Calvary Bible Church | Haiti

| July 12 to July 18, 2015

Local Host:
Staff: Almando Jean Louis

Trip Journal Updates

We have arrived!
by Almando Jean Louis | July 12, 2015
We made it safe and sound to Jacmel! We arrived safe on time to Haiti and our staff welcomed us with warm croissants, chicken patties and cold water. We had two vehicles, we loaded one with our bags and hopped on the van that was our ride. It took us about two and a half hours to get to the community where we are staying and serving for the week. Our view from where we are staying is gorgeous. We already feel so blessed to be here!

Getting to know the people
by Almando Jean Louis | July 13, 2015
Last night after dinner we joined with the church for a time of praise and worship, as well as an encouragement from God's Word. Our group led in singing a song...we sang in English while the Haitians sang along in Creole...and Woogy shared the message. It was an awesome experience to worship God with our Haitian brothers and sisters, even when it was in different languages. Afterwards we set up our sleeping area and headed to bed.

Today after breakfast our team headed out into the community to meet the people in the community that the church is trying to reach. Our team is also inviting kids to the church at 1pm for some games, crafts, and Bible stories. Almando and Woogy also went to visit the work project site, to assess the need and what we will be able to do there.

The view from our location in the mountains is absolutely gorgeous.

Afternoon fellowship
by Almando Jean Louis | July 14, 2015
We spent a great afternoon playing, hanging out and loving on the children from the community.

Our work project
by Almando Jean Louis | July 14, 2015
Our host pastor led us to a family of 7 from the community that is in great need of a bigger place to stay. They have been living uncomfortably in a little shack for a long time. Pastor told us that the elderly parents who attend his church have been asking him if there is anyway they could help them out. Pastor took advantage of the ministry money that we brought ($340) to do that.

Yesterday Woogy and Almando and the Pastor of the church went to town and bought 2 dozens of wood poles, a bunch of tin sheets, nails and some shovels for the project. This morning we started by clearing out the area where the new house is going to be. We left by lunch time and are looking forward to continuing for the next two days ( Lord willing).

The halfway point
by Almando Jean Louis | July 15, 2015
Well, our trip is now officially halfway done...time sure does fly when you're having an incredible time!

Today we spent the morning working at our work project. The basic frame of the house was up, so today we dug all the holes needed to put the wood poles in to reinforce the frame as well as create the walls within the house. It was a lot of work, but it was great to see the amount of progress we have been able to make on the house.

After lunch we spent several hours playing with and ministering to the kids from the community. We shared Bible stories, shared the Gospel, sang songs, played games, and just spent time with them. We have really grown close to the kids in the short time we've been here. Despite the language barrier we can see their individual personalities and have been able to build relationships with them. Tomorrow is our last day in the village (we will finish our trip working at the orphanage in Jacmel), and it will be hard to say goodbye.

*because of a weak signal, we are not able to post pictures at this time.

Our lodging
by Almando Jean Louis | July 16, 2015
This has been our home for the week.

Our breakfast table
by Almando Jean Louis | July 16, 2015
We have been enjoying our fresh fruits and avocados in every meal.

Great day!
by Almando Jean Louis | July 16, 2015
We all had a wonderful day today. Not only we were able to spend another morning with the kids but we also were able to go swimming in an amazing waterfall near the church we are staying at. It was such a refreshing time!

We also had a blessed time worshiping with the church again after supper. During the service, the pastor asked us to raise our hands and close our eyes and the congregation prayed over us out loud. That was one of our wow moments of the week. It was amazing!

It is really hard for us to know that we are going to say goodbye to the community tomorrow, but we are also excited to further the relationships we have with the orphanage as we are spending the whole day with tnem tomorrow.

At the orphanage
by Almando Jean Louis | July 17, 2015
This morning we packed up and said goodbye to the church and people in Bassin Bleue. It was very difficult to say goodbye...there were many tears from both us and the Haitians. Our team had a chance to pray over the Pastor and his family before we left, and then they in turn did the same for us.

Today we will be spending the day at the Petits Angels de Jacmel orphanage, where our teams from CBC have been several times before. The team we sent in February of 2014 to this orphanage built a dorm for the boys, and it is cool to see it fully completed and being used.

After lunch we will be taking the kids to the beach, which is always a highlight of our time with them. We will also be spending a lot of time all day just seeking to share God's love with them however we are able.

It's crazy to think that tomorrow we come home. We are excited to see everyone and share our experiences...but it doesn't seem like it is time to leave yet. We have loved our time here!

by Almando Jean Louis | July 17, 2015
Well, our last day of ministry here in Haiti is complete. We are all exhausted, and are now heading to bed. Getting to spend our last day with the orphans was a great way to end our trip!

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) we will leave for the airport at 8am to begin our journey home. Please be praying for our team as we travel home.

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Claire Bancroft

We are very excited to hear about how God is using all of you to bless the people there! We are continuing to pray for you all. Thanks for the pictures and updates. It's wonderful to be able to get a glimpse of what you're doing!

Maddy Renaud

Have fun at the beach with all those cute little kids! Enjoy your last day there. Praying for safe travels back home tomorrow. Can't wait to hear all about it! Love you all!

Melissa List

So blessed by the journal entry today! I prayed for each of you by name today that you would finish strong and that you would be blessed abundantly for your willingness to leave the comforts of home to follow God's call. Continue to shine brightly for Jesus as you love on those little children. Moriah we love you and miss you and can't wait to see you tomorrow night!!

Cheryl Phillips

It's so exciting to see what the Lord is accomplishing in Haiti! Enjoying the pictures, as well! We love and miss you, Lauren...praying for you...finish strong! <3

Lois Pincince

Continuing to pray for you to finish strong and leave a lasting testimony with these dear people. We miss you Wesley and Mahala and can't wait to hear all that God accomplished through you! Love, Mom and Dad

Annie and Gerry

In Vermont where reception is extremely limited. Just seeing updates and so happy to hear from you. He who began these good works will be faithful to bring them to completion. Praying for you daily. Keep shining.

Maddy Renaud

You guys have a few days left...finish strong! Enjoy your last day up there and do an amazing job today! Enjoy the last few days with the kiddos at the orphanage! Praying for safe travels over there! I'm so happy that you guys get to go back! Say hi and love on Samantha and Angelica for me Lo, Hans, Mo, or Mahay! Missing you all...I love you!!<3

Louise Coulombe

Thinking of you every day & I know how happy you are just being in Haiti but please do not forget to come home as we miss you. Do enjoy the remainder of your trip. Praying that you & your team remains safe & healthy.

Melissa List

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I am praying daily for each of you as you love on these precious children and their families! May Christ's love shine brightly through you. I am praying for health for all of you. Moriah, I am praying specifically that you would not be having stomach problems. I love you and can't wait for the next update!!

Annie and Gerry

love any updates... hoping and praying that all are well..

Rachel Phillips

Hey Lauren! Thinking of and praying for you today :) I know God is using you and the whole team in extraordinary ways. Keep it up!

Deb Risteen and Family

We have been faithfully praying for you all and love seeing the updates. It seems so strange not looking for a 'Risteen' in the picture! The Lord has brought you to serve in a beautiful place and as I read about the building of this new home for this precious family, I was reminded of a verse in Psalm 127:1 "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." Thank you for being part of 'building' for His kingdom! Please hugs those precious children for all of us!!!


Hi hannah, I hope all is going well for you on this trip. I am praying for you and all of the ones with you daily. For the first time ever I'm going to say don't drink water, and if you do be very careful to know where it came from. I hope you have a safe and fun rest of the trip. God bless


Hi Hannah. I'm thinking and praying for you. Isaac thought the house was quiet yesterday without you. We are anxious to hear all about your week. I know you love being there but make sure you get on that plane and come home! Love mom.

Caroline Marquis

You guys are awesome!! Praying for you all!!! :)

Maddy Renaud

Looks like you're all having fun and working hard! Love the updates to see what you are doing on a daily basis. You guys are doing a great job! So proud of you. Keep it up. Missing you Hanner. Tonight coming home from work Sangria came on the radio and I immediately thought of you and it made me miss you so much. Miss our random snapchats and texts, but know that you're doing amazing things down there. I can't wait to hear about it when you get back! I love you Hans<3

Lois Pincince

Hey guys! Just want to encourage you and let you know we are praying for each one of you by name and lifting you up to the Lord that you will be instruments of His as you serve these sweet children. May God use you to touch each life to draw them to Himself!

Paul Faxon

Hello to all of you! Sounds like you are making great headway with the community you are serving in. Keep up the good work and know that I am praying for you all.

Kristin Wege

Hi guys, Looks like you are hitting the ground running. Your work project sounds like it will be a great improvement for that family. Hope the building goes well and all goes smoothly. Keep up the good work! Kris

Grammy Hales

Kylie, Dar, Nate, How is everything going? I am so jealous that you can be there and I can't. I pray that God opens many doors for you to have the joy of seeing some come directly to Jesus. That was always what thrilled my heart the most. I love you and hope to see you at Sebago Lake. XOXOXO

deb miller

Dar, Kylie and Nate, Good start you three. Keep up the important work! We are proud of you and praying for your team. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday in Maine. As you know, we have exciting things to share with you. Love you!


Hannah, I was so glad to see your smiling face in the picture. I have been praying for you. I missed having you come home from work today. Make sure you drink and TAKE your malaria pills!!!! LOVE you!

Cheryl Phillips

The two question marks were supposed to be a smiley face. Not sure what happened. :)

Cheryl Phillips

So good to see that you made it safely! Looking forward to the updates and we will be praying specifically for each of you by name daily! Hope you can all get some rest. Love you, Lauren! ??

Kristin Wege

Glad you all made it safely! I hope tomorrow is a great day. Look forward to more pictures and updates. Love , Kris

Lois Pincince

So glad to see your smiling faces at your destination! We are praying for you all that God will use you in amazing ways! Keep sending the pictures/updates our way...... and btw Wesley and Mahala - - take tons of pictures so you can better share the many experiences God gives you :)

Annie and Gerry

Yay!! So happy to have this link so we can stay posted! Grateful to God for this wonderful opportunity He has given. You will all be in our prayers daily. Let Him lead every step, every word, every prayer. You are like refreshing springs in a barren land and He is the Living Water flowing through willing vessels. You are loving God and loving people... that's the heart of our reason to live.. and the reason He died and rose again. Excited to hear what God is doing in and through you! :) <3

Scott Coulombe

Glad you made it, we are all praying for the team, the work you will be doing and for everyone's safety! I look forward to how He will use you to accomplish all He has planned! Scott

Maddy Renaud

Glad you all made it safely! Love the scenery behind you, what a beautiful country. Missed you all in church! Praying for you all! Enjoy it and get a good night's sleep! Have a great day tomorrow. I love you H-dog, Big Sis, Moriah, and Mahaybay! ;)

Lori Wood

So glad you are safe ~ Be blessed and be a blessing! Be strong and courageous! Hey Tim - hope you get to play some soccer with the locals. Love you! Mom and Dad

Melissa List

So thankful to see a picture of all of you and that beautiful view!! Praying daily as you are the hands and feet of Jesus! Lots of love, Melissa

Paul Faxon

Hello Darlene, Kylie & Nate, I am so glad you made it safely to Jacmel and you are getting settled in for the evening! I look forward to getting more updates, and pictures, as the week progresses. My prayers are with you all as you minister to the Haitian people. Much love, Paul

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