Immanuel Baptist Church | Puerto Rico

| July 08 to July 14, 2017

Local Host:
Staff: Rob Landry, Local Leader

Trip Journal Updates

Team has arrived
by Rob Landry | July 8, 2017

Our team has arrived in San Juan and off to a great start! After an awesome  dinner of beans and rice and grilled chicken we heard the vision from our host pastors Germano and Maria about an all day kids camp we are assisting with next week. It was very clear they have a great plan to reach the children of their community. The entire program was developed by their church leadership. After a debrief meeting we are going to get a great nights sleep in anticipation for tomorrow.

Our host Pastors
by Rob Landry | July 8, 2017
These are our host Pastors Germano and Maria

Two states Lots of Fun
by Rob Landry | July 11, 2017

Last night we were able to fellowship with our new friends from Arizona. We went to an area of San Juan called Rio Piedras. There is a famous ice cream shop there were they have the usual familiar flavors like vanilla and stawberry but some of the lesser know flavors made it so much more interesting. Have you ever tried squash ice cream or what about potato, papaya or mango? We ate our ice cream next to a 300 year old church! Everywhere we turn Puerto Rico has great surprises!

300 year old church
by Rob Landry | July 11, 2017
Another of the church where you can see how huge it is.

300 year old church
by Rob Landry | July 11, 2017
We had a great time prayer walking and distributing flyers for our Kids Camp program this week. The church is on the bottom of a big hill so we would go to the top, go back down, top then back down. There were a few businesses that allowed us to put flyers in their windows. We also talked with several families inviting them to the camp.

300 year old church
by Rob Landry | July 11, 2017
Our week is going great and we are having a blast at kids Camp. Each day this week from 8 to 3 we are helping with a camp for kids up to 11 years old. Here is one of the younger groups playing games with our team. Yesterday at least 30 kids attended!

Crafty Crafts
by Rob Landry | July 11, 2017

Everyday the children make a new craft and take them he during the family night program on Friday

by Rob Landry | July 11, 2017

Our campers loves sports, yesterday was basketball, today is kickball. The great thing is all ages are playing kickball and love running the bases. Each day there is also ping-pong and board games like checkers for those who love those types of games. There is something for everyone this week

Camp end of the day Tuesday
by Rob Landry | July 11, 2017

Bible Camp closing meeting for Tuesday

After the church service
by Rob Landry | July 11, 2017

Our team listens to the stories of some of the members of the church Sunday morning after church. 

Tuesday Prayer Service
by Rob Landry | July 12, 2017

This photo was taken after the service last night, our host church is awesome and very friendly. We prayed, shared life stories and sang songs to the Lord. Some of our team even played musical instruments. A great night together as one church.

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