Mission Trip Resources


Team Development

Get your team ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Cultural Sensitivity

A few tips about being a good guest.

Ministry Opportunities

Ministries to take part in.

Mind Your Manners

Things to keep in mind when you're immersed in another culture.

Vacation Bible School

Tried and true ideas for VBS anywhere.

Group Travel

Booking Flights

Book your flights with us.


Get answers to your basic passport questions.

Group Travel Tips

Traveling with a group is a lot different than traveling alone, especially if you're in charge.

Travel Checklists

Be sure not to leave Kevin home alone.

Packing Checklist

A list of items you'll probably need on your mission trip.

Packing Tips

You have all the gear you need, now get tips on how to get it there.

Bible Studies

Individual Bible Studies

Bible studies for you.

Group Bible Studies

Bible studies for your group.


Fundraising Ideas

A slew of fun ideas to help your mission team raise funds.

Preparing Your Testimony

Some tips for preparing your personal testimony.

Fundraising Tips

Everything we can think to tell you about fundraising.


Health Guidelines

Make sure you stay healthy on your trip.

Clothing Guidelines

What to wear while you're there.

PPM Timeline

Where deadlines fall leading up to the trip.

Everything Else

All the stuff that didn't fit into a category.

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