the whole twenty minute drive. Today’s plan involved a divide and conquer strategy between three different locations. By the end of the day, we had all the Life is Hope girls together at the new location, and all the boys together at Life is Hope B. We also put together today’s lunch and dinner, as well as tomorrow’s breakfast, for the children with the new kitchen equipment that arrived today.

Fun in the Sun!
by Veronica H. | June 26, 2013
We had a great day with the children today! We split into 2 groups and took the big kids to the beach and set up some kiddy pools for the little ones. We had so much fun! All you could hear were squeals of laughter from the children. We also set up a medical station for the little ones and were able to give some really good care.

Pool Time
by Veronica H. | June 26, 2013
Little girls playing in the pool

Playing in the Ocean
by Veronica H. | June 26, 2013
The older children playing in the ocean

Last Ministry Day
by Caroline and Veronica | June 27, 2013
We had a great final ministry day with the children! We were able to complete sponsorship info on each child today which was a great accomplishment! We also helped address some medical concerns and follow up with children we had seen earlier in the week. At the orphanage we were able to do many small jobs to improve the facility including assembling bunk beds and helping improve drainage on the property. Of course there was lots of loving on the children and playing games. We had a great day!

We ended with a house dedication ceremony including the amazing woman it was named for. It was a touching time and we were honored to be a part of it.

We leave tomorrow afternoon. Can't believe it went so fast.

Check Ups!
by Caroline | June 27, 2013
Our team was blessed with multiple nurses who were able to give these children valuable medical attention!

Dedication Service
by Caroline | June 27, 2013
We were so blessed to have been in the company of Val tonight. What a wonderful woman of God!

Shoes for Everyone!
by Caroline | June 27, 2013
This morning, we were able to provide our little friends with brand new shoes! They looked so proud after they selected their new shoes! What a blessing. Thanks to everyone who helped supply them!

Heading Home
by Joshua and Veronica | June 28, 2013
This morning we had a final opportunity to spend time with the Life is Hope girls and boys before heading home. We finished up some work projects around the grounds, completed more work on the sponsorship program and played with the kids. We really had fun loving on the kids one last time. We even shared bubble gum and made all sorts of fun things out of pipe cleaners. What a blessing this week has been for all! We can't wait to come back again!

Getting It Done
by Joshua | June 28, 2013
The guys finishing up the courtyard project. We are going to have shrubs planted here soon.

Having Fun
by Joshua and Veronica | June 28, 2013
Squeezing in as much time as possible this morning before coming home.

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