Calvary Bible Church | Haiti

| July 23 to July 29, 2011

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Staff: James Noreen

Trip Journal Updates

We made it!
by Team | July 23, 2011
Our team has arrived in Jacmel, Haiti! We arrived in Port-Au-Prince on time where we were greeted by a nice Haitian rain. We left the airport where we met our Praying Pelican staff before jumping on the bus to begin our 4 hour drive to Jacmel. The drive opened up our eyes to a whole new world. We saw everything from the destruction in Port-Au-Prince, to the beauty of the mountains. We arrived in Jacmel just in time for dinner, where we had a meal of rice, beans, and beef. It was amazing! We then made our way to our hotel where we are now settled in. We are all tired and can't wait to get a good nights rest! Please continue to pray for us as tomorrow we have a chance to speek in church. We will then be spending the afternoon loving on the kids and youth of the community. Stay tuned for updates!

Grateful for a GREAT day!
by Team | July 24, 2011
Today we had the awesome privilege to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Jacmel. The worship service was amazing! Many of us participated in song and testimony, and John gave an excellent sermon. We were blessed by the Haitian people as well as they shared through song and prayer. After church, we had a great lunch before heading back to the hotel to change and get ready for the afternoon. This afternoon we had over 100 children and youth show up to play soccer and other games. It was amazing to be able to play with the kids and show the love of Christ with them. We ended with a short devotion and a time of prayer before inviting them to come back tomorrow. We have a packed day of ministry tomorrow, so please continue to pray. Also, pray for our soccer game tomorrow between our team and the Haitian Church! The whole community is talking about the game with great anticipation.

Kids, construction, and soccer
by Team | July 25, 2011
Today was yet another wonderful day in Haiti. Our team arrived at the church eager to build relationships and get our hands dirty. We jumped right in with a kid’s event that the local church has been promoting for the last month. It started with 30 kids and ended 3 hours later with close to 200. It was amazing. We shared stories from the Bible and presented the Gospel to the children. While a good portion of the team was with the kids, the rest of us were painting chairs for the school. We painted around 200 chairs with colorful Caribbean colors. The church is really excited. They say the kids will love them! We also did some work on pastor’s new office and hope to finish that project tomorrow. This afternoon, our team had the opportunity to play a Haitian soccer team from one of the local churches. The game was incredible! Both teams were pretty equal, but the Haitian team ended up winning 1-0. It was fun to see the community come out and watch the teams play. At the end we had the opportunity to pray with them and invite them back tomorrow. We are now back at the hotel resting up. We are all looking forward to another wonderful day tomorrow!

Loving every minute!
by Team | July 26, 2011
Today was packed with ministry from morning to night! We split the team up into two groups. One group worked at the church ministering to the kids and youth of the community. They also did some sanding of the school walls to prepair for painting tomorrow. The other group went up the mountain to a small village where they worked on two house projects. One involves replacing a very damaged roof and the other was digging a foundation for a house for someone who lost theres in the earthquake. It was great to be able to build relationships with the families. One of them has 11 children living in a small tent! We then ended the afteroon with a visit to a local orphanage and another soccer game! This one ended in a tie: 2-2. Tonight we had the privlage of worshiping with the Haitian church again. Once again we were able to share in song, testimony, and a message. It was great to be able to feel the passion again that the Haitian church has. Tomorrow we are going to hit it hard again on some work projects while keeping our focus on relationships. Please keep praying!

Another wonderful day in Haiti
by Team | July 27, 2011
Today was a day to remember. It didn’t take us long before we were all soaked in sweat, as today was a full work day! This morning, half the team went up the mountain where we finished the roof for the house, while the other half poured a cement floor and painted walls at the school. After lunch, we once again split up. Some of us worked to dig the foundation for a wall around the parsonage property, others painted, and the rest loved on kids. We wrapped up the work day at 4 o’clock so we could challenge the Haitian team to another soccer game. It was another close one, but once again the Haitians came out ahead. It was a great week building relationships with those young men. It’s amazing how much you learn about a person by playing a game with them. After the soccer game, we had an amazing Haitian dinner, and then returned to the hotel for our meeting and rest. Tomorrow is our last full day in Haiti. We are praying that God gives us the strength to finish strong!

by Team | July 27, 2011
Pic of our team working on the foundation of a house in the mountains.

So hard to say goodbye!
by Team | July 28, 2011
Today was our last full day in Haiti. We finished strong this morning with multiple work projects that included more digging, painting, and pouring of concrete. We then had one last amazing Haitian meal prepared by our cooks before saying our goodbyes. The goodbyes were so hard! We fell in the love with the many people that we built relationships with this week. It was especially hard to say goodbye to the kids. After many tears, we loaded the bus and took off to spend some time enjoying the beauty of Haiti. We did some shopping downtown for souvenirs before spending the rest of the day at the beach. Haiti truly is a beautiful country with much to see and do. We ended the day with our first taste of American food all week: burgers and fries. We are currently all packing for tomorrow before having our closing meeting. Thank you all for praying! We can’t wait to see you tomorrow and tell you all that God has done!

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Sheila Murray

Hang in there...we're still praying for you as you seek alternate transportation out of JFK.

Sheila Murray

Praise the Lord!!! You have arrived safely at JFK!

Sheila Murray

Rick & I wish ALL of you safe travels today. Today is going to be a day of mixed emotions as you leave the beautiful people of Haiti. Know that God will be with you all for every leg of this journey, as He has been throughout the past seven days. We're praying for you and very much look forward to seeing you all. Miss you Julia!!!! .

Sheila Murray

Once again, I would like to express our appreciation for the daily postings and pictures. It is an amazing blessing how God has provided safety, protection, strength and smiles to each and every one of you for the past few days. The children and people are blessed to have you there. What a way to lovingly and unselfishly demonstrate God's word and His love. May you all continue to stay focused on God. Seek Him for strength, comfort and safety during the last hours of your mission. Thank you Woogy and Pastor Talley for your leadership during this trip. Thank you to ALL of the chaperone's! Love You ALL!! Miss you Julia-can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Mom, Brit,Kiki, Daddy, Michael & Cranny

Hi Abby! We all miss you and are so proud of you! How awesome it is to know the Lord is working through all of you to practically show the love of Jesus to the Haitian people. We will be praying for you especially for the journey home. Love you!

Cathy Scadding

Well, you're coming to the end. Who knows, but God, what this is the beginning of...changed lives. I can't wait to hear all about it, Ben. You have a lot of kids at Boys and Girls Club that are missing you! Dave says everyday they ask about you. :) Can't wait to see you. I'll be praying for safety and the long trip home for all.

Julie Perkins

I can't let this week end without saying how very impressed I am with your faith and commitment to reaching out and helping these wonderful people. I am sure you have all had an amazing life-changing experience that you will reflect upon for many years to come. Your departure tomorrow will be hard, but leave knowing that you have enriched many lives through your ministry and heartfelt dedication to making a difference in so many lives. On a personal note, I am very proud of you, Julia! I can't wait to hear all about your week! I wish you all a safe journey home!


Hey wes!!! Miss you a lot. I bet you were a big help down there. Am praying that you're safe. Love you so much and miss you!!! See you tomorrow!

Deb Risteen

Thinking and praying for you right now... Good byes are soooo hard =( The children/people will be forever grateful for your smiles and your touch of love you poured out on them this week! A piece of your heart will always be there.....


Good morning all! Continuing to pray much for you all! Love the updates and seeing how God is using you! And this to Mommy and Daddy from Sadie who is sitting next to me on the couch: "I love you Mommy and Dad. I had fun at the lake Mommy and Daddy. Mommy, my cousins are coming today!" I miss you. And thank you for all the presents Mommy and Daddy! :-) They truly are doing great but they sure will be so happy to see you!! I forgot to tell you, the look on Sadie's face when she opened the book was priceless..."It's my Mommy!!!....It's my Daddy!" :-) Praying for your parents loving hearts, and trusting the rewards of this awesome ministry are comforting you a bit in missing your own precious children!

Chris & Gabe Samolyk

Hey guys- you're looking good! Finish strong-- The Lord is your strength! We miss you lots and look forward to your return. Love to all (especially Brian and Katie) :-)

Juie, Casey , Jack and Lily

We have prayed for you every day. It's neat for the boys to see their dad and others serving the Lord. We have prayed for health and that many would receive Christ. We love you and can't wait to see you and hear the stories!


So blessed to hear of all the wonderful things God is using you to do to help the Haitian community. Also, so incredible to see the pictures of you all in action! We are praying for you throughout each day that God will continue to give you strength for each day as you minister to those around you. May God bless you especially in these last two days!

Deb Catanese

I am truly blessed to read the posts knowing our David is a part of this wonderful opportunity to serve our Lord during this week in Haiti. I am also blessed reading the many posts knowing there are so many near and far praying along with us for the CBC team and for the people of Haiti. - Note the name PRAYING Pelican Missions....By the way are there pelicans there? Stay safe and may the Lord continue to bless all of you :)

deb Risteen

hey dad....i sure do miss you and can't wait for you to come home! i am so glad you can help the people there. I love you, Rusty AND rebekah, koryssa and emilee i love you too =)

deb Risteen

hey dad....i sure do miss you and can't wait for you to come home! i am so glad you can help the people there. I love you Rusty rebekah, koryssa and emilee i love you too =)

Deb Risteen

We LOVE the pictures and sharing ALL God is doing thru you as you reach out to the Haitians. I must admit, the rest of the Risteens are 'alittle' jealous wishing we were there serving with you! =P May HE give you the wings of eagles to 'SOAR" to the end! We pray and think of you all the time, asking the Lord to continue to open opportunities to share HIS love! May each of your lives be 'forever' changed because of this incredible trip --- savor each moment! =D Thankyou for giving your 'alll' each day and smiling and caring for each person He brings along your path!!! miss you PS ..rebekah, your work schedule is all set=D

Alicia Couture

Soo Happy you guys made it there safely, praying for your group everyday. I truly hope that you guys come home with a huge blessing from this experience, and that it strives you to become even stronger Christians for Christ. Thank you for what your doing, and cant wait to hear all about it when you come home.

Brenda Gawrys

Look forward to the updates every day nice way to start my paper route. Loving the photos as well. Looks like you are doing the Lord proud and serving Him well. Kayla, we are so proud of what you are doing, Love and miss you Mama. Kathy, I was at Dr Dions today they are praying and are staying updated every day as well. Stay safe everyone, lots of prayers from the US going out for all of you. God is Good!!!!!!!

Dr Dion's office

Hey Kathleen, We are so proud of you and all the volunteers that are with you in Haiti. Keep up the good work, We are praying for you. Love, From Dr Dion's office xoxoxo

Jeanmarie Goday

Everyday since Saturday I look forward to checking out how all of you are doing with your mission work. It is so heart warming to read what you have done and how much fun you all are having My thoughts are with you all everyday and a special place in my heart for Kayla. Keep up the good work and come back home safely.

cathy parrott

It is such a blessing to see you all serving so joyfully! Love the smiles! Looking forward to hearing more. Praying for continued strength and committment as you continue your work in Haiti. Miss ya TIM!

Jen Prusha

Praising God for the wonderful work he is doing through you all on this trip! I just returned home from working in Port Au Prince with our group last week, and wanted to keep up with how God is continuing to perform miracles in Haiti. I'm praying for God to continue to bless the rest of your time on this trip, and the relationships you've developed there. Savor every minute!

Sonnie Holman

To daughter Lori, grandson Tim and all the Haiti Mission Team. So many people are praying for you in Florida and around the states. Thanks so much for the blessings you all are providing and I'm sure even more blessings are coming your way from the lovely Haitian people. Our Sunday School class from Cornerstone sends love and encouragement to all. Stay safe and healthy and I'm lovin' the updates. Pictures are so appreciated.

Sheila Murray

We are so proud of all of you! What an experience this has been for you all. We anxiously look forward to the daily pictures and updates as to what you have done! Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed. May He continue to give you the strength to minister to His people in Haiti. You're all in our thoughts and prayers. May He continue to keep you all safe and healthy. Miss you Julia!! Isaiah 40:29-31

Charissa and the kids

We LOVE you Daddy/Woogy!!!!!! It is so awesome getting to read the updates everyday! Hope you all are staying healthy :-)

Cheryl Phillips

What a blessing to read the updates everyday! It is wonderful to hear how the Lord is using you in so many different areas! Wish I could have been in the crowd to cheer you guys on during the soccer game. :) You are all in our prayers. P.S. My former youth pastor is in Haiti, as well. He contacted me via facebook. He may try to find you guys and say hi.

Jody Courter

MISSION TEAM HAITI - You are in our daily thoughts and prayers! So thankful for the opportunities you have to build relationships and serve the Haitian community. So thankful that God is using your team as an instrument in HIS HANDS! All to His Glory!!

Cathy Scadding

How exciting to start with 30 children and end up 3 hours later with almost 200. WOW! God is preparing hearts. I bet those chairs are bright and beautiful! The people will enjoy them and remember your work even after you leave. You were so kind to let the Haitian team win the soccer game! :) I am praying for safety, fun, spiritual growth and God's blessings on you and those you each are touching for Him in Haiti.

Linda Illian

SO thankful for these updates to be able to hear and see your awesome ministry opportunities! Thanking God for each one of you that have chosen to go and be voices and hands and feet for the Savior! Praying earnestly for you as you selflessly serve! Personal note to Brad and Karen ... your children are doing great!! Happy, healthy, and busy!!! :-) ... and we are loving every minute!!

Brenda Gawrys

I am so glad you all are there safe and sound. Love seeing the pictures up already. Loving the Journals keep them coming. Will be praying every morning for the Lord to work in your lives and the Haitians. Looking forward to hearing all the Lord has done. Brenda

Mike and Denise Daniele

Lori and Mayor Tim: I am filled with pride and love for the work you both are doing in Haiti. The poor people of Haiti have been thru so many challenges that it is the love you and your group have for all people that sustains their ability to continue on. Their belief in GOD and your belief that our Savior will see them through their tragedies are the sign of hope that your group brings to help them. Praise GOD and praise you all for your wonderful work. Stay safe and take care of yourselves. Our prayers are with you during your work and knowing that the Lord will bring you home safely.

Deb Risteen

Can you hear me cheering rt now ? =D We know you played great...even if you didn't win!! LOL What a joy to read about all the children the Lord is bringing along your paths each day! Please give an extra hug from me! We have prayed many times for stamina and strength thru the heat of your day and tonight a time of refreshment as you reflect on your day! Miss you guys but SO happy you are there!!!

Linda Smith

Wow! What a wonderful day you had! We are praying for God to work in you and through you all. Keep hugging all those kids and smiling! We miss you!

Papa (Fran)

I am so grateful to the Lord for getting you folks to Haiti safe and healthy.You all look happy but a little tired.I will continue praying for all of you.

Tiffany Talley

Praise the Lord you all made it there safely! Thinking and praying for you all so much from the great state of Virginia! Can't wait to hear about your time down there. Thank you all for taking time out of you lives to show love to those precious people!

Chris Samolyk

Praise the Lord! You all look great -- and a little tired. :-) We think of you all day long and pray for you constantly. May your time worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Jacmel bring glory to God and uplift you all. Give a hug to those little ones for me today. Love to all -- Chris

Linda Smith

Looks like a hot and tired bunch! Glad you all made it safely. You are all being prayed for. You were missed in church today. I am sure your church service was awesome! Can't wait to see more pics!

Deb Risteen

What beautiful smiles on your faces! =D Praying that your hearts were encouraged as you ministered and were ministered to with the Haitians today. My heart is with you and you share your smiles and hugs with all those precious children today (how many can you bring home =D)! I reminded the kids in Jr. church "every time you are hot or tired this week, pray for extra- strength for the Haiti team". Thankyou for giving above and beyond to serve where HE has called you today and may you find your strengthand rest in HIM alone! So happy you are there.....Deb

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