Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Youth | Belize

| June 19 to June 26, 2011

Local Host:
Staff: Jennie Pakan

Trip Journal Updates

Safe Arrival
by Staff | June 19, 2011
After a long day of air travel, we drove two hours north of the Belize airport and get settled in for the night at the school where we are staying this week. There was so much to see on the drive! We had a chance to meet the other groups we are working with this week. It’s a fun mix of denominations and US states represented! We had a delicious Belizean dinner that was lovely. We look forward to a full day tomorrow!.

Crafts at the School
by Bethany R. | June 21, 2011
Today was our first full day of ministry! We started out the day with our School Ministry at San Pablo Community School. Some of our new friends from FBC in Terrell, Texas led this ministry and it was exciting to work along side them. We were able to sing songs with the children and help them make a visor to wear. We cannot wait to go back tomorrow!

Painting the Church
by Bethany R. | June 21, 2011
We then traveled to the town of Douglas and after a delicious Belizean lunch of rice and beans, stew chicken, fried plantains and Squash Juice to drink, we began work on painting the church. Everyone did an excellent job at stepping in where needed and staying organized. The outside is finished and tomorrow we will begin work on the inside!

VBS at Douglas
by Bethany R. | June 21, 2011
Next up was VBS at the church. We worked together really well as our church led out in this ministry. We played games like “Perro, Perro, Gato” (Dog, Dog, Cat) which was the children’s version of “Duck, Duck, Goose.” We also helped the kids with crafts and taught them about being thankful. Please continue to pray for us as we minister to this community!

Back to School
by Bethany R. | June 22, 2011
Goodnight! (This is how we say hello at night in Belize.)
Today we started out at San Pablo’s Church again and immediately greeted with many more smiling faces than yesterday. We split into 5 classrooms and started doing Bible stories, crafts and singing songs. The children are so attentive and kind and we cannot wait to see them tomorrow!

Douglas Ministry
by Bethany R. | June 22, 2011
Then we traveled back to Douglas to begin work on the wall for the sidewalk and to finish the paint inside of the church. It was hot, but with everyone pitching in we got a lot accomplished! We ask for your prayers as they say tomorrow will be extremely hot and we are doing hard manual labor.

Face Painting
by Bethany R. | June 22, 2011
Then finally we had VBS at the church. We had 41 in attendance and they were loving playing games, singing and having their faces painted! We are becoming attached to all of the children and its going to be hard to leave at the end of the week!

Our hearts are full!
by Bethany R. | June 23, 2011
What a beautiful day it was in Belize! We began our day at the school with games, lessons and crafts. As we finished up our ministry there, Taylor was almost carried away by all of the hugs and kisses from the children! We all are now attached to certain children and today we realized how hard it will be tomorrow to leave them for good. Please keep our hearts in your prayers

Construction and Painting
by Bethany R. | June 23, 2011
Then we headed back to Douglas for more construction and painting. We completed one bench and completed the wall for the sidewalk. It looks so great! Pastor Mai was so excited to see a completed version of the bench. He continued to sit on the bench for some time, appreciating the handiwork.

VBS excitement
by Bethany R. | June 23, 2011
Around 12 kids showed up as soon as the bus pulled into Douglas and stayed all day! They continued to ask, “When is VBS?” Finally at 4:00 we started VBS. The kids sang so loud! They especially loved the craft of making cross necklaces. We cannot wait to see them again tomorrow.

School's Out
by Bethany R. | June 24, 2011
It was the last day of school ministry and boy, was it a tough one! Our hearts were exploding with love for the children and it was almost impossible to leave. The staff and some of the children at the school even made us cheese dip, orange juice and fruit salad. It was amazing to see the impact we had on the kids in just 4 days.

Completing our Work at Douglas
by Bethany R. | June 24, 2011
Then we headed back to Douglas to finish up our projects. We completed everything! Praise the Lord! It was a lot of hard work, but more than worth it in the end. Here are a few pictures from the church.

by Bethany R. | June 24, 2011
This is one of the beautiful benches that we made for the church in Buena Vista.

Goodbyes at VBS
by Bethany R. | June 24, 2011
Then it was time for our last VBS. It was bittersweet as we sang the final words to “I Just Want to be a Sheep…” The kids did not want to leave and neither did we. We were so excited when we invited them back to church at 7:00 and many of them came back and brought their relatives. Be in prayer that those families will continue to stay in contact with Pastor Mai.

Children's Home
by Bethany R. | June 25, 2011
As most of the other groups left for home today, we headed out for more ministry. We visited an orphanage in Belize City and got to play with the kids there. Then we drove around through some of the villages in the city and were able to experience a different side of life. We are headed home tomorrow and its hard to believe we must say goodbye to such a beautiful country. Thank you all for your prayers, God did amazing things in the village of Douglas this week.

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The Justmans

Isn't it amazing how the tables get turned on you when you serve... you feel doubly blessed in return. Thank you for being there. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences at home and in church. Peace to all. We'll see you soon.

Lori Weihing

What a busy week! Looks like you all were having fun working/ministering God's work. Safe travels on the way home. Can't wait to see you, Kayl a and Courtney...Dad and I miss you. The house is very quiet.

Samantha Grow

Miss you Mama and Chael!! I can't wait for you to be back home so I can hear about all the amazing things you did and saw there. It looks like you had a great time and were blessed by all the people you met and worked with during the week. Travel home safely! "See" you very soon!! xoxo

Amy Perry

WOW!!!! You are all such an inpiration and have obviously made an impact on this community. I wish I could have been a part of such an awesome experience. How fabulous that you were able to accomplish your goals thru God's strength and guidance!! We will be anxiously awating your arrival at O'hare Sunday night!!! Safe travels and enjoy your last two days!!!!!

Brian @ Jenny

So glad that you made it there safely. It is so wonderful to see all of the progress you have already made. Hope you are able to accomplish all of your goals. We miss you very much and cant wait to see you. God Bless each and every one of you and we pray for a safe return.

Kirstin Stangel

This looks like an amazing trip!!! reading all the entries and looking at all your great pictures makes me miss going on mission trips!!! Have a great last two days and safe travels home!

Linda Bartell Schulz

You all should be so very proud of the work you are doing to enhance the lives of others and spread God's love. Thanks for sharing your daily happenings in your journal. May this experience be a life changing experience for each of you. God Bless!

carrie haven

Oh my goodness, what a fantastic experience! I don't know who is more jealous...me or Mark Emrick. Bless you for your service and your willness to spread God's word. I'm certain that all the children are loving on you! Safe travels and can't wait to hear all of the details! :)Carrie

Kathy and Sarah

So proud of all of you for the work that you have done this week. You are truly making a difference. Thank you for giving your time and energy to do this. Wishing you a safe trip home. Alyssa, we are very proud of the young woman you are becoming. P.S. The cinnamon swirl coffee cake at Starbucks was delicious...next time you'll be with us. See you soon!

Pastor Kurt

God is good all the time! All the time God is good! Thank you for sharing that message with all the people you've worked with this week. Good byes can be difficult and leaving knowing that there is still much to be accomplised is even harder. You have made a great difference in every life you touched. We here can't wait to hear from you all about it.

Kim Vande Walle

Ok, I can't wait any longer...Sorry, I just need to write this...Megan, I LOVE YOU!! Miss you very much!! May God touch your heart! Please be safe!


Even though I cant wait for you to be home, I am so proud of all the work you are doing and helping make a difference in all the peoples lives there. You certainly are doing Gods work! Hope the good byes to everyone are good byes until the next time :) Keep up the good work!

Kim Vande Walle

It was neat to see pictures of you in church tonight. I hope everyone is doing well. I continue to send prayers your way. How wonderful you all must feel to be making such a difference in so many peoples lives! God Bless all of you!

Aunt Sue & Uncle John

Alyssa with a circular saw ---- oh my gosh !!!! What's next, digging a hole with a backhoe? You go girl !!! Good for you !!!

Kuznicki Family

So great to see pictures and read the updates on the work your group is doing. Will continue to keep you in our prayers for God's blessings on your mission and for safe travels.

Barb Wulf

Hola, Muchas gracias for all of your work. I can hear and see the love in your work. Hmm...squash juice, is something we should add to the coffee bar at church along with juice boxes?? Safe travels to all!

Mom and Dad Bart

Sounds like you are having a busy time doing God's work in Belize. Our prayers are with y'all. Have a wonderful time and keep safe. Our Love.

Pastor Kurt

THANK YOU for being God's hands in Belize! It is so amazing that you are there doing such faithful and fun work. You are changing people's lives. I pray that you are open to having your's changed too. You are in my prayers every day.

Matt Wessing

Happy Birthday Emily!!! Hope you have a great day. Love, Dad

Yvonne W

Happy Happy Birthday Emily!!! Looking forward to celebrating next week. Keep up with the good work.

Christian S.

This sounds like such a cool experience! I hope that everyone has an amazing time and is able to grow personally, as a group, and spiritually.

Amy Perry

Love hearing about your day and seeing the pictures. For those of you in Miracle League, your game was cancelled last night due to all of the rain, and team pictures are post poned until next week! Nice that you won't miss the pictures now. :)

Dano & Wulty Jr. aka Louie

Thinking and praying for all of you and two in particular. All is well and we miss you. Enjoy some weather, we have none here. Keep the pictures and info coming. Got the passord from church. love you! Dano & Louie

Cindy Wright

Glad you arrived safely and are already hard at work! Everyone has huge smiles so I can tell you are having a great time. Squash juice does not sound good to me, can't wait to hear what you thought! Missing you.


Prayers were answered that you made it safely!! Very nice that we can check in with your busy schedule and see what you are doing to help where needed. I am very proud of you!!

Mark and Julie

Wow, we wish we were there with you..It looks sooooo beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to spread His light. Have a ton of fun, and take lots of pictures! We love you! May God bless the people you are serving, the site staff, and all of you! Mamma and Pappa E

Lori Weihing

I am so glad that you arrived in Belize safely. I hope that you get better weather than we are predicted to get this week.....rain..... Have fun, stay safe, and take care of each other.....cute picture!!!

Amy Perry

So happy to see that you have arrived safely. We wish you the best while you are in Belize. May you have a wonderful time and get much accomplished. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you on this worthwhile mission. It is 64 degrees here today. I'm almost ready to turn the heat on. Enjoy your sunshine. It's suppose to be cold here most of this week. Wish I was with you!!!!! We will continue to follow your updates!!! :)

Laura Purath

What a fantastic photo! Have a wonderful week--be safe. I have posted this website to OSLC's facebook page so that other "fans" can watch for more updates throughout the week.

Yvonne Wessing

Good Morning, Glad everyone made it there safely. It is great to see all your smiley faces:) Have a fabulous day!

Marie & Natalie

Hello!!!! So happy we can see your smiles!

Marty Grow

Great picture! It looks like a safe arrival so my first prayer was answered. Have a great week!

Cary & Sheila Maas

It was such a nice surprise to wake up this morning, log on the computer and see all of your smiling faces! Have a great week and we pray for your safe return!


Safe travels to you!


Safe travels...we are praying for you.

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