Myerstown Church of the Brethren- Dominican Republic trip | Dominican Republic

| July 23 to July 29, 2016

Local Host:
Staff: Rolando Rodriguez, Manuel Jimenez, Magalie Joseph

Trip Journal Updates

The team has arrived!
by Rolando Rodriguez | July 23, 2016
The team has arrived safe and sound, thank you! Once the team got here, we went to a local store, Olé (similar to Target), and bought the food for our food soteibution this week, then we went to eat at a restaurant, Grands, in The colonial zone of Santo Domingo! Once we arrived at the community, we were greeted by many smile faces, young and old. We were able to spend some time with kids as we explored the community. We are excited for a week full of construction, sports, prayer, giving he gift of food, and sharing God's Love!

Sunday Service!
by Rolando Rodriguez | July 25, 2016
This Sunday, we got to celebrate with the church their 65th year!! We got to celebrate their 64th anniversary with them last year and it's such a blessing to be able to celebrate with them again! A service full of singing, praise, and laughter! We heard the church's men's group and women's group each singing a worship sing! We even sang our youth camp song at service!

Monday's Adventure!
by Rolando Rodriguez | July 25, 2016
Monday was a day packed full of ministry! In the morning we got to help with construction the base wood layer for the roof of the bathroom that the church has been working on for the past year! Some of us also went throughout the community to pray for them and show them that were here because Christ laid the Dominican Republic on our hearts! In the afternoon, we had an adventure delivering food to some families in need in both Kilometer 40 and Villa Alta Gracia, both communities that have people who attend Pastor Jonathan's church. We got to bless them with enough food for 2 weeks, talk with them, and pray with them! At night, we got to spend some time with the local youth of the church, sharing our testimonies as we ate ice cream! Tired but excited for the second day of ministry!

Tuesday's Trek!
by Rolando Rodriguez | July 27, 2016
Tuesday was our second day of construction, food distribution, and prayer walking! In the morning, a couple of the guys stayed at the church sawing iron bars to create a layout for the roof where the concrete will be poured Wednesday! The rest of the team went around the town and prayed for various houses and blessed them with them Lord's love and grace. In the afternoon, we went around Kilometer 43 and delivered food bags (consisting of 20 lbs of Rice, 10 lbs of beans, 5 lbs of spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, and 2 liters of soybean oil). Unfortunately, our time for sports ministry was disrupted by a sudden rain shower but that allowed time for us to continue to process all that the Lord has been teaching us. We went to the river when the weather cleared up and shared laughs with the local children!

by Rolando Rodriguez | July 27, 2016
Today was our final day of ministry but it was a day full of surprises! We began the morning with a prayer walk to visit some of the houses in the village, that we haven't been to yet to pray for them and bless them! Then we went back to the church to have a spontaneous VBS session with crafts, songs, and much laughter! We had over a 110 kids! Wow! After lunch, the hard work began as we began mixing concrete in the church yard, putting the concrete in buckets and passing it up to the roof to create the concrete roof! It took a lot of man(and woman) power!! On top of the heavy weight of concrete buckets, we had about 20 minutes of pouring rain as we worked but that didn't stop us! After construction, we headed to the river where a few of us cleaned up and others dove all in to get cleaned up! We did our final food distribution run and continued to bless 5 families! At 6, we had our dismissal service where we shared about "getting out of the boat," shared testimony, played games, and moo-ed! It was a wonderful and joyous celebration to end our last night with our family in Kilometer 43!

Thursday Fun Day!
by Rolando Rodriguez | July 29, 2016
Today was our recreation day! We heard off to Boca Chica beach where we were surrounded by beautiful ocean, street vendors, and local music! We are both our lunch and dinner at hotel Zapata who so graciously hosted during our stay, providing us with private beach front access. Durca and her family also joined us and what a blessing it was to have her spend time with our time! At night, we went to Pastor Espady's church close to the heart of Santo Domingo! Excited to explore the Colonial Zone tomorrow!!

Colonial Zone and Goodbyes
by Rolando Rodriguez | July 29, 2016
Today was our last day here in the Dominican Republic. We walked from Pastor Espady's church to the Colonial zone (only a few blocks away) where we soon met up with Durca and her family again! We got to explore Independance Park and see the fire of the DR that never goes out and walk down El Conde and explore Colombus Square. It was a sad moment when we had to say goodbye once again to Durca and her family but we Know that God will open the doors for us (hopefully all) to see them again next year! At 4 pm, we headed out from the colonial zone to the airport to await the 9 o'clock flight!

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Sylvia Beamesderfer

Thank you for sharing daily updates of the group from Myerstown Church of the Brethren.. Was so nice to read about all the things they were involved in doing.. Can't wait to hear more when they get home tomorrow morning! Blessings..

Rick Hall

Totally enjoyed following your adventure . Please be safe on your return home

donna lesher

this group is awesome people , im a member of the church ,keep up the good work

cindy taylor

Praying for all of you and all those you will serve and minister to. It truely is better to give then receive. I pray your joy will be beyond imagination from your willingness to give and serve in the Lord,s name.

Allison Kline

Love the pics and updates! Praying for all of you!

Breena Krick

Glad you all made it there safely. So proud of our MCOB missionaries willing to help with the bathroom project and sharing the love of Jesus with their friends. Am looking forward to seeing more pictures and reading the daily journal of what's going on. This is when technology is a good thing. :)

Janet Dubble

We are so proud of all of you and the work you are doing in the DR. Have a blessed week. We love you all.

Joanne & Tony

May our precious Lord bless you as you do His work with the people of the Dominican Republic. May He bless you with good health, good weather, strength & safe travel. May He let your message enter into the hearts of those you touch.

Rick Hall

What a wonderful gift you are providing. Simply wonderful

Tom Olenick

Glad you all made it there safe and sound. Thinking of you all and hoping your week id wonderful. God Bless you all!

Toni Noll

Thanks for sharing! 3 people in this group are my family and the rest of these amazing people are my church family. Can't wait for additional updates and pictures.

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