Family Community Church | Haiti

| January 04 to January 10, 2014

Local Host:
Staff: Bethany Richardson

Trip Journal Updates

Welcome to Haiti!
by Liz Drennan | January 4, 2014
While two of our team members have not arrived due to unfortunate flight delays, the rest of us arrived in Haiti this afternoon. We headed to the guest house where we are lodging, and settled into our home for the week. There is an orphanage on the grounds, so we spent some time getting to know some of the children here. We then had out first Haitian meal for dinner, and headed to rest up for the big week of ministry planned. We will update with pictures tomorrow!

by Liz Drennan | January 5, 2014
Here in Haiti, we are not only partnering with a local church, but we are also partnering with a larger group from the US to do ministry. We started off today going to worship at Pastor Jacky's church. We loved seeing the Holy Spirit move, and break language barriers. God is truly the God of all nations. After church, we spent some time playing with the children at the orphanage next to the guesthouse. They are so full of joy, we just can't get enough! And another praise, Jonathan made it in this afternoon! We are so thankful, and we are praying our last team member arrives tomorrow. We know God is faithful!

First day of work!
by Liz Drennan | January 6, 2014
Today we began the project of building a fellowship hall for Pastor Jacky's church. The first step was moving rocks to build the footings for the foundation. We loved working alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters.

So many kids!
by Liz Drennan | January 7, 2014
Today we had so many kids for children's ministry at Pastor Jacky's. We told them the story of Adam and Eve, and made bracelets with them. We are excited to have 2 more days with these wonderful children.

Passing Buckets
by Liz Drennan | January 7, 2014
We continued the work on the foundation of the new fellowship hall. Passing the buckets of water and rocks is hard work,but we know the end result will be worth it!

What a view!
by Liz Drennan | January 8, 2014
The view from Pastor Jacky's church. It's a stunning reminder of God's glory.

Face Paint!
by Liz Drennan | January 8, 2014
Face-painting with the was so much fun with the kids today. We are going to miss them!

Such a Beautiful Week
by Bethany R. | January 12, 2014
From smiling children, to the firm handshake of Pastor Jacky, to the sweaty conversations between buckets of concrete, this week was beautiful. Our team came together as one, serving alongside one of the greatest men of God and his ministry in Caboret. We are so thankful that God allowed us to return to Haiti and we cannot wait to be back again. To God be the glory!

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