Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church | Belize

| July 23 to July 29, 2016

Local Host:
Staff: Herman Blease, Marion Blease

Trip Journal Updates

There's No Place I'd Rather Be
by Herman Blease | July 26, 2016
Since we got here on Saturday, we've experienced nothing but love and excellent hospitality. It's so good to be back. We had lunch and headed out to King's Orphanage where we were able to meet and reunite with some beautiful faces there. After visiting with the kids for a little while, we checked into our home for the week. We all could feel that God was going to move mighty this week.

Great Start to the Week!
by Herman Blease | July 26, 2016
We were up for breakfast on Sunday, and then it was off to church. Church service was amazing! The presence of the Lord was so tangible. We had Sunday school, worshiped together and then we were blessed by an awesome message! It was definitely a great start to our week! In the afternoon, we went out to King's Orphanage again to have some fun with all the kids there again, and then it was off to do final planning and preparation for Monday.

Monday - Basketball Camp
by Herman Blease | July 26, 2016
So Monday started of with the most loved sport at the orphanage, basketball. Mr. Larry and his crew did a phenomenal job with running the mini BBall camp! It is so great to watch kids get excited as the team is engaged with them.

Icecream Party! Whoop!
by Herman Blease | July 26, 2016
After a great morning of Basketball, nail painting, awesome fun with the kids and a whole lots of sweat, it was time to have some icecream! We all had a dish of Blueberry and chocolate icecream. It was sooooo good! Such a good way to cool down.

Guess Who.......
by Herman Blease | July 26, 2016
While most of us were eating icecream, some of us were still busy in the the fields cutting grass. Guess who this foot with the sleeve of grass belongs to?

Food Ministry
by Herman Blease | July 26, 2016
After our icecream party, we left the orphanage for the afternoon and went to the supermarket to purchase food items to take to needy families in the community. We bought and packaged the food and headed out. Seeing how little these people had broke our hearts but even though they did not have much, they still wore huge, beautiful smiles!

Great Conversations!
by Herman Bleaae | July 26, 2016
We met some really amazing people and had such great conversations! The Belizean people are so welcoming and appreciative.

Why Do I Want to Come Back?
by Herman Blease | July 26, 2016
The people of Belize, especially the children, literally steals your heart. We met these beautiful girls as we were out doing food ministry. They were so adorable. Tears rolled down some faces as we walked away thinking that we did not get enough time with them.

Ms. Beverly (Our Amazing Cook)
by Herman Blease | July 26, 2016
After food distribution, we ended our day strong as we finally got to meet our cook, Ms. Bev, that has been making some really amazing food for us! Of course we took a picture with her....:-)

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Lysandra Marr

This trip looks awesome!! It makes my heart so happy to see the impact our church is making on these beautiful people of the Lord!

Andy Coon

Wow! Beautiful pictures of a thousand words. Can't wait to hear about the stories of the hands and feet of Jesus.

Aimee Olwin

Hope you guys are having a blast, been thinking a praying for you. I bet it's been hotter here than there. Wish we could have come this year.

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