First Presbyterian Church, Ipswich, MA | Providence, RI

| April 17 to April 21, 2017

Local Host:
Staff: Rachel Carew

Trip Journal Updates

The team is here!!!
by Rachel Carew | April 18, 2017
We arrived this afternoon in beautiful Providence, Rhode Island and jumped right into ministry! We are so excited to be here serving this community this week and we can't wait to see what God has in store for us. Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to minister to the West End of Providence and the surrounding area!

Providence Ministry Projects
by Rachel Carew | April 18, 2017
Today is our first full day here in Providence, Rhode Island! We are spending time today blessing the staff here at the Providence Rescue Mission by doing some cleaning and organization projects around the mission buildings. So far we have cleaned the lady's overnight shelter from top to bottom, organized the food pantry, cleaned the cooler in the kitchen, and started a free clothing giveaway for the community outside. We are very busy but enjoying every moment of what God has for us here in Providence!

Soccer in the Park
by Rachel Carew | April 18, 2017
This afternoon we headed out after lunch to do some community trash pickup and prayer walking in the neighborhood. We prayed before we left and God brought us to some kids in the park who wanted to play soccer with us! We found a ball and started an impromptu game of soccer with the neighborhood kids. Sometimes God changes our plans and brings us to something even better than we expected!

Serving Dinner
by Rachel Carew | April 18, 2017
After our time at the park and a quick break for a Dunkin Donuts run, we came back to the Providence Rescue Mission to serve dinner and break bread with 80 guests for their nightly dinner service. We all experienced being the hands and feet of Jesus by serving before we sat down to eat our dinner and really get to know some of our new friends at the rescue mission, and the people we will be spending a lot of time with for the rest of the week! Please keep us in prayer as we head into our day tomorrow and continue to use our God-given gifts to impact this beautiful community!

Ice Cream Sundaes!
by Rachel Carew | April 20, 2017
Last night we served homemade brownie ice cream sundaes to the almost 60 overnight guests here at the Providence Rescue Mission! We also hung out and played Scattergories, Jenga, and Uno and spent time chatting with them. We were so blessed to be able to spread some joy among the people who stay here every single night. Our days have been full and we are having so much fun seeing the Lord move. God is so good! Please keep us in prayer during our last full day here at the rescue mission!

Kickball with Our New Friends
by Rachel Carew | April 20, 2017
We returned to the park and all of our neighborhood kids were so excited to see us! Even though not all of the kids speak a lot of English, playing a fun game of kickball transcends language barriers and we all had a blast. We are so excited to see them again and show them the love of Jesus!

Praying Over Providence
by Rachel Carew | April 21, 2017
This afternoon we got some amazing coffee from Dave's Coffee here in Providence, and then we headed over to Prospect Terrace Park to take in the great view and spend some time praying for this city we have spent the last four days in!

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