Crossroads Baptist Church | Haiti

| July 26 to August 03, 2013

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Staff: Bethany Richardson

Trip Journal Updates

We Have Arrived!
by Tamara | July 26, 2013
We have arrived safely to Haiti and are looking forward to our week here! We are staying at Bonaccent for the evening and will head to our housing for the week tomorrow.

We expect great things from God this week so please keep us in your prayers!

The Boys of Life is Hope
by Caroline | July 27, 2013
This morning, after moving over into our new lodging location, we went over to visit the boys of Life is Hope Orphanage. We were greeted with cheers, smiles, and songs from these beautiful boys! We played with chalk, jump ropes, and a giant parachute. They had so much fun; we had just as much fun as them!

This afternoon we got started on the service project of the week. We will be scraping, cleaning, and putting a fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior walls of the orphanage. The boys even decided to help us out some!

We are so excited to see how God works in, through and around us this week! We know that God has already been working in this country and in the lives of these people. Therefore, we trust that He is the One who will be leading this trip, changing hearts and lives in the process.

Pray for us and the ministries we will be participating in. Pray for eyes to be open and hearts to be softened!

by Caroline | July 28, 2013
This morning we had the privilege of worshipping with the Haitians. This was a special Sunday for the congregation because it was the final service in their week long revival. We were so excited to be able to share in this experience! They were all so welcoming to us; the first thing the worship leader asked us to do was to mix in with the rest of the congregation. What a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ. We had a wonderful time singing and listening. We were also allowed to share with them. We sang How Great is Our God and One Thing Remains. They enjoyed our english worship just as much as we enjoyed their Creole worship. Praise the Lord for the beautiful body of Christ!!

by Caroline | July 28, 2013
Thank you so much to Ciara, Morgan, Jeanie, and Danny for sharing their hearts at church this morning. Their testimony impacted the congregation and the rest of the mission team immensely!

Ministry Training!
by Caroline | July 28, 2013
This afternoon, Bethany armed us with different ministry tools that will be very useful for us this week. We learned about a ministry that Praying Pelican Missions participates in called tree ministry. In this ministry we will be teaming up with a member of Pastor Lourens' church as we reach out to the community. We will walk door to door offering prayer, support, encouragement, and also offering to plant a tree in their yard. We are so excited to start this ministry tomorrow!

The other ministry tools we got to practice was called life stories. We partnered up with someone we didn't know very well, and basically just poured out our hearts. We shared our life, testimony, struggles, and requests with each other. This was such an awesome team building technique. It is also something that will be very effective for us back in the States!

Pray for rest tonight as we begin our first full day of ministry in the morning!

First Full Ministry Day!
by Caroline | July 29, 2013
What a day it has been! God has definitely shown up and shown out today. After devotion and a delicious breakfast, we headed out to begin VBS at Life is Hope Orphanage. We started at the boys orphanage this morning. We played games and had an interactive bible study involving bubble gum! We taught the kids about creation and about how God breathed life into each one of us.

At the girls orphanage, we made pretty crowns and played games. We taught the girls the story of Esther. They loved the story and loved their new crowns. We also played games and sang songs together. These girls are so beautiful, inside and out!

Tree Ministry!
by Caroline | July 29, 2013
This week we have the absolute privilege of working with a local pastor to reach out to his fairly unreached community. Today was the first day we got to participate in this ministry; we loved every minute of it! As we plant the trees for these people, many doors are opened to share the Gospel, and that is exactly what we got to do this afternoon! We even got to witness five children surrender their lives to Christ.

Not only are we planting physical seeds, but we are planting and watering spiritual ones as well! We are so humbled that God allowed us to be a part of this moment!

Women's Ministry
by Caroline | July 29, 2013
While some of us were walking around the community doing the tree ministry, some of us ladies stayed back to minister to the women. Brandy stepped up and led the group with elegance. She taught about being a Proverbs 31 women. We were also able to share about being a women in our different cultures. We sang songs and fellowshipped with each other. How awesome it was to experience this cross-cultural unity!

Wrap it Up!
by Caroline | July 29, 2013
To wrap up for the day, we went back to the boy's orphanage to do some beautification of the building. Most of us cleaned and painted; some of us got to work on passing cinderblocks for the wall. We are excited for these service projects to progress throughout the week!

Loving on the Kids!
by Caroline | July 30, 2013
This morning, we started at the boys orphanage. Our lesson today was on the Ten Commandments. We incorporated a scavenger hunt which the boys loved! Not only did they seem to enjoy it this morning, but they also seemed to be taking something away from what the Lord was saying.

After spending time at the boys orphanage, we headed to the girls orphanage. There, instead of splitting up into different study groups, we felt like we needed to focus more on building relationships with them. So, with the lead of our awesome Haitian staff, we played games and sang songs together!

Serving at the Boys Orphanage
by Caroline | July 30, 2013
After lunch, we went back to the boys orphanage to do some more face-lifting. Some of us got to work mixing concrete and passing blocks and buckets of water. The rest of us continued washing and painting the interior and exterior walls of the orphanage. Some of us even had the opportunity to help the housemothers wash clothes. We got so much done today!

Planting trees, planting seeds
by Caroline | July 30, 2013
We were so excited to participate in tree ministry again today! Yet again we saw God move in mighty ways. It is such a blessing to have Pastor Lourens working hand-in-hand with us. His desire to spread the Gospel in his community is so encouraging! Continue to pray for him and his community. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be thick and moving!

Daughters of the King
by Caroline | July 31, 2013
This morning, we had a great time with the girls of Life is Hope. For the devotion, we shared the story of Ruth. We talked about how our inner beauty is more important than our outward beauty. The Lord sees us from the inside and loves us just the way we are! We are all princesses!

Devotions With the Boys
by Caroline | July 31, 2013
After spending that precious time with the girls, we headed over to play with our boys. There we were able to present them with the Gospel and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Some of them decided it was time to give their lives to Christ! We are so humbled that God would allow us to be a small part in these boys' lives!
Be in prayer for each other these boys, especially our new brothers in Christ!

by Kenly (Haitian Staff) | July 31, 2013
This afternoon, we headed back up the mountain to continue with the tree ministry. This time has been such a blessing, both to us and the beautiful people of this community.

This evening was so much fun! We bused the boys from Life is Hope over to Pastor Josué's to play a soccer match against the boys in his orphanage. They had so much fun playing with other kids. It was so much fun to be able to organize a game between both orphanages. It was awesome to see how exited they were to play together. After the game finished, we did a Bible study at the field. One fourteen year old accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord!

Recreation Day!!
by Caroline | August 1, 2013
Today we got to experience even more of the beauty that Haiti has to offer! We started the day by traveling across town to the awesome Sugar Cane Factory. There we had a yummy American lunch of hamburgers and french fries. We really enjoyed each other's company.
Next, we traveled another hour to the beach! We were blown away by the beauty of how the mountains collided with the ocean. God was definitely showing off when He created this place.

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Loretta Bradley

Danny,Ashlyn,Jeanne,Cindy and Markie, Praying for y'all and your familys. God has a Great plan for y'all.Your willingness to serve will shine through them to know Jesus Christ. Praying for safe traveling coming back home. God Bless

Loretta Bradley

Ciara, I am so proud of you. I have only known you for a short time but you are a very special young lady. Your willingness to serve those precious kids and to teach the community will teach others a valuable lesson that Our God Is Great and Awesome ! I wish I could be there for your trip to the orphange but I will be there spirtually and will be praying for you and the rest ofthe team that will be traveling with you. I will continue to pray for you, and the Haiti community . We will miss you and love you very much. Can't wait for December!!!!! God Bless Continue to ask,and God will give to you. Continue to search,and you will find. Continue to knock,and the door will open for you. Matthew 7-7

Loretta Bradley

Cheryl, Praying for you and your family. Can't wait to hear what God has done for you and the Haiti community. I wanted to" Thank You" for your willingness to serve and make disciples.Praying for safe traveling coming back home. God Bless

Loretta Bradley

Katie, Just wanted you to know that stepping out of your comfort zone and beening a disciple for Jesus, you have showed may of us what a true follower of Christ is.Praying for safe traveling coming back home. God Bless

Loretta Bradley

Briana, Your willigness to serve will change many hearts to Christ.Praying for safe traveling back home. God Bless

Loretta Bradley

Brandi, Been praying for you and your family. Your kids looked beautiful Sunday morning, has they always do. Can't wait to hear what God has done in your life this week.Praying for safe traveling back home. God Bless

Loretta Bradley

Boyce, Praying for you and your family. I know God has used you in many ways in Haiti and will continue to use you. Praying for safe traveling coming back home, God Bless,

Jamie Bradley (Daddy)

We miss you and Love You ! I am praying for you and the rest of the team to have protection and that God is walking with y'all every step of the way.Your willingness to serve will make a difference in their lifes and yours. It's almost over but I know it's been Awesome week worshipping and teaching the word of God throughyour walk over in Haiti. We can't wait for you to be home safe and the rest of the team. Love, Loretta Daddy, Miss you and Love You.I wish you having a good time.Praying for you to come home safe. love, Tesla Daddy, Miss you alot.I ca't wait till you come back and praying for youu to come back safely. Love, McKenzie

Emily Hill

Hey everybody! I am so excited for all of you and excited to see what God is doing down there the rest of the week and what God has already done for all of you! I am ready to hear and see how everything went while you were down there serving The Lord! I am going to continue praying for all of you until yo get home! I know that you all have been doing great down there and i know that all of the people down there really appreciate you being down there and helping! I love all of you so much and i hope to see you as soon as i can when you get home! if you would show this to everybody! thanks! love you guys so much!!! Good Luck the rest of the week! love y'all!! :)

Nicole N.

Praying for peace in each of your heart and strength of your bodies to lead others to Christ so that they may praise him.

Kathy Burgess

I am praying for the group from Crossrads Baptist Church. I hope they made It in with no difficulties. God bless you all! I am very proud of my daughter for having the courage to step out on her own and go.

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