Mt. Bethel Christian Academy | Native American Reservations

Chinle | May 13 to May 18, 2017

Local Host: Memorial Baptist Church
Staff: Andy Bost, Naomi Bothe, Robin Parkes, Melissa Trollman, Carissa Hildebrandt, Israel Ochoa, Katherine Faleafine

Trip Journal Updates

We Made It
by Andy Bost | May 14, 2017
We have arrived to Chinle, Arizona. We are excited to see what God has in store. Wishing all of our mothers a happy mothers day!

Sharing Culture & History
by Katherine Faleafine | May 15, 2017
Sunday morning students and staff were able to spend time with Pastor Greg. They had a chance to hear the heart and culture of the reservation. This was great time for questions and answers and getting to our host even greater.

Serving the Community
by Katherine Faleafine | May 15, 2017
Our group spent the morning pulling weeds, raking leaves, and mowing grass at the church and the home of Betty-Kay, who is a counselor at a school here on the reservation. We're grateful for the opportunity to serve, your prayers are appreciated.

White House Ruins
by Robin Parkes | May 15, 2017
Sunday afternoon we went to Canyon de Chelly, for a hike. We hiked down to the White House Ruins, and had some amazing views of the canyon along the way.

by Robin Parkes | May 15, 2017
Sunday night we ate a delicious spaghetti dinner prepared by church members. Then, we had a time of worship and meeting as a group.

Service Projects
by Robin Parkes | May 15, 2017
This morning, our group got a storage building ready for roofing shingles to be put in it to keep the dirt out. We took off some old felt, and covered it with new felt. Tomorrow we will put the shingles on it.

Girl Time
by Robin Parkes | May 15, 2017
While the guys worked on the storage building, the girls got to spend time with some kids who lived near by and some new puppies.

by Carissa Hildebrandt | May 15, 2017
One of the groups is hard at work this week painting Ms.Cathy's house! It started out blue but by the end of the week it will be a really pretty tan color that Ms.Cathy picked out!

Food Distribution
by Carissa Hildebrandt | May 15, 2017
Two groups went out this afternoon to do food distribution! We also invited kids from the community to hang out at the church. The teams were able to deliver 5 bags of food, spend time with families and pray for them.

Beautiful Creation
by Robin Parkes | May 15, 2017
We ended our night by going back to the canyon to watch the sun set, sing worship, have a devotional, and look at the stars. We had a great time taking in all that God created!

All Together
by Robin Parkes | May 15, 2017
After our devotional, we had a time of group prayer. We got to all be together loving and encouraging each other.

Prepping the Porch
by Robin Parkes | May 16, 2017
Today our group cleaned the porch and got it ready to paint.

Painting the Porch
by Robin Parkes | May 16, 2017
We were able to get one coat of paint on most of the porch today, and we will go back tomorrow morning to finish up.

Pie Eating Contest
by Robin Parkes | May 16, 2017
Today at the nursing home, some of the group got to participate in a pie eating contest. We also got to hear some traditional Navajo songs, and visit with the residents.

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