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| August 01 to August 08, 2009

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Staff: Jason Swartz

Trip Journal Updates

Arriving today!
by Jason Swartz | July 30, 2009
Today we will arrive in Belize. We look forward to all that God will do through our team and the locals here. Thanks for your prayers and checking into this journal!

Good to Go in Belize
by Sarah | August 1, 2009
The group arrived safely in Belize this morning! We made our way to the hotel, where we ate our first Belizean meal of pizza. Afterwards we were able to take a little time to relax and rest after the looong day of traveling.

This afternoon we went to a childrens home in Belize city. While we were there the group was able to simply love the kids. Many of the ladies had their hair played with, and there was a game of basketball that unfolded. The group was amazing as they dove right into ministry today. Many of us were touched by the children we met and had the realization of how blessed we are.

We then headed over to Victory Assemblies of God where we will be serving this week. We met up with Pastor George Lamb and his wife, Denise and there we ate a nice Belizean meal in the church.

The group is tired from traveling, but we are all excited and cannot wait to see how God is going to move this week. We have plans, but the team's ultimate goal is to let God take control! Please pray that this happens this week!

Super Sunday
by Sarah | August 2, 2009
We woke up to our first morning and breakfast in Belize! We were then able to attend Victory Assembly of God for Sunday school and the worship service. Both were incredible and the Lord spoke through Pastor and others. It was amazing being able to worship with our brothers and sisters and see their hearts for our Lord.

The afternoon was a time for preparation for VBS. The group walked around the community of Ladyville and invited the children to come to VBS. We were able to experience the relational attitudes of the people here as they welcomed us into their homes.

Tonight we attended the night service at the church. Again, we were refreshed by what the Lord spoke through Pastor. We are looking forward to Vacation Bible School starting tomorrow!

Playing with kids
by Sarah | August 2, 2009
Mike has already made a friend :)

by Sarah | August 3, 2009
Yesterday many of us were able to give our testimonies during the morning and night services. Jeff, Oscar and Mike shared in the morning, while Jordan, Ashleigh, Hillary and Kendra shared in the evening!

A great monday!
by Sarah | August 3, 2009
Today was the first day of Vacation Bible School and it went great! Around 100 kids from the community showed up- excited and ready to go. We led them in songs and broke off into smaller groups for games, craft, the bible lesson and memory verse.

This afternoon some of the group were able to go to Liberty Children's Home and hang out with the kids there. We played a lot of tag and other random games with the children. Some of us were also able to climb a mango tree!

We also started our service project today. We are re-upholstering the church pews in order to make them more comfortable for our brothers and sisters in Christ. It was sweaty work, but we got a lot done today!

by Sarah | August 3, 2009
Emily and Jacie taught the kids the memory verse today.

by Sarah | August 3, 2009
Kendra telling the bible story of Jesus walking on the water.

by Sarah | August 3, 2009
Game time at the park!

Church Pews
by Sarah | August 3, 2009
Jordan and Kendra hard at work cutting the foam for the church pews!

Church Pews
by Sarah | August 3, 2009
Jeff, Mike, Jay and Oscar worked hard on the pews.

Terrific Tuesday!
by Sarah | August 4, 2009
Today was another amazing day--

VBS went great today as nearly 130 children showed up this morning! Even with the large number of kids, the group was very organized and it was impressive! Jacie shared the bible lesson today and Skippy was in charge of the memory verse. The children sure have been getting excited and they are starting to remember all the actions and dances to the songs.

This afternoon we continued work on the pews. We finished all the seats of the pews and we only have to do the backs now! While we worked on the cushioning, some were able to go out and do house visits. They went into the community of Ladyville and were able to have some good conversations with the locals. Many of the mothers plan on bringing their kids to VBS tomorrow!

The Lord has been great this week, and we are all blessed with good health and energy! Please pray that the blessings continue and for our evangelism service tomorrow night!

Craft Time
by Sarah | August 4, 2009
Oscar and friends made sweet sunglasses.

Another great day!
by Sarah | August 5, 2009
Well, the trip is over halfway done and we only have tomorrow left for vbs and the service project.

Today went great! About 130 kids showed up again for VBS this morning. Many of us have formed some amazing relationships with the children. It is always great seeing their faces light up as we remember their names or attack them with hugs! The children have also started getting a hang of the actions to all the songs and it is so fun watching them dance along. We have been blessed by how amazing the VBS has gone and by the kid's enthusiasm for learning about the Lord.

Tonight we had an evangelism service out the basketball court near the church. We had the worship team from the church sing some music to get the night started. Then Skippy, Jessica, and Jacie all shared their testimonies. Hillary led everyone in a quick little game, and then Pastor Jeff tied the game into the gospel message. It was sweet seeing many older Belizeans sitting and listening to the truth of the gospel being presented! We pray that the Lord accomplished tonight what He desired to accomplish through us!

Finishing up Ministry
by Sarah | August 6, 2009
Well, today was our last day serving at Victory Assembly of God and again God was good!

VBS was outstanding as we finished up the week strong. By today all the kids were able to join in with the singing and actions and they were really getting into it! We shared the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand, and the kids really enjoyed the games, craft and memory verse time.

In the afternoon we did some sports ministry and a lot of kids showed up! We got some basketball games going, as well as kickball. We also walked around the community and handed out handmade crosses to whomever we saw walking about. Some of the kids came along with us and were so excited to be able to give them out to their neighbors!

We worked long and hard on the pews today and we finished them! The seats and backs look AND feel amazing! Pastor and others from the congregation expressed their thanks and enthusiasm at their comfortable seating. Pastor said that no longer will their minds be focused on their aching backsides, but instead on the Lord. It was a blessing to us to be able to see our brothers and sisters so blessed by what we did this week.

Tomorrow we head out to Caye Caulker where we will spend a day relaxing and reflecting on all that the Lord has done this past week. It has seriously been an amazing week of growth, realizations and simply serving our God. We have seen and experienced the reason why He called each of us here, and we look forward to returning home and sharing all our stories with you all! See you soon!

Finished pew upholstery!
by Sarah | August 6, 2009
Testing out the newly upholstered pews for the church!

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Joanne Conover

Hey! Praising God for you -- the team He put together to reach so many! Rejoicing with you! and keeping you and your new friends in prayer.

pastor jim and wendy

Looking forward to hearing about the work done when you get back. All is well here the church is praying for you all. ps tell mike dubruille robert did an overnighter and caught cat food

Kathy Orr

Ugh! Another rainy day in South Jersey. I can't believe it's only 69 degrees and it's August. I am praying many seeds were planted at your evangelism meeting last night. Keep up the good work and may God be praised! Enjoy your free day in the sunshine and Caribbean water. We miss you all!

The Schmidts

It is "Awesome" to see God at work !!!!! To see a team that God has made, prepared and placed there. You know that God wanted you to be there and be open to every opportunity that he places before you. You are God's hands, his words, his actions and many more things that these people will see and feel. Continue to let HIS love shine to each and every person. Our prayers are for each and every one of you. Kendra: "I Can Only Imagine......." Love the Schmidts

Your Favorite Church Secretary

Hello to the best Belize team ever!!! I am really enjoying the great updates and pictures everyday. You know I wish I was right there with you. It looks like all the kids are having a blast at VBS and out on the field. Be sure to tell the biggest kid, Mike, to keep drinking lots of water! I'm sure the girls on this team are keeping the boys in order. I missed my Children's Church helpers, Skippy and Oscar on Sunday. May God continue to watch over you and keep you safe. My love to everyone. PS-Jeff your office is hooked up!

Terry Conover

Hi Everybody, My goodness what a blessing it is to see you all and read how things are going. Praying for you every day. Special Hi to Jordan. I love you and miss ya. Printed some pics of you giving your testimony and cutting the foam for the pews with Kendra. I know you are being blessed. :) Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home. Lots of prayers and hugs. :)

Kristine Greene

Hello. I was thankful I am able to check in your trip to Ladyville. Please give Pastor Lamb and Denise a hug from "The Greene Family". We have had the priveledge of ministering at Ladyville Assembly with PPM and our team from Rainier Christian High School in Auburn, WA in June of 2007 and 2008. This year, we did a little ministry there after our week in Crooked Tree in June. May your team be forever changed by their time with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ there at Victory Assembly. I know that every team member we've ever brought to Belize has. They are awesome people. We miss them and the kids. Can't wait to see the pews next year! In Christ's Love!

Mamma Standeven

Hey guys your picture looks great. It sound like everyone is having a good time and all is well. I'm sooo happy you arrived safely. Don't forget the suncreen and the bug spray and be careful of what you eat and drink. Josh went to Haiti twice but only got sick in Belize! (Sorry, just want to keep you on your toes) I look forward to hearing what the Lord is doing in and thru each of you. May He continue to guide and direct your week for His glory! Matthew 5:l4-l6. PS. We love you Jacie and miss you and are sooo proud of you

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