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| June 06 to June 12, 2015

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Staff: Holly Mirau

Trip Journal Updates

Bienvenidos a Guatemala!
by Ashley Aamot | June 6, 2015
We have arrived!! We got to the Bible Institute where we are staying just in time to unpack and eat a delicious lunch prepared by our cook (chef) Ericka and her family. It's a good thing we took our group photo when we did because after lunch it started pouring! Some of us decided to run around outside under the refreshing rain and others stayed inside to take a Guatemalan siesta :) We are excited to start our ministry tomorrow in Calderas! Thank you for your prayers!

Welcome to Calderas
by Ashley Aamot | June 7, 2015
Calderas is located on a beautiful lake. The views were incredible. I think God was showing off :)

Playing with the kids
by Ashley Aamot | June 7, 2015
We began our morning at a home in the community where the Pastor Rafael's church held a service which included a blessing of the house and the family living there. The worship music was beautiful and the Holy Spirit filled us all. Tom shared his testimony in front of everyone and it was a joy to see God work through his story and touch people's hearts. The sermon that followed was all about the freedom that God provides for all of us and his ability to break the chains in our lives. It was great to see the connection between Tom's testimony and what God had placed on the Pastor's heart to preach that day.

We got to spend some time walking around the community and soaking in the beautiful nature. Finally, and what seems to have been most impactful for a lot of people, we spent time with the kids! We played games (musical chairs, freeze tag, etc.), sang songs, and danced! The joy of the Lord was around and in us. Thank you so much for praying for us. God is hearing your prayers and we are off to a great start to the week!

More fun and games!
by Ashley Aamot | June 7, 2015
Perro, perro, gato

What a day
by Ashley Aamot | June 8, 2015
We did several different things today and each one was SO powerful. The day began with a beautiful view of the volcano as we drove up the mountain to Calderas. Although we have made this drive a few times now, I don't think that any of us will tire of the views.
Once we got to Calderas, we split into two groups (each with a translator and either Pastor Rafael or his wife) and went into the community and visited people in need. The photo included is of a woman named Wendy (just like one of our leaders! Coincidence, I think not) who fractured her foot. We asked her if she had anything else she would like us to pray for and she said that she was struggling to breathe and her lungs hurt. We gathered around and prayed for her and then asked how her lungs felt. A surprised and excited look crossed her face as she explained that they felt better. As she inhaled another deep breath she looked over at us in awe and amazement and said "Bastante!" or "A lot!" God is doing miracles. Needless to say, it was extremely moving and powerful. Praise God, our Healer. There are so many other stories that could be told, as each home and each person met carried a different story and moving encounter.
The afternoon was filled with hours spent with the children in the community. We prepared a few songs which the kids knew better than we did, made bracelets, and heard the story of Jesus healing the paralytic (Mark 2). The children were really responsive and there were some future pastors in the crowd with inspiring wisdom. VBS wrapped up with lots of dancing (parents and Pastor Rafael included) and singing! The joy of the Lord truly was present and we felt God smiling.
As if the day wasn't already incredible, after dinner we were able to pray with Pastor Rafael and his family. We prayed for them and then they circled around us and prayed for us. Once again, the Holy Spirit was moving among and within us and many tears were shed and lives truly transformed. What a blessing it was to be prayed over by such strong men and women of faith, our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Tomorrow will look pretty similar (as per the schedule, however, we'll see what God has up his sleeve :)) Keep on praying because God is doing more than we could ever ask for!

Paddle boating on the lake
by Ashley Aamot | June 9, 2015
"You guys, we're on a paddle boat IN GUATEMALA!"

Jesus is the Light
by Ashley Aamot | June 9, 2015
Our VBS lesson today was about how Jesus is our Light. We sang songs and then the kids drew pictures of the light and of different ways that we can reflect Jesus light to those around us.

by Ashley Aamot | June 9, 2015
The drawing moved outside :)

Visit to the orphanage
by Ashley Aamot | June 10, 2015
This morning we went to an orphanage where we were greeted by 15 excited children who proceeded to crush us in a friendly game of dodgeball (gringos vs. Guatemaltecos).

Praying for each other
by Ashley Aamot | June 10, 2015
We were able to gather in a circle and pray for each other. The girls at the home have had a difficult past, but they were willing to open up to us and it was such an honor.

Food distribution
by Ashley Aamot | June 10, 2015
We were able to purchase enough food and household supplies for 26 families plus we surprised Pastor Rafael and his family with food as well. Each family came in and we prayed specifically for them by name and prayed that the food would be a blessing to them. We reminded them that the food was from God and that it was a physical manifestation of his love and care for each one of them. It was powerful.

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Jen Sharar

Wow! Completely in awe of this team! I am certain you are changing lives through Christ. God bless you! Matthew 25:23



Pat Link

So blessed to hear the steps you are taking to make a difference in the lives of the people you are serving! Keep listening and following Jesus! Hugs to everyone.

Larry Bolt

What a blessing for us to see all the things you have been involved in and how you have been able to serve the people there

Toni Santee

Happy Birthday Wendy McMinn!

Toni Santee

Woo Hoo! It is so exciting to hear how God is moving! We serve such a big God! What a thrill to be used by Him! Praying for you all daily!!

Fred Becker

We miss you Holly. Can't wait to see you and hear all about the trip.

Larry Bolt

What a blessing to hear of God working through you in Guatemala. We are Tom's grandparents in Indiana and are praying for each of you. Thanks for sharing at the worship service Tom. We are delighted you are there and are anxious to see how God is going to use this experience in your life. We love you!

Roger Theimer

I am so excited for you and thankful that you are watching God intervene in lives to touch people with his love. May you grow in kingdom vision as you see how he moves! May you be bold to give the good news of Jesus to those he is preparing for you!

Terri Hitsman

Great stories you guys - thanks for sharing! We're so proud of you for being obedient to God's call and here at home we're praying for each and every divine appointment you will have in Guatemala. Blessings to all of you!

Julie Eesley

So thankful for the way God is moving in and through you all! Hearing these powerful stories is such an encouragement. We love you, Thomas!

Jodi Durbin

This is so awesome and exciting! I am praying for all of you this week. I am praying for courage and boldness and that God would be seen in each of you as you reach out to others in the community. And I need to add that I may be a little jealous that I am not on this trip?? And way to go Thomas for sharing your testimony in front of so many people!!! ????

Robin Keller

Praying for you staff this week to continue leading well and have strength and energy for the week! Praying that your relationships with the team would strengthen throughout the week and that their relationships with those in the community would continue to grow as well!

Brad Knorr

Awesome! We're so excited for you all. You're carrying the Kingdom and are walking in His authority!

Julie Eesley

So glad you made it safely! Enjoy every minute. :)

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