Tuscola United Methodist Church | Puerto Rico

| July 15 to July 21, 2017

Local Host:
Staff: Kevin Gamradt, Sergio Cruz

Trip Journal Updates

We have arrived!!
by Kevin Gamradt | July 15, 2017

We have arrived in Puerto Rico with uneventful travel.  We are now heading up to the mountains of Utuado to serve with Mission Poleo UMC.

Please pray for safety and boldness as we step out in faith in ministry this week.  Dios te bendiga (God bless you).

Our Puerto Rican Family
by Lance Whitehurst | July 17, 2017

     On Sunday morning we  worshipped with our host church Mission Poleo.  The church is literally on top of a mounation and is a satalite church to a neighboring church.  The goal for Pastor Gladys is to use Mission Poleo as a training ground for young leaders.

Mountainside Prayer
by Lance Whitehurst | July 17, 2017

     Sunday afternoon we went with Pastor to several families near the church to invite them to the VBS and minister to them.  Over 300,000 Puerto Ricans have left the island in the last couple of years due to the financial struggles.  A strong majority are from this region, leaving their families behind.

VBS Day 1
by Kevin Gamradt | July 17, 2017

Today we started the 4 day kids camp with a theme on the story of Joseph.  We did skits, crafts, ad relational focused games which the kids really enjoyed.

Helping Hand
by Kevin Gamradt | July 17, 2017

This afternoon we are helping the church with painting, cleaning, and yard work.  Some of us did garbage collecting on the road that runs along the church.  In Puerto Rico it is culturally important to take care of "God's House".  The simple action of painting the church gives people hope that they are not forgotten during these difficult financial times.

VBS Day2- Jospeh's Dream
by Lance Whitehurst | July 18, 2017

        Today we have new kids joining us as well as our kids from yesterday.  One of the girl's has never heard of Christ or His story.  We look forward to telling her and showing her.

Panaderia doughnut run
by Kevin Gamradt | July 18, 2017

Nothing like fresh doughnuts and quisitos to start your day!

VBS Day 3
by Kevin Gamradt | July 19, 2017

Joseph's story of trusting in the Lord was the theme today.  The drama and small group discussions have been a favorite for the kids.

A Painting We Will Go!
by Kevin Gamradt | July 19, 2017

A group of us are working on completing the church painting.  Due to the harsh weather, regular painting is essential to protect the building.

Down N' Dirty
by Kevin Gamradt | July 19, 2017

This afternoon we were invited to participate in a UMC youth retreat.  We were able to participate in their spiritual obstacle course.  Mud, challenges, and spiritual application.  What more could you ask for?!?

Making Joyful Noise
by Kevin Gamradt | July 20, 2017

Tonight we are spending a night of worship and encouragement at one of the church members home.

Final day of vbs
by Kevin Gamradt | July 20, 2017

Today we finished the story of Joseph with the kids.  Pastor has been super excited with the helping with startting of their childrens/youth ministry.  

With tears, hugs, and prayer we say goodbye to the kids.

Beach Time!!
by Kevin Gamradt | July 20, 2017

We are now off to the local beach for some fun in the sun.

Heading Home!!
by Kevin Gamradt | July 21, 2017

After taking a little time in Old San Juan we are heading to the airport.

Emma typing " so as my last day in Puerto Rico is coming to an end... i will miss the nice, hospitable, sweet people that i met here. This was a life changing experience and i will never forget the amazing people i met along the way. "

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Kirsten Day

Thank you so much for the pics and updates!! Anxious to hear how God was at work in everyone's experiences! Safe travels home!

Janice Benner

I would ask for pictures!!! ?? Sounds like fun though.

Lora Zimmer

Thanks so much for the updates and pictures! It sounds like you are making an impact on people's lives and sharing the love of Christ.

Jean Leonard

Thanks for sharing your experiences. May God bless you all.

Melissa Lemay

Thank you for the posts and pics. It is a blessing.

Jeannie Craddock

Love the updates!

Heather Kleiss

Praying for you all each day! Love the updates with the pictures. Miss you Becca!

Steve Lage and Naomi, Simeon, and Jada

Simeon: I hope your trip is going really well. We're having fun here in Ocean City. Naomi: I hope your VBS is going great. Jada: I hope you're having a good time.

Robb Middleton

Keeping everyone in our prayers. Hope to hear an update soon. God bless!

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