Our Saviour''s Lutheran Church | Haiti

| March 29 to April 04, 2014

Local Host:
Staff: Eric Richardson

Trip Journal Updates

We Have Arrived!
by Bethany Richardson | March 29, 2014
After a full day of travel, we are finally here at our lodging in Carrefour, Haiti. Look at the beautiful view of the mountains we have! (pictured) We have settled in, eaten a full meal of rice and beans, chicken, salad and fresh made cherry juice. Yum!

We are looking forward to tomorrow, going to church in Mariani!

Glimpse into Church Training
by Bethany Richardson | March 29, 2014
Here at Cote Plage, the church grounds serve as the hub for the community. There's a church, primary and secondary school, college, seminary and radio station. We are lodging on the third floor, which gives us a birds-eye view of the facility!

We had the chance before dinner to watch the BCLC, a club in the church that trains for leadership, have practice.

They were so focused, practicing drills and striving to be professional and synchronized in their movements. Similar to cub scouts or boy scouts, they enter even as young kids and when they graduate, will serve in the church in different ways, such as become ushers or door greeters.

So cool!

A Sensational Haitian Sunday
by Jonas Jeanty (Haitian Staff) | March 30, 2014
After an amazing breakfast, we hiked up the long hill to attend the Baptist Church of Mariani. We were so blessed by the beautiful music and meaningful sermon on what it means to be a missionary. One of the highlights of that service were the five testimonies that some of our team members shared with the church. Spencer said it best: "Not 10,000 miles, not an earthquake, can break our relationship." There are unbreakable bonds being formed here between us and the people of Haiti.

One World Soccer
by Jonas Jeanty (Haitian Staff) | March 30, 2014
After church and a delicious lunch, we headed to the Good Shepherd Orphanage for some time with the kids. We brought with us what's called a One World Football. Basically, it's an indestructible soccer ball, so cool! The kids really enjoyed playing with it, and we really enjoyed trying to keep up with them!

Some Crafts And Some Fun
by Jonas Jeanty (Haitian Staff) | March 31, 2014
Such a wonderful time we had with the children! Through craft activities, we had a lot of fun and built relationships with these loving kids. They are very awesome, and we are amazed by their talent. Such a moment is unforgettable.

Bucket by Bucket
by Bethany Richardson | March 31, 2014
We started off our morning at the ministry site by mixing concrete, passing gravel and cement in buckets and hauling rocks. We are so impressed by the work ethic of the Haitian people, wow they are so strong!

We formed one huge continuous line up to the 3rd story of the church to build steps and pour footers and headers. Pray for us as we continue the work tomorrow!

School Ministry
by Bethany Richardson | March 31, 2014
Taking a break from construction, we taught the story of the Prodigal Son to the kids from school. Glenn did a fantastic job as the prodigal son, and Grayson stole the show by being the fatted-calf. A great performance indeed! The children laughed so much and we got to share the unfailing love of God our Father with the children.

Mariani Church, year 4!
by Bethany Richardson | March 31, 2014
Here's a current photo from inside the church, it is now three stories tall! On our first trip, Marty and Dave helped dig the foundation and lay the groundwork. What beautiful progress!

Hauling Water
by Elphida Ducasse (Elda-Haitian Staff) | April 1, 2014
Before we could start the construction on the church, we needed to pass buckets of water for mixing cement. We enjoyed helping the construction workers continue to build onto the balcony of the church. Throughout the work-portion of the day, we all happily passed along rocks and cement, even throwing in an occasional coconut shell or glove to make each other laugh.

Unforgettable Kids Ministry
by Elphida Ducasse (Elda-Haitian Staff) | April 1, 2014
The children are always excited for kids' ministry. We started the session with a back-and-forth game called "Ajiji! Ajaja!" to get the kids' attention while also building the excitement. We told them the Story about the "Good Samaritan". It was a lot of fun for us as well as for the kids, and the best part was they learned from it also. The time came when they had to go back to class. We ended with a Creole song called "Mwen Adore W Jezi" (I Worship You Jesus) and a prayer. It was such a good time :)

She's Like an Angel
by Elphida Ducasse (Elda-Haitian Staff) | April 1, 2014
We absolutely love playing with the children, but David especially stood out today with his great heart; he held a little baby and just doted over her. Talk about adorable! We couldn't get enough of his baby talk: "Goo-goo, I wuv you, yes I do! Yes I do!"

March Madness ;)
by Elda (Haitian Staff) & Mel Trollman | April 1, 2014
Some of our team members got a taste of Haitian-style football. There's a space of packed-down earth beside the Mariani construction site where many children go to play soccer. Their goal posts are made of cinder blocks, and a lot of the boys like to play in their bare feet. We had a blast watching and participating in the game! We think our team even won, though there was some debate over the final score.

Puppet Masters ^_^
by Elda (Haitian Staff) & Mel Trollman | April 1, 2014
After a full day of work, we sat down on the steps of Mariani and enjoyed playing with the kids who stayed around after school. We passed out brown paper bags, stickers and colored pencils so the children could make puppets. They really just enjoyed decorating the bags! One of the really cool things about this project is it allowed for lots of opportunities to communicate. The language barrier can be a game in the right circumstances. The kids were teaching us the their words for color, shapes and numbers, while our translators have been teaching us short Creole phrases for "What is your name?" and "How old are you?".

Wai Wai
by Josue Etienne (Haitian Staff) & Mel Trollman | April 2, 2014
Today was the last day for working on construction at Mariani. We gave it our all. As we passed the buckets of rocks, the workers called out, "Wai wai," which is their way of encouraging us to work harder and faster. Before long, we started chanting "Wai wai" in a rhythmic beat, and the people in the community couldn't help but join in the fun! The final count of buckets passed today alone was 1,292. That's a lot of rocks!

The Last Skit
by Josue Etienne (Haitian Staff) & Mel Trollman | April 2, 2014
For our last morning of school ministry, we decided to do a skit telling the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Brown paper bags with water color flames served as puppets for the raging flames. Grayson was the golden statue of the king. He held completely still the entire time! Matt, our king, referenced a trademark move from past skits by throwing down his hat in rage. The students laughed a lot! They're going to miss us being a part of their recreation break.

No Noodles Get Left Behind
by Josue Etienne (Haitian Staff) & Mel Trollman | April 2, 2014
All week at the construction site, lunch is brought to us. Today was probably Glen's FAVORITE meal; he really enjoyed the macaroni and cheese =)

The Big Finish
by Josue Etienne (Haitian Staff) & Mel Trollman | April 2, 2014
The majority of our construction ministry was spent working on the balcony for Mariani. We finished the risers yesterday, and by the end of the day today, it was firm enough for us to stand on. It felt great being able to look back at all we accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Sweet Sorrow
by Josue Etienne (Haitian Staff) & Mel Trollman | April 3, 2014
The sad part of the week is having to say goodbye to the people who worked with us, played with us, and made our time at Mariani so memorable. But they are in our hearts now. So it's not "Goodbye" or "Orevwa"; it's really "Na we pita" meaning "See you later."

by Josue Etienne (Haitian Staff) & Mel Trollman | April 3, 2014
We couldn't leave the work site without squeezing in a few more group pictures!

A Day of Rest
by Mel Trollman | April 3, 2014
After a week of hard work, we took the day to see some of the country. Elie, our bus driver, drove us up the mountain, over many winding, narrow paths. When we reached the top, many artisans greeted us with handmade souvenirs. We went to a lookout point called Boutilier. From there you could look out and see all of Port au Prince as well as several surrounding cities.

10,000 Reasons
by MelTrollman | April 4, 2014
After the lookout, we ate lunch at An American-style restaurant called Epi D'or, enjoying cheeseburgers and ice cream. And then what's a trip to Haiti without stopping to visit one of its beautiful beaches? So we spend a bit of time playing in the warm, crystal blue water. We then wrapped up our day with a delicious buffet dinner and a meeting where we all shared memorable moments from our week. We have so many stories to share when we come home.

Last Morning in Haiti
by Mel Trollman | April 5, 2014
We woke up to a beautiful sunrise. It was a bittersweet morning as we prepared to leave for the airport. We were all excited to see home again, but it was hard saying goodbye to the beautiful country and all the friends we had made throughout the week.

We Are All Connected
by Mel Trollman | April 5, 2014
Looking back on our week, we made a lot of friendships. Each of us developed bonds, some with the workers, others with the children, the staff, people in the community... Our relationships with one another were strengthened as well. A reoccuring thought was mentioned time after time this week: we were reminded that all of us share the same Father, and in that we are the same whatever the age, culture, skin color or background.

To Be Continued...
by Mel Trollman | April 5, 2014
The view of Mariani church from the bottom of the hill is a beautiful site. We were so encouraged seeing all the work that has been done at Mariani in the past year. And we continued the progress, accomplishing so much in just the few days we were here! We are looking forward to the climb up the hill when we come back next year! Until then, Bondye beni ou Mariani! God bless you Mariani!

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Grandma Rehn

Thank you all for sharing your talents to tell the story of God's world! The memories will last a lifetime. The lessons learned will forever be with you. We are all waiting to hear and see each one of you and your personal story. Be prepared for our questions! May the peace of the Lord we with you asyou journey home.

Jake & Sue Sheehan

You guys are all awesome! Very proud of each of you for your sacrifice and service. I will say Naperville has been a lot quieter and less chaotic with you gone. Miss ya!

Cindy Novak

Hello, Sam and other Haiti team members! We are amazed to see the progress you have made on the construction site. We love to see your smiles and the happiness of the children. Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Love, Mom, Dad, Emmy and Abby

Meg Larson (Madison & Kyra's aunt)

Hi everyone! Wow! You have been busy! It is so encouraging to read how much you are doing to help the people of Haiti with their basic needs but also helping them to learn about Jesus and his love for all of us. I hope you are all having a wonderful experience. So proud of all of you! You are in our prayers.

Scott Diehl

AMAZING stuff you're all doing - the construction, the relationships, teh love you're sharing. Without even a word spoken, those children and their families are all experiencing God's work and Love through all of you. Hope you enjoyed your day of relaxation today. Can't wait to see yo tomorrow Kendra! Bring back a pound of Haitian coffee if you can! Safe travels and Godspeed to you all!

Uncle Jim (Hamman)

Didn't recognize you with out an orange shirt on Jack. The Cubs are 0-2, any Haitian baseball players you can recruit? Keep up the good works!

Pastor Jade

Giving thanks to God for the seeds of love and faith planted once again from Our Saviour's through all you have done and said during this mission trip. May these words of our Lord Jesus affirm the relationship that you have built intentionally with each other: "Love one another as I have love you so that everyone will know that you are my disciples." ~ John 13:34-35 Praying to God for continuously working through you lives and your stories so that many more people in this community and around this community get to know Jesus and make Jesus know. Have a safe trip home to Naperville! : )

Elise Robinson

I love seeing the pictures of how much progress has been made on the building and the pictures of you all interacting with the children in Mariani. I pray that during your time in Haiti, you will all grow closer to God and will be transformed by your time there. Matthew and Stephanie; I miss you both a lot and I can't wait to see you in two weeks. I love you!

Wons Family

Great job team! So much progress building the church and building relationships! Looks like Mission Accomplished! Lindsay we can't wait to hear your first hand account of this experience. Enjoy your last day together. Praying for a safe journey home. Mom, Dad, Ryan and Alex

Debbie Cyr

I seeing all the work you all are doing! You all are just AMAZING! I am enjoying the photos and seeing how you are effecting the lives of others, but I'm sure they are effecting your lives ?? god works in wondrous ways, keep up the good work and sharing you love!

Lori Diehl

Great pictures of the kids enjoying your skit and of the construction... Results of all your great work while in Haiti. Awesome to see God's light shining through you! Enjoy your last day!! Love and miss you Kendra..can't wait to see you. Safe travels for everyone!

Erv and Winnie Ziemer

Bucket, bucket, whose got the bucket. What a wonderful week you have had. The experiences and friendships you had will last a lifetime. Your accompolishments are unbelievable. We are so proud of all of you putting God's love to work and caring for others. Have a great last day, and safe travels home. God bless everyone.

Glenn and Katny Wishnew

Greetings Haiti Mission team! It is obvious from the pictures and descriptions that you are all reflecting God's love to the people of Haiti. Glad to also see that Glenn is staying as restrained as ever in the Prodigal Son play and the Mac and Cheese meal....All the best to all of you; stay safe and we'll see you all very soon!

Lizzie, Kathryn, grandma, and grandpa

Hope your having fun in haiti abby! we miss you and can't wait for you to come home. Hope the experience is worth it and that you experience alot of new things. We love you ! P.S. Lizzie stole your room while you were gone

Helen Herrington

Hi Spencer!! Have been checking in on your group and enjoying the daily entries . . . all of you have been in my thoughts and my prayers for a fabulous week! So proud of all that you are doing, and of course have been bragging about you and how you are sharing your talents and showing God's love. Safe travels as you return home . . . Hugs, Helen

Scott Diehl

Hi everyone! can't believe your week is almost over! It's been so great seeing all the hard work and relationship building you've been doing in His name. In today's picture, I think I can even see Kendra in the "rock bucket" line .. gives me all kinds of ideas for the projects I can have her start when she returns home! I can't wait to see you Friday night Kendra! So proud and humbled by your service! God bless all of you!

Greg Jepson

Hi Jean, Alyssa and group, how does it feel? One more full day left and a whole lot of accomplishments behind you. Hard work, building of relationships, learning from each other and growing in your faith. We are very proud of you, the work you have done and how you have represented OSLC. Can't wait to hear all the stories.

Ann Marie Peterson

Hi Scott and Emily! Can't believe the week is going by so quickly and tomorrow is your last full day. I am looking forward to hearing all your stories and learning about all the wonderful experiences you had! I love you both! Ann Marie

Scott & Gina Jenkins

Awesome pictures! We are so proud of the difference you are making. Enjoy your time there and infect others with joy and God's love!

Dan White

We are thinking of you and all of the hard wonderful work you are doing. The people of Haiti appreciate your commitment and support. We love you, Love Uncle Dan, Aunt Patti, Matthew and Patrick.

Team Tati

Mr. Mom and Emily, We are so happy that you can go back to Haiti together, and finish the work you started a year ago and spend quality time together. We hope Mr. Mom is taking good care of everybody and that your light for Christ shines boldly :) Prayers for God's energy, love, and strength to continue to work through you all! Blessings, Tati and Tati

Sid and Carole

Scott and Emily. Love being able to keep up with your activities. Sounds like all are doing well, having fun and working hard. Just know you are in our prayers and we are proud of you and your efforts. Be well and travel safe. We are headed home this morning and are anxious to see you both.

Kaitlyn and Camilla Daly

Hi Jaycie, Alyssa, Jean, and Nicole: We hope your trip is going well and you are loving the adventure so far! Excited to see you - for the first and second time - interacting with the beautiful kids and working at Mariani! Sending our prayers to you and the team! Love seeing those smiles!! Keep sharing and receiving God's amazing love!

Aunt Linny

Sounds like you all are doing good work there. So awesome to be able to help all the children and the community with your group! Hoping all is well and not to hot there!!! Missing you Bobbi, have fun, be safe and see ya soon'n

Shannon Gilfillan

Sarah-- Great to hear about all of your experiences. Aunt Debbie and Uncle Tony are sending prayers your way. Their computer is not working so they asked me to send a note. Also, Scott I am getting your texts so THANKS so much!!

Dawn DeBoer

You are all doing great work, and there are many here in the United States pulling for you and your efforts there. God speed to you. Enjoy every minute of this experience, even the hard times...they will be precious in the months to come.

Greg Waite

Jaycie and Nicole. Miss you lots and wish I was there with you to share in the great work you are doing. I love seeing and reading all you are doing. My prayers are with you and all!

James Travis

The church seems to be coming along well and I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself Abby. Stay safe.

Dave Conroy

Madison & Kyra: You are in Haiti being amazing, Mom and Braden decided to fly away to Florida for the week, and I am home with the dog (sigh). (With me in charge, you may want to include the dog in your prayers.) I am greatly enjoying watching your adventures from afar. You are making a spectacular contribution, and I couldn't be more proud. Love ya, Pops

Barb and Evan Mevis

Evan and I are doing great at home. I have been sharing the pictures with him and reading the descriptions of your important work. Take care of each other and we look forward to seeing you on Friday. Speaking of Friday, am I picking you up? Call or text me from Miami on your way back and let me know. Love you both

Wons Family

Lindsay, spring break isn't the same without you, but you are doing important work and we are proud of you! We are sending prayers for all of you - hoping you all realize the difference you are making, and hoping the Haitian people feel the love! Mom, Dad & Bros.

Lori Diehl

Hi Kendra and all! I love keeping up on all the work you are doing and relationships you are building while in Haiti! May you grow in relationship with each other as well and in understanding God's purpose and plan. Looking forward to hearing about all of your experiences!!

Cindy and John

Hello there Jean, Alyssa, and group, just wanted to say how proud we are of all of you. Your sacrifices are truly an inspiration to us. We love you and you are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you, John Serio and Cindy Plinske

Chris Gilfillan

Hi Sarah. I've been thinking of you since you left on Sat. I'm so proud of you, and know you will do a good job of spreading Gods word to the people of Haiti. Hopefully you will be able to communicate with some of the Haitian children after you leave. Have fun! Love, Grandma Chris

Grandma Waite

Jaycie: Hope everything is going O.K. Am so proud of you and enjoying the pictures and updates on actrivities. Have a safe trip home

Pastor Jade

Greetings to all of you from Our Saviour's! Technology so often has taken away a lot of opportunities of building face-to-face relationship from us; however, a time like this, I do give thanks to God for technology - being able to know that you all have arrived safely and emerged yourself into a foreign culture and made new friends for the sake of God's mission in this world. May you find not just each day a blessing from God, but also each moment of encountering a blessing, encountering something new or something that we all share in common as people of God. May these words encourage you and strengthen your faith each day, "We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers. We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ." ~ 1 Thessalonians 1:2-3.

Pastor John Gerike

Thanks for your ministry with the people of Haiti. As I look at the pictures, I really wish I could be there with you. You are the hands and feet of Christ, sharing the good news of God's love through your actions and your words. And you are growing as disciples, following where Jesus leads the way. Thank you for taking God's mission and ministry from Our Saviour's to the world--and for bringing back all that you are experiencing this week. You are knowing Jesus and making Jesus known. In Christ, Pastor John Gerike

Debbie Montrose

Hi all, I am so proud of all of you and the awesome work you are doing. Haiti is truly lucky to have you in their midst, as you are truly blessed to with those happy smiling faces of those beautiful children. I hope you are all enjoying the warm weather there...we had a day and a half of spring...woo hoo. Just in time for the baseball opening games. Dave Mevis, your White Sox won, and my cubbies lost in 10 innings 1-0. No laughing please!! Oh, and Dave, we had a nice dinner with Barb and Molly. We ended up meeting at Yu's Bistro on Sat. for Tim's birthday. Great to see them both. We miss you all but know that you are truly doing God's work with your hands and your presence, your smiles and laughter, and your overwhelming generous spirit. Know that you are blessed and that the staff and congregation misses all of you, but are so very proud of each and every one of you! Bobbi and Jean, come home soon with lots of pictures and wonderful stories to share! Thank you again to all of our wonderful mentors and students, to Praying Pelicans and to the Haiti community. OK, I have to go now, my boss isn't here and I have to get some real work done!! Oh Happy Day!!! Peace, Debbie Montrose

Ragen TIliakos

Hi Jayce, What an exciting trip! It is great to get out of your own comfortable surroundings and visit beautiful places and meet friendly people. Haiti looks like a beautiful and warm (brrr Chicago!) place. I hope your experience is fun and yet educational. Enjoy and know that we are thinking of you. -- Ragen and family.

Grandpa and Jacoba

Hi Jaycie and Nicole, We have been reading the journal entries, looking at the pictures, and are amazed and impressed by all you are doing and experiencing. We wish we were there with you to be a part of your group and be able to meet our Haitian brothers and sisters. Take lots of pictures and we can hardly wait to hear the stories. You all are in our prayers.

Aunt Kathleen

Abby, you and your team are doing wonderful work for the Lord. I have enjoyed looking at the pictures each day and praiing God for the good work you are doing in His name.Just think of hw happy you are making the people in Haiti! I'm so proud of you and I'm praying for you and the team. God Bless You!

Julie Grafe

Hello Julia! We are so amazed at all you are doing and experiencing on this trip. You are all living examples of "God's Work, Our Hands". We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Peace be with you!! Love, Luther, Julie, Abby and Ben

Scott Diehl

HI Everyone! Kendra, I'm sitting here reading everything you guys are doing and I'm crying tears of joy, pride and love. So glad you're able to make this part of your faith journey. The team is doing wonderful work in God's name, and I can't wait to hear all about it!


Hi Jean and Alyssa and the group from Our Saviours, What a wonderful experience and satisfaction to see the work you are doing. Take time to see and appreciate how others live. We are thinking and praying for your travels and time in Haiti. Be Safe!!!!! Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Marty

Heila Martin-Person

To Jaycie Waite, What an awesome thing you are doing, Jaycie - Giving of yourself and making such a difference. You are touching the lives of the special and beautiful people there in Haiti. I am really impressed and touched. I'm celebrating your endeavors there and hold you in my prayers. With much love, Heila

Kaitlyn Daly

Wow! Love seeing the progress at Mariani and the awesome labor of love you all are putting into it! Blessings :)

Greg Jepson

Wow! Many hand do do great work! Great to see the progress on the church. What an accomplishment! We are very proud of you and the work you are doing. Glad to see you had time to interact with the kids today.

Kris, Dave & Braden

Exciting to see all of your activities and the impact you are making. Keep up the good work!

Cindy Novak

Sam, We have enjoyed reading about your trip so far! You are probably learning so much and making new friends. We can't wait to see you and hear about your experiences as you serve in Haiti. We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Emmy and Abby

Erv and Winnie Ziemer

Jean and Alyssa Enjoy reading your daily journals. Sound like your have a very meaningful experience putting God's love into action. We are so proud of all of you. Keep up the good work

Grandma Tidaback

Enjoying keeping up with your adventure, so proud of you and your awesome group.

Steve & Christine

Hi Matthew & Stephanie, Love seeing the pictures and hearing about all you are doing. Sounds like you are all having a wonderful experience. Grandma & Grandpa Zamiara are here with us and also say hello! We missed you both at Wahso last night. Love you!

Glenn Jr and Kathy Wishnew

Looks like everyone is having a great time with the crafts, soccer and service. Can't wait to hear all about the "indestructible" soccer ball III! I'd like to get some of those! It's opening day here and as a Cubs fan, you'll not be surprise when I tell you they lost! Dad hasn't started talking about "next year" quite yet, but its coming! Love Mom and Dad

Debbie Cyr

Bobbi, So nice to read all about your adventures. Glad all arrived safe. Have fun I miss you, Mom

Dave and Peggy Maddox

Hey Sarah! We are so excited about your mission experience. Looks like you got right into soccer. We know that you and the team will be a blessing to the Haitian kids and you will be blessed in return. Many lives will be touched by you expressing God's love to all you encounter. Love ya lots! BigDad and Mimi

Ann Marie Peterson

Scott and Emily, I am so proud of you both for using your time and talents to serve in Gods name. I have been looking forward to the daily journals to keep me updated on your days events. It looks like the kids enjoyed the soccer balls you brought! Beautiful to see. Miss and love you both. Still can't believe you are just on the other side of the mountain from me and Zach! Ps.. A special hello to Sarah!

Charlie Schneider

What an awesome looking group! Our Saviour’s is truly blessed in that you are giving of yourselves to others what I too often take for granted; shelter and love. Each of you are so very special, as you make the world a better place, doing God’s work, one brick at a time. Thank you for making a difference.

Tim, Gay Lynn, Ryan & Alex Wons

We enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing the updates of your mission trip. We and thinking about all of you every day and are praying for you. God Bless!

Jeff & Jenny Travis

Sorry to tell you Abby but the Spartans lost and are out of the tournament!

Kaitlyn Daly

Great words, Spencer!! So very true! Continued prayers being sent your way. Keep building those relationships with all the people God crosses your path with.

Greg Jepson

Hi to Jean and Alyssa and the rest of the team. I hope you had a productive day today at church and getting reacquainted with friends you met last year. Nice to see all the smiling faces getting ready to do great work!

David, Cindy, Emily and Abby

Continue to keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. And Sam... Kentucky made it to the final four with a 3 at the buzzer! Miss watching with you. Take care to all!

Nana and Pap Pap Kutsor

Dear Scott and Emily, We were so happy to see your happy beautiful faces as you started your journey to Haiti. We are so proud of you helping to do our Lord's work. Pap and I have prayed for your success in this labor of love. We will continue to watch for your daily messages of what you have accomplished for the day and continue with our prayers for each of you do reach your spiritual growth through this ministry. With much love we send to all of your group.

Shannon Gilfillan

Sarah and the entire team- prayers are being sent your way for God to use your gifts and talents to serve and to have some fun along the way! Love- Mom

Terry Ackley

Nicole and Jaycie! It looks so beautiful there! We are praying for you both to feel God's presence in Haiti...We know that other's will see you shining brightly for Him! Can't wait to see photos and hear stories of what God has in store for you! God bless

Sister Kathleen la plume

Abby and your team mates, I'm so proud of you and what you are doing. I pray for the success of our project and have been thhinking about all the good you are doing. May this be a life changing experience for you and hope you will see things differently. I love you Abby.

Bev Doornbos

Hi, all - it is great to keep in touch with you while you're serving in Haiti! God's blessings on your work - I know you'll be a blessing to the people you serve!

Janine Norgaard

Hello everyone! Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ. I'm glad we're part of community of faith that supports missions - since we can't all make the trip! Please bring back your stories and share them with us...we want to hear where you saw God! (perhaps during church school, or VBS?) Prayers and blessings!

Erv and Winnie Ziemer

Jean and Alyssa Worshiping on Sunday, renewing old friendships and making new ones. God's blessings to all of you. Grandma and Papa Ziemer

Glenn Jr and Kathy Wishnnew

Hey III! Absolutely love logging in and seeing your smiling face!! I hope the flight out was a great one and I'm looking forward to hearing how God is working through you and other OSLC peeps to warms hearts in the beautiful people of Haiti. Have a great day worshiping Him as the locals do and I'm sure that you don't need to be told to have fun doing so. Blessings Buddy, Dad and Mom ps. Hey Nicole and Jaycie, hope you trip over was uneventful and that you are taking it all in!

Karen Sanders

Hey Dave and Shannon! Glad to see you made it there safe. Looking forward to more updates!!

Sid and Carole

Scott and Emily we know you are so excited to get started in your program in Haiti. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every single day. Thankful for safe arrival and praying for you daily. Much love and pride.

Kaitlyn Daly

So glad to see you all there with those beautiful mountains in the background! Thinking of you all and sending many prayers for God to open your eyes, ears, heart, mind, and soul during your time in Haiti. Be sure to check out a sunrise over those mountains one morning - they are quite the little treat from God above :)

Gordon and Pat Petry

Glad to hear you arrived safely. We know you have an exciting week ahead. Our prayers and love are with you.

Aunt Linda

Bobbers....Hoping you arrived safe and ready to do some great work! Missing ya already. Keep us posted of you and your kids!

Margaret Mather

It's so good to click on the link and see all your smiling faces! Love to you all.

Barbara, Molly and Evan Mevis

We are glad you arrived safely but miss you already! Haiti is lucky to have all of you for a week. Please let Shannon know that her fish survived its water transfer and is happily swimming. Take care of each other and of all whom you meet this week. We will be praying for you!!

Kris & Dave Conroy

Make the most of this amazing opportunity. We are proud of you! Prayers and love being sent your way!

Greg Jepson

My hope for everyone is that you open your eyes to all the experiences you will have this week and use your gift of serving others to grow indvidually and spiritually. You have been giving a tremendous opportunity, use it to write the next chapter in your amazing life. I can't wait to hear the stories and see how you have touched the lives of the people in Haiti. Prayers and blessing for a wonderful week!

Emily Parker

Hey Abby! I hope you are having the best day so far in Haiti and I know you will help a lot of people! You haven't even been gone a day and I still have so much to tell you!! Don't worry because we will be blowing up your phone ;) but for real, have fun and stay safe! Miss you!!

Jeff & Jenny Travis

Thinking about you Abby - we miss you! Hope you are having fun with the others. Looking forward to viewing pictures of the trip as they are posted. We love you!

David, Cindy and Emily Novak

Wishing you blessings on your trip!

Jean Rehn

Jack and fellow workers: May the experiences of this week help you learn more about youself. May it teach you new ways to use your talents to serve God. You have been chosen...choose to serve your best! Thank you for going to Haiti! Know there are many of us praying for a safe, fruitful, and memorable mission trip. Thank you for sharing your time and talents. Grandma Rehn

Erv and Winnie Ziemer

Hope you had an enjoyable flight today. May god watch over and bless each of the OSLC members. We will keep all of you in our prayers. Have a wonderful meaningful experience on your mission trip 2014.

Caryn Borgetti

Hi Jaycie & Nicole, I am praying for you both and all of the members of the OSLC team. I will be thinking about you and hoping that God touches each of you in just the right way to impact you and change you for a lifetime! May GOd break your heart with what breaks His and may it impact you in powerful ways so God can use you. Remember He chose you for this trip so be open to how God is speaking to you and I pray you hear Him loud and clear!

Fred and Ann Hamman

Hi Jack and all on the trip to Haiti from Naperville, We are praying for a safe and productive trip for all of you. Love and prayers, Grandma and Grandpa Hamman

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