Lakeview Covenant Church | Haiti

| July 07 to July 13, 2016

Local Host:
Staff: Almando Jean Louis, Jessica Sylvestre, Jocelyn Esteve, Shelby Hardison

Trip Journal Updates

We made it!
by Shelby Hardison | July 7, 2016
We made it to Port au Prince and had a great lunch overlooking the airport! Now, we are off to Les Cayes!

We are one!
by Shelby Hardison | July 8, 2016
We may speak different languages and live with different "normals", but as we hear Pastor Joas's heart for his church and community we are reminded we are here with one joined heart to share the Gospel of the one true God.

With Many Hands
by Shelby Hardison | July 8, 2016
We are partnering alongside Pastor Joas to help him do some construction on his church. Today, we sifted sand, passed water buckets, played with kids, and dug out the area for the new stage! There is much to be done, but with many willing hands and gracious hearts what seemed impossible for this church is now becoming reality!

Let's sing
by Almando Jean Louis | July 8, 2016
We spent a good hour and a half waiting for the kids to come but in the blink of an eye we had a good amount that showed up. We had a great time singing with and reminding them that God is bigger by the story of David and Goliath.

Craft time
by Almando Jean Louis | July 8, 2016
Coloring, making's a great start...

Ultimate Test of Strength!
by Shelby Hardison | July 8, 2016
What better way to grow relationships than arm wrestling tournaments?!!

Birthday Celebration!
by Shelby Hardison | July 8, 2016
Pastor Joas's wife and the other cooks surprised Liz with a birthday cake and singing!

Rain or shine
by Shelby Hardison | July 9, 2016
We were so thankful for a refreshing rain last night and today during construction!

Now we can't lose them!
by Shelby Hardison | July 9, 2016
Yesterday, we couldn't find kids at the beginning of children's ministry, but today we can't lose them! We went to the church to do construction this morning and were surprised to be joined by tons of the community kids. Thankfully we had some string in our backpacks and excitement in our hearts to do ministry anywhere, so we danced and made bracelets!

Headed to church!
by Shelby Hardison | July 10, 2016
We are all ready to worship with our brothers and sisters at New Jerusalem Church of Les Cayes!

All Creatures Here Below
by Shelby Hardison | July 10, 2016
Today we had the chance to share two songs in front of the church and were so grateful to see a glimpse of heaven as we sang the doxology in different languages but together as one family. Jezi Bon!

Botanical Garden Exploring
by Shelby Hardison | July 10, 2016
We had some great Sunday rest while exploring a local garden full of beauty in Les Cayes.

See ya later!
by Shelby Hardison | July 11, 2016
We had some hard but joyful see you laters today with kids that our forever imprinted on our hearts!

Fun fun fun!
by Shelby Hardison | July 12, 2016
We had a great day swimming and eating lobster beachside at Port Salut today!

Last night!
by Shelby Hardison | July 13, 2016
Our last night here in Haiti was so much fun!! We were greeted in Gressier by a huge rain storm which made an awesome natural slip n slide for us! Then, to top it off we had icecream! Now, we have made it to the airport and will be on our way soon!

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Sue Janson

Wow, God is SO good! Thanking Him for blessing you with such an amazing experience, AGAIN!! SEEDS have been planted!

Brett Schmidt

Way to go team! I can't wait to hear first hand about all that God has already done, is doing, and will do. How is my cute little Kaylee doing?

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