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| July 27 to August 02, 2013

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Trip Journal Updates

We're here!
by Brittni | July 27, 2013
After a long day of travel, we finally made it to Haiti! We loaded our belongings onto the bus and set out to Carrefour which is where we will be staying this week. When we arrived, we settled into the lodging facility and became familiar with our surroundings. We ate a quick lunch and immediately began some kid ministry at Good Shepard Orphanage. We were introduced to Sister Mona where we saw her heart for the ministry she runs there. When we came back from the orphanage, supper was ready! It was absolutely delicious! After our bellies were full, we gathered together for our orientation meeting. It's going to be an exciting week ahead and we open to see what God has planned.

Blessed Sunday
by Brittni | July 29, 2013
This morning began with a quick breakfast to get us ready for church. We worshipped with a church in Bwadjout which is where we'll be working this week. The church welcomed us with open arms. It was an experience hearing both languages worship our God! Some of us played a few songs in front of the church. After the message, we walked over to the worksite where we'll be help build the new church. We had the opportunity to pray over the site to give God the glory for the work that will be done this week.

When we got back to our lodging to eat lunch, we loaded up to visit Sister Mona at Good Shepherd. She gave us a grand tour of the orphanage. After we just played with all the kids there! They are such a joy to be around!

We came back to eat supper and clean up for our nightly meeting. We talked about all the God taught us at church and through the kids at Good Shepherd. We're ready to began the first ministry day tomorrow!

First Ministry
by Brittni | July 29, 2013
We awoke refreshed and ready to begin the first ministry day! We started off with a walk up the mountain to Bwadjout. We jump into a bucket line where we passed buckets of cement. While that was going on, a small group went out into the community to do tree ministry. It was amazing seeing how humble each family was to open the door for us. We prayed with them that they would grow in their faith and that the fruit would provide for their family. We all came back together to eat lunch and walk back down the mountain.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Good Shepherd. We played soccer, learned Creole, and had our hair braided. Overall, it was a great day of ministry.

God is good and we’re thankful for your prayers. Keep them up!

Tree Ministry
by Brittni | July 29, 2013
Walking in the community at Bwadjout.

Another day
by Brittni | July 30, 2013
Another day in Haiti! The week is halfway over and God has been doing great things through us. The day began like the rest; wake up, breakfast, and a walk up the mountain. The team split up once again to do tree ministry and the another group to help construct the church. We are constantly learning about the Haitian people and their faith in the Lord. We came back for a yummy lunch, refreshened and headed back out. Like the other days, we spent the rest of the day at the orphanage continuing the relationships there. The kids are capturing our hearts each day. It'll be hard saying goodbye for the last time tomorrow.

Our night was spent in praise to our awesome, universal God! Tomorrow will be the last ministry day out in Bwadjout and at Good Shepherd.

Bon nuit! (Good night!)

The End of Ministry
by Brittni | July 31, 2013
The last ministry day arrived! It's been a great few days of sharing the love of Christ with the people of Bwadjout. They were always so accepting and inviting to us.

We all hopped into our routine of passing buckets and rocks. Another group went into the community again to plant trees and plant seeds. The progress of the church is coming along amazingly well! God is blessing the people of Bwadjout in incredible ways. We're grateful we had the opportunity to be apart of this week with them.

We went to Good Shepherd to say our goodbyes to the kids. We spent our last hours just holding them and praying over their sweet lives. They mean so much to us. But we know whose hands they're in. And knowing those hands are our Father in heaven is indescribable.

God has changed our hearts through the construction workers, Pastor Junior, Sister Mona, the community of Bwadjout, and the kids at Good Shepherd.

Fun day!
by Brittni | August 1, 2013
Today we had the chance to be tourist in Haiti. We saw some beautiful sights Haiti has to offer. We started off in Petionville at the top of the mountain. We even got to ride in tap taps, which are the main source of transportation here. When we arrived at the top, standing at the lookout, we were amazed at His creation. There, we took lots of pictures, drink coffee from the nearby bar, and enjoyed each others company.

The next stop was at a fast food chain here, Epi'Dor, for lunch. Cheeseburgers and french fries were provided and our bellies were happy.

After we were finished eating, we went to our last stop of the day which was the beach. The beach we went to was in a town right next door to us in Gressier. We swam around and played with some kids there. It was very relaxing and nice to spend the day enjoying Haiti.

The evening was spent praising our God who allowed us to be apart of this week serving Him. We pray that as we head home, we share our stories as the Lord leads.

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Glad to see the updates. Hi to Grandma Tina with love from Jake and his parents!

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