Myerstown Church of the Brethren- Dominican Republic trip | Belize

| July 18 to July 24, 2015

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Staff: Josiah Durie

Trip Journal Updates

We have arrived!
by Amanda Hudson | July 18, 2015
After a long day of travel, our entire team has made it to Belize! This evening, we were able to meet the pastor and the church we will be partnering along with this week. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for us here in Belize.

Crusade parade
by Amanda Hudson | July 18, 2015
This evening our partnering church, Queen Street Baptist Church, was in a parade around the city promoting the events of the week. The youth of the church were providing praise music in the back of a truck and there was a trolley full of people with posters that had scripture written on them. We were able to join in with the church and help pass out fliers to the local neighbors. We had such an incredible time praising God and sharing these memories with the local church. We cannot wait to see how this new friendship unfolds this week!

Sunday school
by Amanda Hudson | July 19, 2015
This morning we were welcomed into Queen Street Baptist Church. Our group separated into adults and young adults, some of them even attended children's church downstairs. After learning our Sunday school lesson, the church all gathered together for each group to share what they had learned. The children's groups shared their bible verses, while the adult groups shared narratives of the lessons they learned. We were given the chance to introduce our church to the congregation and then worship alongside them.

Perseverance through Christ
by Amanda Hudson | July 19, 2015
This afternoon we began out bunk bed ministry. As a team we sorted all of the wood by size. Then we measured, marked and cut the wood. Once all the needed pieces were measured and cut we began assembling pieces together. It was so exciting to think that what we are building today is going to bless a family this week with a brand new bed! After working on our bunk bed ministry, we enjoyed the first night of Queen Street Baptist's crusade. They had incredible worship from the praise team and a speaker from Jamaica. Many women came to Christ this evening and welcomed Him into their hearts as their Lord and Savior. What a glory filled day we have had!

Daniel and the lion's den
by 98251975.3968 | July 20, 2015
This morning we kicked off VBS with the children of Queen Street Baptist Church. After enjoying the opening music with our instruments, we heard a missionary story. This story taught us to keep praying and seeking after God. Then we were able to enjoy a craft, bible story about Daniel, play games and have snack. We loved getting to further our relationships with all of these children and cannot wait to see them all again tomorrow!

Stretching and molding
by Amanda Hudson | July 20, 2015
This afternoon and evening was full of ministry. We started by continuing work on the bunk beds. After our carpentry work, we took a trip to the local mart to pick up food for the 20 families we will be blessing this week. We are looking forward continuing these ministries this week. This evening we attended day 2 of Queen Street's crusade. We really enjoyed the speaker again and was incredibly moved to see more people come to Christ this evening!

Yay God!
by Amanda Hudson | July 21, 2015
Today we began the day with VBS again. This morning we shared the story of Jonah with the children. We enjoyed sharing with them this morning. In the afternoon we packed and sorted food for 20 families of Queen Street Baptist. We also completed the bunk beds and are ready to deliver them to the families! After these ministries were completed we went over to a local orphanage to love on the kiddos. We loved getting to play with them all afternoon! Tonight we enjoyed the crusade speaker again and getting the chance to fellowship and praise with the people of Belize.

The story of Jesus
by Amanda Hudson | July 22, 2015
Our last day of VBS was remarkable! We even had an instrument parade at the end. The kids have been so joyful all week and have learned so much. This afternoon we were able to deliver two bunk beds and food to families in the community. We are excited to spend the evening with our new friends at Queen Street Baptist church, celebrating a week of ministry!

Night of celebration
by Amanda Hudson | July 23, 2015
Tonight after attending a beautiful baptism ceremony, we went back to church for our final dinner. At the end of dinner, we were able to thank pastor, his wife and the cooks for all of their help and support this week. In return, they thanked us as well. We prayed over them as a team and then attended our last night of the crusade. It was difficult to say good bye after all of the relationships we have made this week but we are so joyful to have been a part of this week of learning and growing closer to God with them!

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Jennifer Murray

It is so great to see what you have been up to this week. I can't wait to hear the great stories when you return. I am praying for you all.

Nancy Wolfe

It's so exciting to see and hear about all that you've done in just a few days! God bless each one of you! Keep your lights shining for Him! You're all in my prayers. Drink lots of water! :-)

Yvonne Foreman

Sounds like the children are enjoying the VBS. I can't wait to hear the stories. Praying for you all.

Susie Auman

So glad to see your pics. I'm praying for all of you. These trips leave you feeling like you're being blessed every bit as much as those you are there to bless! That's just how our awesome God works! So proud of our church and all of you.

Dorene Boyer

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us. It really looks like you are having a GREAT time. Would love to see the pictures of the bunk beds that were made. Cant wait to hear all of the stories. Be safe and God Bless !!!! Love you !

Nancy Wolfe

It's wonderful to see you all finally in Belize! I am praying for all of you as you share the love of Christ! Enjoy every moment!

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