St. Johns Congregational Church | Haiti

Carrefour | April 15 to April 21, 2017

Local Host: Good Shepherd Orphanage | Saint Juste Mervil
Staff: Gloirgens Jean

Trip Journal Updates

We are in Haiti!!
by Gloirgens Jean | April 15, 2017
After several flights we finally made it to Haiti, we met up at the airport with our Pelican staff and drove all the way to our Home for the week. At noon we attended an easter worship time with Kids. It was an awesome moment. We are looking forward to seeing what he has in Store for us this week as we are serving the people of Haiti.

A blessing sunday
by Gloirgens Jean | April 16, 2017
Today we had the opportunity to experience Haitian church! For most of us it was a completely new experience getting to worship in Haiti, but knowing we are all worshiping the same God who connects differing languages. We heard Francine sharing her testimony, it was truly a blessing. It has been an amazing experience! Keep us in prayers back Home as we are serving the people of Haiti.

An act of humbleness
by Gloirgens Jean | April 16, 2017
God does unexpected things at unexpected time .At the end of the church service, we had the great opportunity to be part of the foot washing ceremony. It was amazing to experience the humbleness,love and joy through that. Just has God washed the feet of his disciples to set an example of humility, we did same at church. It was an amazing moment. We praise and thank God for such moment and we are looking forward to many more.

by Gloirgens Jean | April 16, 2017
In the afternoon we made it to ASHCA, the Handicap association. We played with the Kids enjoyed their company and laughed with them. We had a great time playing with the children. It's just the beginning, more is to come. It’s always awesome to hang out with them. We feel blessed to be able to spend time with them this week. We are excited and ready to see what happens tomorrow!

Service ministry
by Gloirgens Jean | April 17, 2017
Early this morning we had our first ministry with the sweet school kids at the church we attended yesterday, we had the opportunity to share the bible story of Jesus and Peter walking on the Sea, then we made it to ASHCA where we painted their Theater room. It was a great time painting alongside some of some Guys from the place. We enjoyed it and bless God for such an opportunity .

Feeding Program
by Gloirgens Jean | April 20, 2017
This week we had the possibility to help with the feeding program at the Good Shepherd Orphanage. It was truly a blesing to be able to serve these kids and enjoyed their beautiful and contagious smiles. We thank God for this privilege, for bringing joy to us through these children. Each of our lives have been impacted by our experiences this week. The hardest moment was to say Goodbye since today was our last day hanging out with them, we have created bond that can't be undone. We bless. We thank God for That.

Last ministry day!!
by Gloirgens Jean | April 20, 2017
We wrapped up the two projects we had for this week, we painted the theater room and poured the floor in front of the guys and girls' room. What a blessing to be able to see the Handicaps in their newly fresh painted theater room and see their wheelchairs going back and forth on their new floor .Keep our team in prayer as we are looking forward to our last day in Haiti so God open our eyes to see and experience, what he wants us to experience and see.

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