Community Bible Church | Haiti

| July 20 to July 27, 2013

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Staff: Bethany Richardson

Trip Journal Updates

We're here!
by Brittni | July 21, 2013
We have made it safely to Haiti! We loaded up our luggage onto the buses and headed out for our lodging location for the week in Bon Repo. As we drove down the streets, we took in all that we saw. When we arrived, it was time for dinner. We had chicken, rice, Haitian red sauce, fried plantains, and french fries for dinner. It was yummy!

After our belongings and tummies were settled, we gathered to meet our staff, found out what was happening for the week, and praised God for bringing us here with a purpose! We're so excited to be here!

Because He lives
by Brittni | July 22, 2013
This morning began bright and early with breakfast and a nice drive out in the country to Croix-Bourquet for church. Shelton shared a little message with the church body. Then Casey played the guitar with a few English songs. We even sang familiar songs which made us realize God is the God of the universe not just the God of Arkansas.

We came back to lunch awaiting us. We filled up our energy with lunch and juice then went back out to Life Is Hope girls home. When we arrived, we could here the girls singing. It was so exciting to go inside and see them so happy to see us! After meeting all the girls, we visited Life Is Hope boys home. We felt the same about the boys home as the girls. They sang us a song and ran to greet us. It was a humbling experience.

Continue praying for our hearts and the kids as we began our first day of ministry in the morning. We're ready to get the week rolling with ministry!

Girls girls girls
by Brittni | July 22, 2013
First stop today was to both of the orphanages. The group split up to where one group went to the girls home and the other to the boys home. At the girls home, we started off singing fun tunes to get into the mood. It was a joy laughing and singing with the girls! Then we made the salvation bracelets and went through the plan of salvation with the girls. The girls wanted to keep singing and dancing with us so we continued playing with them. We were so happy to see their energy!

First Day of VBS!
by Tamara | July 22, 2013
Today our groups split up an headed to the boys and girls orphanages. We started off singing worship songs with the boys both in English and Creole!

We then helped the kids make salvation bracelets! We explained the story of salvation and what each bead represents. We then worked together making the bracelets and putting them on the boys wrists. They were happy and said "merci" which means thank you in Creole!

We then began cleaning and preparing te boys room to be painted. While some played soccer and other games with the boys. Tomorrow we begin to paint their bedrooms.

Keep us in your prayers as we continue to do Gods work!

David & Goliath
by Tamara | July 23, 2013
Today was another great day!! We started off sharing the story of David & Goliath, which many of the kids already knew! We had one of the kids volunteer to help us reenact the story. We then had the students practice slaying Goliath like David did by using small slingshots and a bulls eye. They did awesome! They will be able to take down any Goliath that comes their way in Jesus name.

We then continued the work we started yesterday, by cleaning and painting the upstairs bedroom where the boys sleep. It is looking much better. We look forward to returning tomorrow for more painting!

Continue to pray for us!!

We miss you!!

Beach Day!
by Tamara | July 25, 2013
Today was our day of rest!! We got to experience the beauty of one of Haiti's many beaches. We went to Beach Publique. What better way to rest in the heat than to head to the beach?! We took a 40 minute ride to get to the beach and it was well worth it! The water was a gorgeous blue and the mountains in the background made for a stunning view. The water was calm and inviting so we all got in!
Some of the local haitians came over with their hand made souvenirs and we were able to buy some great things for our friends and family!

What a great day!

Tomorrow we head back to the Life is Hope Orphanages for our last day with the kids and our last day painting the boys orphanage. We expect to get a lot done and cant wait to see the end result!

It will be so hard to say goodbye to the kids but we hope to see them again next year!

Our Last Day
by Tamara | July 26, 2013
Today, our last day in Haiti was a really tough day for us. Although proud to have finished painting the inside of the orphanage, we had to say our goodbyes to the children. After spending this whole week playing with and getting to know them saying good bye was especially difficult. We made sure to take lots of pictures to take home with us as a reminder of our time spent here. We will treasure the memories from our time spent with each child.

Saying Good bye is just for a moment because we will see them again next year.

Although today was difficult we are excited head home. Please pray for us as we prepare to head home tomorrow afternoon!

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