Haiti Vision Trip | Haiti

| April 06 to April 09, 2013

Local Host:
Staff: James Noreen

Trip Journal Updates

Vision Team has arrived!
by Jim | April 6, 2013
Throughout the day, the vision team arrived on multiple different flights. During the morning, the first group went to visit a pastor named Pastor Josue. Pastor Josue has an amazing ministry on the northern edge of town. He has a huge heart to reach his community through the orphanage, school, church, and guest house he manages. Our team was able to pray over him and encourage him in the great work he is doing.

After visiting Pastor Josues, our team traveled back to a hotel near the airport where we had lunch while we waited on additional members to arrive. After the second group arrived, our team visited an orphanage called Life is Hope. Pastor Jean is the orphanage director at Life is Hope and he also oversees 22 churches. Our team was able to love on the children at Life is Hope for 2 hours as we waited on the final members to arrive.

After everyone arrived, our team hopped on the bus and headed across town to the lodging location in Carrefour. It was an eye opening trip across town as we saw the city of Port-Au-Prince. After arriving at the lodging location, we had a great meal of rice and beans and chicken before closing the evening with a time of orientation. We are now resting up as we anticipate a wonderful day tomorrow. Please continue to pray for us as we travel this journey!

Sunday Service at Mariani
by Eric R. | April 7, 2013
This morning, the team woke up early and headed to the MEBSH church at Mariani. The team joined together with the local congregation there and had a wonderful worship service. The service ended with communion, giving a beautiful picture of Christ's church together across oceans and nations.

Praying over Pastor Valcourt
by Eric R. | April 7, 2013
After the service, the team visited the new church and school that is currently under construction. There, on the balcony of the church, the team took time to pray over Pastor Valcourt and the leadership of the church.

Visiting Bwadjout
by Eric R. | April 7, 2013
After lunch, the next stop for the team was a visit with Pastor Junior at his church in Bwadjout, a small but densely populated community in the mountains above Carrefour. There, the team spent time hearing about Pastor Junior's vision for his church and school in his community. The church there is young, but God is already stirring the hearts of the people around the church.

Although the church currently meets in a tent on top of a house, there are plans in motion to construct a new church and school building. The team got a chance to visit the new site, where the foundation is completed and the walls are ready to begin going up!

Good Shepherd Orphanage
by Eric R. | April 7, 2013
The team's final stop for the day was at Good Shepherd Orphanage in Carrefour. There, they were given a grand tour by Sister Mona, who is the outreach director at the orphanage. Once the tour was finished, the group spent time playing with the children and shopping for souvenirs to help support the work there.

School Ministry
by Bethany R. | April 8, 2013
We started the day off at a school in the community of Gressier, Haiti. We sang songs, acted out the Bible story of the Prodigal Son and had a short devotion.

We've loved going all out for the skit, making fools ourselves for the children. Their smiles and laughs made it all worth it.

Tree Ministry
by Bethany R. | April 8, 2013
Later in the day, we participated in Tree Ministry. We went door to door in the community praying with people, investing in relationships and offering a gift of a tree. After we planted the tree for them in the spot they chose, we explained the symbolism of the tree growing up strong and bearing fruit.

We pray that for the years and generations to come, they'll see the tree and be reminded of the Gressier Church La Porte Etuait and that there is an open invitation to come fellowship. As well, we hope they will be reminded of the gift of salvation Jesus gave us on the cross.

It was a beautiful day serving in the community and getting a glimpse of what this ministry looks and feels like.

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