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 Tucson Mission Trip

Southern hospitality and charm with a twist of Central American culture is what your team will be greeted with when you serve on a mission trip to Tucson, Arizona this year. Your missions group will be intentionally partnered with a local pastor in a community that needs your unique gifts. From homeless ministry, kid's clubs, or service ministries, Tucson has a ministry that can use your team's gifts. Whomever you decide to include on your mission trip to Tucson, from children and families to youth and adults, each person will find opportunities to share the love of Christ in different ways.

As you prepare your missions team at home, our staff and local partners are preparing as well. Praying Pelican Missions will make sure that you will not have to worry about the logistics and that the local pastor is ready to share his ministry with you and your team. Our long established or newly developed partners in Tucson are pouring their lives into their ministry daily and are passionately serving the Lord in their communities. When you partner with them on your Tucson mission trip, you will be able to be a part of a vibrant ministry or bring new life and encouragement to a community.

Contact Praying Pelican Missions today to find out more about the opportunities and possibilities for your short term mission team to serve on a mission trip to Tucson today. Our partnership pastors, local leaders, and dedicated staff are ready to serve with your mission group as you share Jesus' love with the diverse people of Tucson, Arizona.

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At A Glance. get the basics.

Location North America - Southwest
Language English and Spanish
Income $30,981
Religion Predominantly Christian (Roman Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, Mainline Protestant); small populations of Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Jewish, Buddhist and other religions
Climate Desert (hot summers, temperate winters, mostly arid)
Population 520,116 (approximately 989,569 in metropolitan area)
Ethnic Groups 69.7% White (47.2% non-Hispanic White), 5% African American or Black, 2.9% Asian, 2.7% Native American, 17.8% Other Race, 3.4% from two or more races, 41.6% Hispanic of any race (36.1% of city population is Mexican American)
Motto "The Old Pueblo"
Independence 1776

Pricing Information. see what all is included.

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Trip Length:
Group Registration Fee - Not included in participant cost:
Materials Provided:
  • Group leader handbook
  • Online group devotionals and handbooks
  • Trip promotional materials
  • Group T-shirts
  • Fundraising ideas
Unlimited Consultations:
35+ Hours of Ministry:
Transportation to/from Airport and Ministry Sites:    
Participation in Local Church Services:
Sleeping Accommodations: Floor-sleeping lodging in a secure church or school in the area Hotel accommodations
Meals: Meals provided, local restaurant experience Meals provided, local restaurant experience
Recreation or Local Cultural Experience:

FAQs. we know you're wondering.

Prior to the trip, you will receive a group leader manual, which includes fundraising ideas, online trip handbooks and resources for participants, promotional materials, group t-shirts, and unlimited pre-trip consultations with your trip leader.

Once in Tucson you will receive three meals a day, sleeping accommodations, customizable ministry options, an opportunity to attend local church services, evening worship, prayer, debriefing meetings, and a local sightseeing or recreation activity.

Airfare/ground transportation throughout the trip, spending money, offering at church services, construction and/or ministry materials, personal insurance, and optional recreation.

English and Spanish are both languages your group might encounter while serving in Tucson.

Yes. We take extra precautions and lay down strict ground rules to ensure safety. Crime occurs in Tucson just like everywhere else, but we have never had a PPM team experience a major incident of crime. Our genuine partnership with pastors and other community leaders in Tucson ensures there is always someone looking out for the well-being of our teams.

Tucson has its fair share of venomous animals. However, only a few are considered potentially life-threatening to most people. Nonetheless, it pays to be cautious. Scorpions and rattlesnakes are what we watch for the most. Should any concern arise, your PPM staff are well-prepared to handle such situations.

On PPM USA trips, each group is responsible for their own transportation. You may either drive your church vehicles or rent from the airport.

Please plan to fly into either Tucson International Airport (TUS) or Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport (PHX). You should be in communication with your PPM trip consultant as you make your travel arrangements.

Praying Pelican Missions will provide safe food to eat and safe water to drink. In places where plumbing is suspect, PPM will provide purified water to drink.

Yes. There will be a time set aside to buy souvenirs if so desired.

Since we work with international communities even while in the U.S., we strive to provide meals that reflect the heritage of those groups.

Please see our general FAQ page for answers to questions not specific to Tucson

Location Info. basics about tucson.

Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona and is located 116 miles southeast of Phoenix and 70 miles north of the Mexican border. An area steeped in history, "The Old Pueblo" (named for the adobe fortress or "presidio" that marked its early borders) has been constantly inhabited for thousands of years. Over the past three hundred years, Tucson has evolved from a Native American farming community, to Spanish outpost, to frontier town, to railroad hub during the frontier days, to a sprawling metropolis of around one million people.

Tucson is the sunniest city in the U.S., boasting more than 350 days of sun a year. The days are warm to hot and sunny while the evenings are cool and comfortable due to the dry desert climate.

In close proximity to Mexico and a large population of Hispanic residents, Spanish is unofficially spoken throughout the area.

As far as safety goes, taking common sense precautions is key in prevention of any unfortunate happenings.

The University of Arizona is the one of the largest employers in Tucson, which adds a significant force to the region's commitment to continue developing a healthy economy centered around the advanced technology industry sector. Roughly 150 Tucson companies are involved in the design and manufacture of optics and optoelectronic systems, earning Tucson the nickname "Optics Valley". Tourism and seasonal winter residents ("snowbirds") also contribute significantly to the local economy.

Regionally, Tucson is known for its fabulous Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, especially dishes created via mesquite grills.

The area has much to explore, from the wonder of the desert (at the Tohono Chul Park or the Arizona-Sonora Desert museum) to the wonder of the skies (at the Pima Air & Space Museum) and the galaxy (check out the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory).

4,000 years before Spanish missionaries and soldiers arrived in the 1600s, what became Tucson was populated and farmed by the Hohokam Indians and is known as one of the oldest most continually inhabited areas in North America. Tucson was founded August 20, 1776, became part of the United States in 1854 and became the oldest incorporated U.S. city in 1877. During this time period, tensions rose between cattle ranchers, settlers, miners and Apache Indians which culminated in the Wild West era of 1860-1880. In 1880, the Southern Pacific Railroad arrived and continued the multicultural growth of the region as travel became quicker, easier and more affordable for those moving west.

Less than 50% of the population affiliate themselves with any religion. Christians (both Roman Catholic and Evangelical Protestant) are most predominantly found among the religious sector.

If you were waiting for the perfect time to bring a group to Tucson, the time is now. Contact us for more information or register today!

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