Calvary Bible Church | Haiti

| February 26 to March 05, 2014

Local Host:
Staff: Almando Jean Louis

Trip Journal Updates

...then to Haiti!
by Almando | February 26, 2014
We arrived safe and sound to our destination. We are now settled in our home for the week. It's great to see things and faces that look familiar. The scenery of the ride through the mountains to Jacmel remains indescribable. Many of us were glad to have a plate of rice and beans that we have missed. Us first timers are taking it all in. We had a chance to swing by our work site after dinner. We loved seeing a stock of cinder blocks ready to me moved and laid, piles of sands, gravels and cement ready to be mixed. We are excited to put that extra money to use at the work site this week to bless the orphanage. Praise to God for providing all and beyond what was needed. We count on your prayers for a great week!

We have started
by Almando | February 27, 2014
Got up early this morning ready to hit it hard for a whole day. Our project this week is to build a big room, a balcony and a bathroom so the boys at the orphanage can be separated from girls. We are working alongside a group of Haitians and there is still enough to keep us all occupied. we are loving the relationships we are building besides the actual building we are working on. Our goal is to finish the project this week.

Please, pray for extra strength and energy for us because the sun is streaming hot in this place.

It's a miracle
by Almando | February 27, 2014
Woogy is working :)

Epic accomplishment!
by Almando | February 27, 2014
We were 18 working together today, 8 of us, 3 PPM staff and 5 Haitian workers. We have accomplished way more than we expected. We mixed lots of mortar, hauled many cinder blocks from the court yard to the roof, sifted tons of sand and laid 5 layers of blocks all the way around. The next phase requires a lot more mixing, for this reason, we are renting a concrete mixer... because mixing by hand has proven to be HARD :)

Now, time to get some sleep so we have energy for another day of hard work.

How about a mixing machine?
by Almando | February 28, 2014
After spending a whole day mixing mortar by hand yesterday, we realized that there is no way we would be able to do the same with concrete today, which is a heavier mixture. So we rented a mixing machine which saves us tons of body energy and allows us to get the job done a lot faster.

Half way through....
by Almando | February 28, 2014
After the earthquake of January 2010, is has become a must to have at least one bond beam in the middle of any tall wall that is being built. For this reason, the first half of our day today was in a slower pace as we expected. We had to tie a re-bar cage all around, frame it until we could start pouring concrete in it. The concrete machine has started and the assembly line has been formed...half way through our walls. We are bucketing it up!!!

Up we go!
by Almando | March 1, 2014
It has been a very productive couple of hours. When we got to the site this morning, the Haitian workers had already taken the frames off and started mixing mortar to keep laying blocks. We jumped right in, moving more blocks upstairs, sand and cement to mix more mortar. Our goal today is to pour as many columns as possible and pour the top beam. At that point we would be able to start working on the roof on Monday. We feel very energized, determined to push it hard and get as much done as we possibly can.

On our way..
by Almando | March 1, 2014
All the materials needed for the project is now on site! Wahoo! We are working on a pattern for our trusses.

Moving forward!
by Almando | March 1, 2014
We have gotten very far already! 90% of our walls are complete, 85% of our columns are framed and a couple of them are already filled up. The concrete machine speeds our mixing up but we still have to bucket the concrete's hard! Does somebody know where we can rent a crane? :)

As expected...
by Almando | March 1, 2014
We were prepared for a long day today. The Haitian workers are usually done working at 2 pm on Saturdays but today they decided to work over time with us up until 4:30. After they were done, we stayed and continued to work until it was too dark to do anything else. Today we were able to lay the other 5 layers of blocks to complete the walls (except for one small area), building the template that will be used to help us put together the trusses for the roof, and we poured 7 of the 14 columns. Everyone on the team worked until they couldn't work anymore, and we accomplished a lot of work. We are looking forward to visiting church tomorrow and doing some sightseeing but most importantly to getting some rest and be refreshed for the 2 days of work left.

by team | March 2, 2014
Today we as a team took a day off from our heavy labor...a much needed day of rest. This morning we attended the church that is affiliated with the orphanage we have been working at. It was a great experience! Pastor Woogy was given the opportunity to preach, and Almando translated for him. After church we ate lunch, changed our clothes, and headed up to the mountains to visit a waterfall. When we arrived at the location, we had a short hike down to the waterfall. It was beautiful! We were able to jump into the pool below the waterfall and swim. When we came back to where we are staying, Woogy and Almando surprised the team with ice cream...which we enjoyed BEFORE our dinner :) Today was a nice day of rest before we head back to work tomorrow.

Blue,cool and refreshing..
by Almando | March 2, 2014
We were about half way to the waterfall, overlooking Jacmel.

Within reach...
by Almando | March 3, 2014
It rained last night...not only that cooled us off but also gave us a little extra work to do this morning as far as cleaning. Surprisingly, the Haitian workers decided to further the work yesterday. When we got here this morning, we found that 6 of the 7 columns that were left were poured, the frames tripped off the ones that we poured on Saturday and 2/3 of the re-bar frames laid on top of the walls. We were very appreciative of their efforts and sacrifices.

We are now closer to completion than we were 4 hours ago. Many of the trusses have been put together, 3/5 of the framing for the top beam is done and the smaller posts have been poured. We are seriously chasing our goal!

by team | March 3, 2014
What an amazing day of work we had today! Everyone on the team gave all their energy to get as much done as possible. We even continued to work after it got dark...we hung up a light so we could see what we were doing. God gave us all seemingly endless energy today (until we stopped working, then we were very tired), and we are all grateful. When we finally did leave the work site, all the columns had been poured, 90% of the top beam was complete, the walls were done, the trusses had been built, and 4 trusses were set in place! Tomorrow we should be able to finish the beams, put up the final trusses, and begin to put the roof on.

Getting close!
by Almando | March 4, 2014
Today is supposed to be our last day of ministry in Haiti. Our plan was and still is to complete the dorm before we head back home. We have no doubt that we will reach our goal towards the end of the day. We only have a couple more trusses to put up, all the beams are finished and we have already put on 2/5 of the roof. Praise to God for safety, strength and energy!

God's face
by Almando | March 4, 2014
Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me." (ESV, v45)

Praise God
by team | March 4, 2014
Well, our week of work at the orphanage is complete. Praise God for a great week! Praise God that other than a minor accident involving Almando (who is ok by the way), we had no incidents at the work site. Praise God that we were able to reach our goal of completing all the walls, the roof frame, and start putting up the roof. Praise God for all He accomplished this week, and that he chose to use us as a team to do His work.

The Haitian work crew that we worked with all week will continue to work at the site until the building is complete. And because of the generosity of everyone back home, we were able to give extra money to the Pastor of the orphanage so he could purchase any extra materials needed, as well as buy what is needed to put in the electrical and bathroom.

We ended the day with a special dinner at Cap Lamandou, and the Pastor of the orphanage presented us a plaque as appreciation for our work.

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The Sun will come out your bottom dollar that tomorrow....blah blah blah...Yea!!!! Tomorrow...can't wait to see you you!!! Missing you FIPWW


I CAN SAY I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW! :) HOORAY!!! Joe and I have been in touch, we will be going to Boston together and waiting for you in the phone lot... anxiously awaiting the call (or text) to pick you all up. Safe travels... My prayer today is that you will be able to accomplish all you have set out to do, and that you will be satisfied with all your work. Hebrews 6:10 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. Be safe... see you tomorrow. :) ~Lisa

The Fry girls

Praying for strength and safety for you and the team for your last day. We are confident that God will help you reach your goal. We hope you all also have good partings with new friends and smooth travel home. We love you and miss you!!!!!!


Hannah, Your last full day down there is approaching. I know you don't want to leave and it'll be hard to, but I have no doubt that you'll be back down to Haiti again soon. I'm honestly SO proud of how hard you and the Calvary team has worked. You guys have gotten so much accomplished in the week that you've been there. Give those Haitians as much hugs as you got tomorrow which I know is a lot!! Enjoy every bit of tomorrow!! I love you and can't wait to see you soon! Be safe and have an amazing last day. Praying for that last bit of strength for tomorrow. Praying for your safety as you guys come home Wednesday. Missing you a lot. I love you sis! Love Maddy <3


I see Jim wore the "map" so you wouldn't get lost. :) Glad you all had a great day of rest. Praying today is a productive day, more so than you can imagine. :)


Hey Honey, So delighted all is going are missed and I am sooo looking forward to your return...but very thankful for your willingness to serve...and I have no doubt your humor has been a wonderful ray of sunshine for everyone...I am posting updates on FB and lots of folks are praying for you and the team...Have a great day today Hon...Love you like crazy... Blessings Dawn


Hannah Banana Weirdo Goofball Head ;-) You're sister now officially has bragging rights over you! Hehe! I drove her to Your Variety and met your mom after Youth Group. She got to drive with me before you did and she was the first person outside of my family to drive with me by myself....hehe! Just thought I'd tell you that :P Missed you at church and Youth Group today. Hope you had a great relaxing day off!!! Hope you're enjoying that Haitian sun! Have a great last few days there!!! I love and miss you!! <3 Love Madds Daddy Coulombe, Hope all is going well! How are all the tools going?! Hope they are helping you a lot!! Thanks for updating us all back home with your pictures you post on Facebook! Looks like you're working hard and getting a lot done down there! Have a great last few days down there! I miss you! Love Maddy

Your Favorite Sophomore Student Leader

Fozzy Bear, Youth Group went really good. I don't think you need to come home :-P The adult leaders and student leaders got it! Rachel had a little laughing episode during announcements which was funny. Dio's lesson was really good! But in all honesty, thanks for teaching the adult leaders so they are able to teach even when you aren't there and for teaching us as student leaders so we can step up more and help out when you aren't there. We missed you tonight! Your Favorite Sophomore Student Leader, Maddy ;-)


It looks so warm in Haiti! Here it is just gray and cold, and we miss you! I see you are working very hard, and I hope you are having fun, too. I love you, daddy. xox <3


Hello Daddy :D I'm proud of all of the work that you all could accomplish, and I hope you are having lots of fun, too! I miss you very much<3 xoxoxo (I hope the food is as delicious as it sounds!)


Homie!! What's up chicka?! I miss you so so much! Hope you're having a great time!! I'm so proud of the hard work you're doing down there at the orphanage! Keep shining girly!! Looks like you're loving all those kids at the church!! Hope you're week is going great so far! I love you SO much Hannah!! Love Madds <3

Ilse Maier

Just want to let you know that people in Germany - that is Judith and I - are praying for you. The work you are doing looks great - thanks for the pictures. Keep save and cool!! Greetings and bleessings Ilse - also for Judith

The Scheid Family

Glad to hear that you all arrived safe and sound, also that your project is going well. Bet you enjoyed those beans Rick. They must have been tipped off to one of your favorite foods. Wishing you continued progress and safety to the whole team in the days ahead. Don't bring back any snakes with you. Ha! Ha! Ha! Hope to touch base with you guys again.


Would love to send you a cool breeze today. It was 9° when I got up. Brrr. Have a great day!

The Fry girls

You guys look tan already. We are praying that the blocks are light and hearts are even lighter! Have a good and safe time!

Julia Emily Coulombe

hope your having a fun time there don't get a sunburn -emmy have fun with all the little kids no one is as cute as ally- Julia


Hannah don't forget to keep drinking from you juice box :p Dad try not to have too much fun and don't work too had (physically and on your laptop) oh ya.... don't die


So glad you are there safe and sound. I miss you Jim! It was so strange going to Awana without you. We had a FANTASTIC night. Mark Gendreau was there (had not left to go see Dan yet) and Ev was there too. Oh, and JJ beat me there! What? Yes it's true, he was playing with the kids and having a ball. Several parents were there and had a good time. Noah did the giant Gold section at the end saying a bazillion verses and JJ made a big deal about it during the awards. :) You would be proud of your son JJ and Woogy would be proud of his son too.. :) Thought you all should know. Scott led a prayer at the beginning of club for your group specifically saying that Jim K & Scott C & Hannah C are our very own missionaries. :) Many prayers are going up on all of your behalf. Can't wait to see more pictures of your progress. :)

Linda Courter

Will be praying for you all. Have a blessed week in The Lord.


Hannah!!! You're smile is from ear to ear and I can tell you're definitely super excited to be back there! Keep those men all in line! No slacking off either :P Stay out of trouble, don't hurt yourself (Daddy Coulombe no hurting yourself either) because after all you are a Coulombe, but most importantly have fun!! Have a great day tomorrow! Work hard! I love and miss you bunches H! Love M! <3

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