Community Bible Church | Haiti

Les Cayes | March 19 to March 25, 2017

Local Host: Handicap Home
Staff: Gloirgens Jean, Stanley Gregoire, Patrick Chery, Cliff Compere, Jonas Jeanty

Trip Journal Updates

We made it
by Gloirgens Jean | March 19, 2017
We made it to Haiti safe and sound, we were warmly welcomed by our Pelican staff and drove all the way to Good Shepherd Orphanage, where we are going to spend the night.We praise and thank God even if we made it by noon, we got the possibility to worship with our Haitian brothers and sisters, even if we speak a different language but the worship language is the same. Pray for us back home as we are looking forward to having a safe trip to Les cayes tomorrow.

We are in Les Cayes Yay!!
by Cliff Compere | March 20, 2017
After long hours driving we are finally in Les cayes. We ate lunch and we visited the work site to scout the work for tomorrow, it ended up into a soccer game with Some kids in the Community" Unexpected but we enjoyed it".We had our first meeting, and heard Pastor Jeannot talking about his ministry In Les Cayes. Pray for our team as we are getting ready for our first ministry day.

First ministry day
by Gloirgens Jean | March 21, 2017
After breakfast, we had our devotion time and headed to the worksite. We did construction work till noon, then we had kids ministry. We played soccer with the Kids. We were thrilled to see the smile on their beautiful faces. We had so much fun with playing with them, talking with them and just loving on them. We are so thankful to God for this opportunity. Please keep praying for us back home as we're looking forward to more precious moments like this.

Concrete's day
by Gloirgens Jean | March 22, 2017
After breakfast we made it to the worksite, and did construction work, we poured the floor of the house by passing lots of buckets of concrete. We enjoyed it. It was awesome to see how relationship can be built in a simple line, and by noon we played with the Kids at the soccer field, we played basketball. We thank God for this privilege, for bringing joy to us through these children. Each of our lives have been impacted by our experiences this week. We are looking forward to seeing what else He has in Store for us this week as we continue serving the people of Haiti.

More progress
by Gloirgens Jean | March 24, 2017
We finished the floor today, and started with the block's walls, it is so good to see where we were and where we are now. In the afternoon We joined the kids by noon, spent time with them. It is always awesome to spend time with these kids; they bring so much joy to us. We wish we could have more time to enjoy their company. They have been such a blessing to us and have opened our eyes in many ways. Keep our team in prayer as we are looking forward to our last ministry day.

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