Cornerstone Community Church | San Francisco, CA

East Bay Area | June 24 to June 30, 2017

Local Host: Bay Area Rescue Mission, Courthouse Ministries-Richmond Courthouse, New Hope Christian Fellowship | Tim Russell
Staff: Tori Snyder, Talon Hall

Trip Journal Updates

Destination reached
by Talon Hall | June 25, 2017

God is good and gave everyone safe travels to SF! Now that everyone got a shower it's time for a good nights sleep and start ministry in the morning! Can't wait to see what God has planned for this week!

Morning Worship
by Tori Snyder | June 25, 2017

Starting the morning off in fellowship with our local church partners by joining them for prayer and worship! We are excited for the ministries we have planned this afternoon!

Please be in prayer for us as a team and for the hearts of people we will encounter!

Soups on.... Actually sandwiches
by Talon Hall | June 25, 2017

We are getting sack lunches together to hand out to the homeless. God is on the move! 

The bags are almost full
by Linda Castillo | June 25, 2017

Getting ready to serve our friends who live on the streets in nearby Berkeley.  Our team is getting excited to be stretched and wrecked by those whom we love.  Pray for us

Loving on everyone
by Talon Hall | June 25, 2017

Our team is amazing!! We went in Berkeley and passed lunches out and care packages that our team from Colorado brought for the homeless. After everything was passed out we hung out and talked to our new friends. Great day so far please keep praying for us as we get ready for VBS!

Our New Friends who live on the streets of Berkeley
by Linda Castillo | June 25, 2017

Praying for our friends on the streets and for those who live under the freeway in Berkeley.  We gave out hygiene kits you collected, tons of food.and lots of prayer.  

VBS Day 1!!!
by Tori Snyder | June 25, 2017

Kicking of VBS here at New Hope! Our team enjoyed dinner with the kiddos and led them in worship for the first time! So much Joy!! 

Day well spent!
by Tori Snyder | June 25, 2017

VBS was a blast and after today's VBS our team was invited to eat pecan pie with a couple from New Hope and take some more showers!!!! We are being blessed by so many people this week! God is good! 

Courtside Prayer
by Tori Snyder | June 26, 2017

Part of our team spent our morning in front of the courthouse to pass out daily bread devotions and pray over people! It's a powerful thing to speak a man or women's name to the Father in prayer! 

Please continue to pray for our team as we continue loving on these people this afternoon as well as jumping into our second evening of VBS!!

Nothing a little hard work can't fix
by Talon Hall | June 26, 2017

Beautiful day for part of our team to work along side Bay area rescue mission! Making food in the kitchen, working in the wearhouse, and doing landscaping! #ppmusa #bethepelican #bestjobever

Spring cleaning in the summer :)
by Tori Snyder | June 26, 2017

Half of our team is currently cleaning floors, organizing shelfs and sorting clothes for Double Portion Thift Store. Their are several things that make this store unique!

First off it was starting in order to provide jobs for women who have been saved from sex trafficing. Secondly all of the clothes and supplies in the store is donated to the store to sell. Thridly the profit from the sales go towards maintaing the store, providing houseing for many women going through rehab after trafficing and towards events and expenses that help keep people off the streets!! 

The store was opened through an oganization called Love Never Fails! 

Please pray for the Lord to bless this ministry/store and that their success my multiply to impact more lives! 

Day 2 of VBS!!!
by Tori Snyder | June 26, 2017

Worship, skits and bible stories!!! We are excited to be in our second day of VBS with these kiddos! Pictures of games and crafts to come!!! 

What time is it?...
by Talon Hall | June 26, 2017

Game time!! Our team cheering on the little soccer team for making a BIG goal!

Crafts that will be with them forever!
by Tori Snyder | June 26, 2017

The kiddos got to make necklesses today that reminded them of the Love that God has for them individually! Gods love is something they learned will always be with them! 

Finishing up day 2
by Talon Hall | June 26, 2017

Finishing up the night with some great singing and dancing! Our team is amazing!

After VBS fun
by Tori Snyder | June 26, 2017

When the kiddos leave, the child in our team comes out!! We are excited for a night of fellowship and rest as activities come to a pause until tomorrow morning!!! 

Thrift store day 2!!!
by Tori Snyder | June 27, 2017

Our team is having a blast organizing clothes for the thrift store!!! From folding to trying on clothes!! 

Lunch TIME!
by Tori Snyder | June 27, 2017

Thankful for our cooks and the staff at the Rescue Mission for feeding us well!!! Can't serve with an empty stomach! Team is taking time to recharge and get some energy for the rest of the day at the Thrift Store and the Farm! 

Pray for strength for our team! We are working hard!

by Tori Snyder | June 27, 2017

Half of our team has been experiencing the farmer life today! Working hard in the garden picking veggies!!! This picture is some kiddos picking garlic!

What a fun time at VBS
by Tori Snyder | June 27, 2017

Lots of messy crafts today!!! Our team helped the kids with sand crosses for the craft today! They also helped the kids paint a rainbow with their hands together that will be given to the church at the end of the week at a surprise!!!! Long day but this team is strong and loving on these kids like crazy!

Pray for our team to get rest tonight as we jump into another day of projects tomorrow!

Cleaning out the Kitchen
by Tori Snyder | June 28, 2017

Half of the team is blessing our host church through cleaning out their kitchen! Morning filled with sorting, cleaning, labeling and shopping for new dish towels! 

What a great idea, and simple way to serve! 

Speaker for Love Never Fails
by Tori Snyder | June 28, 2017

Half the team got the opportunity to learn all about Love Never Fails and how they can personally get involved with the program! Make sure to ask you kids all about what they learned this week at the minsitry sites they went to!!

Got clothes
by Talon Hall | June 28, 2017

Spent some time separating Clothes at the bay are rescue mission today! 

Always working hard
by Talon Hall | June 28, 2017
A group of our team making food for the homeless at the bay area mission and boy was it good! Another group went to help the clothes ministry remodel a room they needed done also at the bay area mission! This team is such a blessing!!

VBS fun
by Talon Hall | June 28, 2017

Our team Starting off the last night of vbs with dinner, an awesome prayer, and singing/dancing fun!

My Bubbles
by Talon Hall | June 28, 2017

We have art time and game time! Going crazy outside with these bubbles and sidwalk chalk! Inside they making there beautiful crafts that represents today's verse!

Finished VBS strong
by Tori Snyder | June 28, 2017

Our team loved on these kids well this week, to the point of some tears at the end of the evening! What a joy the kiddos were to our team!

Rec Day!
by Tori Snyder | June 29, 2017

The team got up nice and early to drive to the city! We are excited for a day of fellowship and new things! 

City adventurers
by Tori Snyder | June 29, 2017

Our team broke into groups to explore the city! Many new foods, sites and experiences! 

Nap Time
by Tori Snyder | June 29, 2017

Long day in San Francisco! Heading back to the church for Tacos and our last night of fellowship! 

by Tori Snyder | June 29, 2017

Our team got to eat some cherry jublee flambee style tonight from out wonderful shower hosts!! They have been such a blessing to our team this week! What a wonderful thing to finish the week in fellowship with them! 

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Joe shmo

Such beatiful kids

Judy Parham

My prayers are with this entire team and the many blessings they will see by doing God's work. God bless each and every one of you and the people you share God's word with.

Laura Parham

Thank you for the updates and the pictures. We are praying for this whole team.

Ron Anderson

I meant "Praying"

Ron Anderson

We are prying.

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