Mitchell Family | Mexico

Desemboque | May 13 to May 19, 2017

Local Host: Casa De Oracion | Francisco Rendon
Staff: Rob Landry

Trip Journal Updates

Our Team has arrived
by Rob Landry | May 14, 2017
Our team has arrived in Tucson and explored downtown in search of tasty Mexican food! Tomorrow at 6 a.m we leave for Altar, Sonora Mexico 4 hours away to worship with Pastor Jesus and the church family at Nueva Vida Baptist Church!

Pastor Jesus Soto
by Rob Landry | May 14, 2017
This is Pastor Jesus Soto a great friend of the team and one of our host Pastors. We will be spending Sunday morning worshiping at Nueva Vida where he serves as Pastor. He and his wife Nilda where be serving alongside our team for the week in Desemboque.

by Rob Landry | May 14, 2017
This is Desemboque a fishing village of 400 people along the Sea of Cortez. Our team has made several trips here now and has made an enormous impact on the community. This year we are finishing the construction of a "ramada" that someday will be completely sided and be used as the main church building in the area. Currently Casa De Oracion has outgrown their current building that seats 120. The new ramada will seat more than 300!

Fish for Dinner
by Rob Landry | May 18, 2017
One of the best parts of the trip is laughing and sharing a meal together. Here Pastor Francisco shows us a 33 pound fish we would eat later that day. It was delicious!

Hotel Partnership!
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017

Mark Mitchell painting one of the rooms at the hotel we partner with in Desemboque. The hotel needs lots of repairs and we value the friendship we have with them. We ended up remodeling 3 rooms and bathrooms all in one morning!

Visiting the Seri Tribe
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
This is the village also named Desemboque where the Seri tribe live. They have their own unique language not spoken anywhere else in the world. Today only about 1900 Seri remain in two villages. It was an honor to visit them and meet with the Pastor of the only church there.

The Beach
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
The beach at El Desemboque De Los Seris

Meeting with Seri Pastor
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
The Pastor of the church in El Desemboque De Los Seris with our host Pastors Francisco and Jesus and our Group leader Mark Mitchell

by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
Pastor Jesus and Mark taking in the moment

Seri Home
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
Typical Seri Home, notice the strange roof

Seri Church
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
Seri Church

Seri Woman selling crafts
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
Seri woman in traditional dress

Nightly Services
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
Service in the village of La Morena. almost every evening there were services in 3 villages

Children's Ministry
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
Logan and Javier during Children's Ministry in La Morena

Our Host Pastors
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
Pastors Francisco and Irma

by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
In all adventures there are detours, this truck is filled with sea snails headed to markets in the U.S

Road Trip
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
Road trip to explore new villages to partner with

A Happy Week
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
During the Thursday night service in Desemboque

Kids Club
by Rob Landry | June 2, 2017
Thursday Night Club for the children

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Cindy Parada

You guys are amazing!! May God continue to bless you!! This has really touched my heart. I am related to Nilda Soto and I am very grateful to know that there's people helping churches in Mexico to continue to grow. You guys are awesome!!

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