First Baptist Church Wishek | Haiti

| January 11 to January 17, 2014

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Staff: Bethany Richardson

Trip Journal Updates

Staying Positive!
by Bethany R. | January 12, 2014
Although we were set to arrive yesterday in Port-au-Prince, our flight was indeed cancelled. But the airline is taking care of us and we are trusting Christ, that He is in control of the situation. So for tonight we are at the hotel, playing cards and fellow-shipping together. Thank You Lord for a warm bed and food in our stomachs.

We've arrived!
by Liz Drennan | January 12, 2014
We have arrived safely in Haiti after unfortunate delays. After being greeted by PPM staff at the airport, we headed straight to the guesthouse where we had dinner and were greeted by Pastor Jacky. We are so anxious to get back to his community and serve alongside him

Giving Thanks
by Liz Drennan | January 12, 2014
Tonight we attended a special service at Pastor Josue's church. The service marked the 4th anniversary of the earthquake that struck Haiti. We prayed, sang, danced, and most importantly thanked God for life. He is so good to all of us.

School Time!
by Liz Drennan | January 13, 2014
We started our morning off going to a school in Lafiteau, down the hill from Pastor Jacky's. We sang with the children, and taught them a lesson about snowflakes. So much fun! We can't wait to return the rest of the week.

Passing Buckets
by Liz Drennan | January 13, 2014
This year we are working on building the foundation for a new fellowship hall at Pastor Jacky's church. The Haitian sun is hot, but the cool Carribbean breeze gives us relief. What a beautiful place to work.

Making New Friends
by Liz Drennan | January 13, 2014
We began our womens ministry today by sharing tea and a snack with almost 50 women who came to the church. We spent time telling them about our lives, and getting to know each other. Our time together was truly blessed.

Absolute Beauty
by Liz Drennan | January 13, 2014
The view from Pastor Jacky's church at the top of the hill. It's a stunning reminder of God's glory.

So curious!
by Liz Drennan | January 14, 2014
We returned to the school in Lafiteau this morning. During the lesson, this little guy looked on with curiosity as Cindy taught them an object lesson about faith.

Our Awesome Staff
by Liz Drennan | January 14, 2014
Our Haitian staff taking a break from construction. These guys have been an enormous help all week with translating, and they always keep us laughing!

by Liz Drennan | January 14, 2014
Today during women's ministry we spent more time getting to know the women. We also wanted to bless them and show them love by washing their feet. But, they blessed us by turning around and washing our feet. It was a sweet and special time together, and one none of us will soon forget.

Presenting Bibles
by Liz Drennan | January 14, 2014
We have a team of 7 women who are working to cook our delicious meals every day. They are praying women, and love to spend time in the word. Tonight at dinner, we presented each of them with a brand new Bible. Their faces lit up with smiles when they received them. God is so good.

Farewell Picture
by Josue | January 15, 2014
We really enjoyed the moment we spent with those amazing kids at the school. They were so interesting, they learned very quick all that we taught them.

Little Helpers
by Liz Drennan | January 15, 2014
Today while we worked, we had this little guy helping us pass buckets of cement. His father is one of the workers working with us, and he was so eager to help us and be like his Papa.

Woman Ministry
by Josue | January 15, 2014
Today was a very sad day for the women, because the team was about to leave, and it was the first time these Haitian ladies have a team that worked specifically with women. Both the American and Haitian ladies served with humility.

by Liz Drennan | January 15, 2014
We ended our night with prayer. We prayed over both Pastor Jacky and Pastor Josue. We asked God to bless their ministries and their families. We have been blessed ourselves working with these two great men who love God with everything they have.

On Top of the World
by Liz Drennan | January 16, 2014
Today we ended our week by visiting our dear friends Cassie and Almando in Gressier. On the way there, we toured Port Au Prince, and saw the vast improvements being made there. We spent time visiting with Cassie and Al, seeing their beautiful home, and eating lunch. Al even made us fresh grapefruit juice! We then headed up the mountain to Boutilier, which overlooks the entire city of Port Au Prince. It feels like you are on top of the world. The view there is stunning, It was a wonderful place to say goodbye to this beautiful country. We will miss every face we met here this week.

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Sara thinking of you-looks like you all are doing well-enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the updates-keep up the good work-God Bless ps McCoy misses you! (smiles and giggles your way) love mom (my babysitter) and me:)

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