Emmanuel Baptist Church | Jamaica

Belmont, Roehampton | March 13 to March 20, 2017

Local Host: Belmont Baptist | Lloyd Richards
Staff: Cathy Kirk, Javanie Byfield, Andre (Andy) Eldemire

Trip Journal Updates

We're Back!!!!!!!!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 13, 2017
We have arrived safe and sound in Jamaica. It didn't take long at all for us to clear customs and immigration this year. We were met by our Trip Leaders for the week and quickly whisked away for a quick picture while we waited for our bus driver Andy. We made a quick trip to the Villas where we are lodging this week. We spent some time getting settled in and relaxing. The team was so hungry that we moved our dinner time to 4:30. We headed to Scotchies one of the big Jerk Restaurants on the island. Oh my was it good. We ate until our bellies were full. We then went for ice cream and relaxed a bit at the shop before we headed back to the Villas for the evening. We finished our evening chatting about where we were hoping to see God work this week and what we were expecting this week. The team is now relaxing after preparing their items for school tomorrow. Lights out is at 10:00. We have an early morning tomorrow, breakfast is at 630, we didn't hear one complaint when we told them that either. :) God is good and we can't wait to see what he has in store for our week.

Let's Eat!!!
by Javanie Byfield | March 13, 2017
By the time the team got outside the airport they were hungry and ready for their first meal of the trip. We here at PPM made some shifts and got them an earlier dinner time at a popular Jamaican Jerk Center known as Scotchies. For those who were here last year new what to expect, on the menu was Jerk Chicken,Jerk Pork and Festivals. They did not hesitate but all dug into it. Can safely say all enjoyed the meal!

The picture below was taken before we were served.

Good Morning from Jamaica
by Cathy Kirk | March 14, 2017
Good Morning from sunny and warm Jamaica!! After a great nights sleep we woke up to a gorgeous day. We had a ton of rain last night and prayed we would wake up to sun, God granted our request.

We had a quick continental breakfast and are now headed to Roehampton Primary to share Gods love with some very special children. We can't wait to see where God is taking us today.

Good to be back
by Andre (Andy) Eldemire | March 14, 2017
It feels so good to be back at Rohampton primary, we had a wonderful time last year and this year we know its going to be a blast. The children were all happy to see us again and also the teachers. We got to setting up our sound system as the school got ready for the morning devotion.
We can't wait to spend time with these children in the classroom? to do reading, crafts and other stuff. More updates to come later. ??

Ready to Roll!
by Cathy Kirk | March 14, 2017
The team is ready to go at Roehampton, the children were ready and waiting when we pulled in this morning.

Music Lessons
by Cathy Kirk | March 14, 2017
Evan, Ryan and Nathan are in full swing giving recorder lessons to 20 students this morning. The kids are absolutely loving it. The boys are amazing us with their teaching skills. There is a teacher here at Roehampton that has been wanting to teach recorder leasons to students, however she has only had 2 recorders, she was beyond thrilled when Aaron told her that the recorders the team brought down would be left here for the students. GOD IS GOOD!!

3rd Grade Crafts
by Cathy Kirk | March 14, 2017
The children had a blast making their shields of faith! They couldnt wait to show them off!!

Time for painting
by Andre (Andy) Eldemire | March 14, 2017
Our time today with the kids was great they really enjoyed games and crafts that we had with them.
Now it's time for lunch which was awesome and now it is time to start our painting project.

Dynamtie Dan!!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 14, 2017
Dan stopped to flex his muscles and pose for a photo opportunity while working hard painting at Roehampton.

Beautiful Alicia
by Cathy Kirk | March 14, 2017
Alicia has been working hard painting this afternoon. How beautiful is this picture of her.

Part of the paint crew!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 14, 2017
The team has worked tirelessly this afternoon. They have been painting and giving the assembly area at the school a face lift. It looks amazing. They have really poured their hearts into this project and if has not gone unnoticed by anyone. Principal Jennings is thrilled and so are the teachers.

Oh the paint!!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 14, 2017
This crew has been working hard cleaning brushes and rollers. Just when they thought they were done Dan P took another stack out to be cleaned. He thought it was hysterical, they did not. Haha

Ryan and His Groupies
by Cathy Kirk | March 15, 2017
Ryan and his recorder groupies are doing fantastic this morning. He is a natural born leader, I need to brag on Ryan a bit, he has done a fantastic job leading and disciplining the children when they are not paying attention. He has been super patient with them and the children really listen to him. We are all really proud of him and the rest of the music "teachers." The class has been amazing!!

Men's Moment
by Javanie Byfield | March 15, 2017
Aaron did an awesome job motivating these boys here at Roehampton. He spoke from the heart which was felt and I'm positive, lives were touched. He spoke on the topic 'Being a Godly Man' by giving them tips how to make it a reality.

Ladies Moment!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 15, 2017
The Principal asked us to divide our team up with the males and females and lead gender appropriate devotions today.

The ladies did an amazing job sharing with the girls. Trina shared her testimony and how God has been right beside her even when she went through tough times. MacKenzie, Logan, Samantha and Alicia shared words of encouragement with the all the girls. They shared ways that they have learned to rely on God during their lives. They poured into the girls and encouraged them to remain faithful and fully rely on God in their lives.

They did an amazing job and the girls were all ears during the entire devotion.

Powerful Prayer!!!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 15, 2017
One of the most powerful moments today happened when the team prayed over the 6th grade students prior to their major exam (GSAT). This exam determines if they will be able to attend highschool and if they pass what type of highschool they will be admitted to. It is a very stressful time for all 6th graders on the island.

It was amazing to see the team come together and pray for the students and their teacher. What a moving experience!!!

Happy Times!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 15, 2017
We are all excited that we have finished painting. The team has worked so hard the past two days and the school looks amazing. The principal sent us off by speaking into our lives and praying for us. We are sad to leave Roehampton Primary
But excited to see what the next few days has in store for us.

Now for showers and another wonderful Jamaican meal.

Love and Appreciation
by Javanie Byfield | March 15, 2017
To God be the glory great things He continues to do. The team wrapped up their two day ministry at the Roehampton Primary school and due to the love and joy from the principal he paused what he was doing to come and express sincere gratitude and appreciation for the work that the team did over the past two days. Our hearts melt as he spoke as we certainly new it was coming from within.

At the end Aaron presented him with a gift and threw him on the spot to pray for the team...he did well at this as he asked the Lord to surround us. He gave the team some great advice as he certainly want them to enjoy the rest of stay here in Jamaica. Mr Jennings also promised the team that he would certainly have coconut water for them the next time they are here!!!! The day was well spent!!

Day at the basic school
by Andre (Andy) Eldemire | March 16, 2017
Today we woke up to it being overcast and in and off rain but that didn't? stop us from getting ready to go meet those little ones at the basic school. After breakfast which was really delicious we left for the Rohampton basic school to have crafts and games for the little ones. They were happy to see us come to them today as they were always watching us when we visit the primary school next door to them and praying that we would come and visit them one day so today God has answered there prayers.

Craft time at the Basic School
by Cathy Kirk | March 16, 2017
The children at the basic school are having a blast during craft time!

Dynamtie Dan!!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 16, 2017
The children are having a blast with Dan this morning!

Praise the Lord
by Javanie Byfield | March 16, 2017
The team killed it this morning with the devotion at the Roehampton Basic School. They did well with the kids songs which I thought the kids enjoyed and then an awesome drama depicting the good Samaritan. Trina also dis amazing with the introduction to the lesson. After that they went straight into crafts.

Crossing Cultures
by Cathy Kirk | March 16, 2017
I absolutely love seeing teams come together to share the love of Christ with others. What a powerful week in Christ this has been.

Time with Marshall
by Javanie Byfield | March 16, 2017
These kids enjoyed the little moment with Marshall as they did crafts this morning.

Dan #1
by Cathy Kirk | March 16, 2017
The children love Dan and he is a great craft instructor!! :)

Craft Time with Logan
by Cathy Kirk | March 16, 2017
Craft's with Miss Logan! The children love her she is doing an amazing job spending intentional time with the children at Roehampton Basic School.

Thank You
by Javanie Byfield | March 16, 2017
The teachers and students at the Roehampton Basic School, they wouldn't allow the team to leave without saying thanks. One of the four year old teacher quickly pulled one of her student out and gave her a few lines and much to my surprise she went to the front of the class and said those lines as if she had them long in advance. It was awesome!!!!

It was heart rending to see one of the little girls crying as Logan came through the door. It goes to show what a great impact we can make in such a small space of time. We give glory to God!

Prayer Walking
by Javanie Byfield | March 17, 2017
The team visited two members of the Roehampton Baptist Church who have not being able to make it to church over the years due tp their physical ailments. They showered love on them and lift them up with prayers.

A trip to Westheaven
by Javanie Byfield | March 17, 2017
Hello everyone,

We are doing super awesome today, this morning we were able to sleep in a little bit and woke up to a 8:00 breakfast. Shortly after we boarded our bus and headed up hill for the Westheaven Children's Home. As soon as we got on the ground the kids at the facility came running towards the bus. They even escorted each individual off.

The team did not hesitate but jumped right in amd started pouring love on every resident they came in contact with. We stayed on there for over two hours doing crafts, games and the music which was a complete blast.

I'm sure that their hearts were blest and memories created that would remain for a lifetime. We are currently at our lodging facility having some down time and will head to the Roehampton Baptist Church this evening to have dinner and Youth Explosion.

Youth night at the church
by Andre (Andy) Eldemire just | March 17, 2017
The trip to westhaven was awesome we had fun with the kids and they enjoyed having us there with them, it was a wonderful experience for all of us.
Tonight is our youth night at the Rohampton Baptist Church and so far it is off to a good start. We started with some fun games with the kids and we had no idea they would have enjoyed the games that we had prepared for them. Now we are going into a time of worship with them and then we close off for the night.

More updates to come later. :)

Hello Sunday
by Cathy Kirk | March 20, 2017
The team looked awesome asbthey returned from the almost 4 hour church service! The sermon was amazing and the preacher kept us all captivated with the sermon God gave him. It was truly an amazing time of worship.

Loving at its Best!!!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 20, 2017
This little boy fell in love with Ryan!!! I looked over during worship last night and he was sound asleep on Ryans lap! Ryan didnt hesitate to love on him! God is good!!

Ms. Opal
by Cathy Kirk | March 20, 2017
We paused for a group picture with our amazing cook Opal. She made some fantastic meals for us, we were able to try alot of authentic Jamaican meals. She loved the team and loved getting to chat with them during the week. She told me this morning she has plans to see everyone when she is in Canada. So awesome to see such great relationships made.

Time to Worship!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 20, 2017
The team led a great time of worship at the Infirmary for all of the residents. There was alot of singing, toe tapping, dancing and so many smiles!!!! What a blessing!!!

Bold Brennan!!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 20, 2017
Friday night the team held a youth night at Roehampton Baptist. Brennan and Sam preached a tag team sermon. To say it was simply amazing is an understatement!!! God truly spoke through Brennan as he began the sermon. Everyone sat silent as he challeneged all of us, he shared from his heart and it was evident how much he loves the Lord! God worked through him in a mighty way!! We are so proud of you Brennan for your boldness to share Gods love in Jamaica!!

Sam is the MAN!!!!
by Cathy Kirk | March 20, 2017
Sam finished out the tag team sermon and man did he bring it!!! Everyone sat captivated by the words he too shared from his heart! As he finished up the sermon he challenged everyone to live a life for Christ. He hit them hard telling them that it was time to make a decision to follow Christ now!!! Trina was told afterwards by someone that the boys really spoke to her and had made a difference in her life. We cant wait to hear when she makes that final decision to follow Christ. The boys planted so many seeds in the lives of everyone there.

We are so proud of you Sam and following Gods call to share the word and share it so boldly calling them to a life lived for Christ!

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Daryl Little

So thankful for my boys. So thankful for all of you. Wish I could've been there to hear Brennan and Sam preach. I'm proud of you both!

Tony and Clara Vanderlaan

Praying for a safe flight and journey home. I have made many such late night trips and I know how exhausting they are. Welcome home and we look forward to your reports on Sunday.

Mickey Nott

Oh you gals and guys are having such a wonderful time loving on, and serving the Lord and the people that you meet, young and old alike. God must be smiling and giving a thumbs up for what you have accomplished in your time there. The pictures speak for themselves. Paying for you, stay bold! See you when you get home!

Holly Johnson

Aaron's girls have loved seeing what their Daddy has been up to this week! Thank you for the updates and the photos! We are missing you guys and looking forward to hearing all the amazing things God has done when you arrive back home. Praying for you!

Daryl Little

How'd the guys do last night? Brennan & Sam, teacher-boys... Still praying for you all and looking forward to seeing and hearing from you in person!

Joyce Lammerant

Hi all, Thank you very much for living out you faith, by sharing the love of God with others! May you all be richly blessed!

Ann Marie & Matt Crawford

Thank you for the great pictures! We are praying for you Sam and Brennan as you share the gospel message tonight at the youth meeting xo

Sharon Telfer

Awesome to hear how God is pouring out His love through you. Blessings to all and praying as you meet and serve with the youth this evening.

Pastor Brent

I have been following you through each day. It is so exciting to see how the Lord is using you to extend His work. Praying for you all!!

Earl and Marilyn Miller

We are so encouraged to hear of all the ways in which you are being a blessing to the people there. May the Lord continue to give you strength for each day.

Randy & Debby Wagler

Amazing to see what God is doing through all of you! We'll keep praying for even more great things ahead!

Julia Pettapiece

Thanks so much for the updates with pic's. It's incredible hearing and seeing God work through you. We are praying for strength, courage, and protection as you travel to each of your destinations today, and while you serve Him so faithfully.

Lillian Mess

Loving the continuous updates and pictures.....sets the words to life....what a great work you're all doing....keeping you all in our prayers daily.....

Andra and Jamie Brand

Loving the updates - looking forward to hearing and seeing what tomorrow brings!

Dwight & Faye Kinsman

We thank the Lord that all is going well. It looks like you have had an amazing 2 days at the primary school.We will continue to pray for the team that God may use your gifts and strengths to share your faith with the people of Jamaica.

Glenn and Ingrid

Love the pictures and write ups :) sending big hugs !! We look forward to your updates. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers xo

Mike Cameron

That is great to hear the great job they are doing.

Olive brown

Great job Ryan. I'm proud of you.

Mickey Nott

Way to go Ryan! Praying that God will show you other talents that you can bless folks with. Enjoy, and have a great time?

Marlene Thornton

So excited to see and hear about the recorder classes! Way to go, Ryan! I will forward this picture to the publisher who sent some Music for the booklets. She is excited to see a picture of students playing some of her songs! Thanks for the picture!

Heather Atkins

Great job Ryan!

Tony and Clara Vanderlaan

Way to go Ryan and the others. Teaching never is easy and it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job. Proud of you all. Every one has different gifts the important thing is using your gifts for the Lord. Praying you all will see God at work within you and around you.

Sharon Telfer

Thank you so much for these updates and photos. It's wonderful to see your team in action serving God with the gifts and talents He has given each of you.

Betty-Lou Purdy-Heywood

Thanks for the updates! Praying for you as you serve the Lord and serve the people on your Jamaican Mission. God Bless and bring you home safely again to us.

Daryl Little

Praying for Ryan as he provides a devotion for the kids today. Praying for all of you as you serve together. Wish I was there to see you guys in action.

Lyle Little

Good job mob. You can do it Ryan. Enjoy the moment. Have a great day. Gpa Li

Jamie and Andra Brand

Looks like a great first day...full of sunshine and serving! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers :)

Mike Cameron

It is great to how you are being excellent examples of Christ in everything you are doing. Keep it up. We are continually send up prayers for you guys.

Adam and Stephanie Gascho

Looks like you all are having a great time! We are praying God stretches you in a great way this week, and for safety as you minister God's love to others!

Marlene Thornton

These updates and pictures are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Ashley & Kelsey Hayter

Miss you guys so much but it is thrilling to see how much you have already done. It's awesome to be able to see and hear how God is using you to spread His word. We will be praying lots for you! Love you guys! :)

Rick Thornton

Children have a special place in Jesus' heart as well. I'm sure He is proud of you guys!!! Blessings and prayers for you....

Julia Pettapiece

Hi guys! Glad to see you all made it safely and are enjoying the hot weather! Love the pic's, keep them coming!

LeeAnn Powers

Loving these updates, thank you! Looking forward to hearing how the music lessons go! You're an incredible bunch, xo

Daryl Little

Is there anything better than hearing that your kids are ministering well? Not for me... So proud of my boys, so proud of all you guys & gals! Glad to see that you are making an eternal impact and a right-now impact.

Olive brown

I'm praising the Lord that you have arrived safely and the weather is cooperating well. It blesses my heart as I sit here in respite to read your upbeat positive updates and may God bless you today as you serve Him in whatever capacity He places you in. Go easy on Aaron lol

Christina Scott

Thank you for the updates. So happy to hear of your safe arrival. Excited to see the pictures of all of you serving in Jamaica. Praying for you!

Rick Thornton

Wow! Such a powerful prayer for sunshine that we woke up to sunshine too, instead of a predicted snow storm! God IS with you guys! Be blessed TODAY!

Kathryn Desjardine

Praying for you this morning. Neat to see pictures of you guys in Jamaica!

Earl and Marilyn Miller

God is so good! We are so thankful for the way He went before you on your first day. Sounds like the food was great! May God give you courage as you serve Him today!

Mickey Nott

Praying for all of you this week. May you have fun, sun, boldness and fellowship with the people and each other, while serving our Lord. Blessings to you all.

Tony and Clara Vanderlaan

Praising God that you arrived safely and that you are eager to see how God can use you this week.

Randy & Debby Wagler

Glad to hear you arrived safely and praying for a great week of God's blessing ahead!!

Glenn and Ingrid Hayter

Yay!! So happy to hear you are all there safe and sound...and have full bellies :) looking forward to updates on your school visit. Praying for you all xo

Bob Bjelis

I see God's hand at work already as you left just before the bad weather came. I am excited to see and hear what today will bring. Thank you Cathy for your updates. May God richly bless you guys.

Sharon Telfer

Praising God for taking care of all the details on Day 1 of your Jamaica trip .... including dinner and ice cream!! Praying for you all and looking forward to your updates!!

Daryl Little

Great to see your smiling faces on the ground!! Looking forward to what God will do with/through/to you over the week.

Mike Cameron

I am excited to hear about your day at the school tomorrow. It is also great to know they made it there with all their items. Thanks for the updates, can not wait for some more. Praying that tomorrow challenges and changes you more to better disciples

Lori Bjelis

So great to see the first couple of pictures! Rest well and be ready for a great day of serving tomorrow.

Matt Crawford

Thanks for the update Cathy. Great pics of the crew. We have been hearing about ice cream? in Jamaica for a while so that is a great way to start the week. We are praying for all of you ????

Katherine Zielman

It's good that you all made it there safely; I'm praying for you guys!

Marlene Thornton

Glad to see you are there safely and settled in! I am looking forward to hearing how the recorder classes go! Have a great week!

Andra Brand

Thankful to know you made it safely to Jamaica! (And didn't fall out of the hollow tube in the sky lol!) Can't wait to see some pics of what you guys have been up to today!

Doug & Heather Grant

Praying for Brennan and the team in Waterloo.

Daryl Little

Praying for your guys as you're suspended at 30000 feet in a hollow metal tube...don't fall!


Miss you guys already! Have a great week together serving the Lord. Praying for boldness as you witness together in Jamaica. Can't wait to see the pictures to make me wish I was there even more!

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