Western Africa Mission Trip

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Western Africa Mission Trip

In Ghana and the Ivory Coast, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming as local pastors and congregations pour out the love of Christ to their neighbors and communities. Your missions team would be able to get involved in ministries that are already growing or newly developed in Western Africa when you serve on a mission trip with our Praying Pelican Missions this year. The opportunities to make a real and tangible impact are endless in this part of the world.

Pastors in this area are needing your missions group to come and encourage them in their ministries ranging from men's and women's Bible Studies to school ministry, sports ministry and construction. As you consider who your Western Africa missions group would include, know that every gift or talent that your missions team brings will be an encouragement to the local church and to the community that surrounds it. Our heart is that your uniquely gifted mission trip team to Western Africa will be partnered with a church that has real need.

Our dedicated Praying Pelican Missions staff members will serve alongside you on your Western Africa missions trip and assist you as you plan and prepare your group for a life-changing missions trip. We will work with you to determine which ministries are best suited for your unique missions group and make sure that the logistical details are taken care of while you are serving on your mission trip in Western Africa so you can concentrate on the ministry with your team.

Contact us, at Praying Pelican Missions, to schedule your mission trip to Western Africa.

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At A Glance. get the basics.

Location The Economic Community of West African States, defines the 16 most western countries in the region of West Africa.
Language French, English and/or tribal languages are spoken.
Income $309
Religion Christianity, Islam and traditional African religions and belief systems.
Climate Semi-arid terrain
Population 245 Million
Ethnic Groups Many ethnic groups are prevalent, such as Akan peoples from Ghana and Yoruba from Togo.

Pricing Information. see what all is included.

Trip Length:
Group Registration Fee - Not included in participant cost:
Materials Provided:
  • Group leader handbook
  • Online group devotionals and handbooks
  • Trip promotional materials
  • Group T-shirts
  • Fundraising ideas
Unlimited Consultations:
50+ Hours of Ministry:
Safe Drinking Water:
Transportation to/from Airport and Ministry Sites:
Participation in Local Church Services:
Minimum Group Size: 15 15
Sleeping Accommodations: Church/School/Community Center floor sleeping Hotel accommodations throughout trip
Meals: Homemade African and American meals Homemade African and American meals
Recreation or Local Cultural Experience:

FAQs. we know you're wondering.

Prior to the trip you will receive a group leader manual, which includes fundraising ideas; online trip handbooks and resources for participants, promotional materials, and unlimited pre-trip consultations with your trip leader.

Once in West Africa you will receive transportation to and from the airport, transportation to and from ministry sites, three meals a day, safe drinking water, sleeping accommodations, group T-shirts, customizable ministry options, an opportunity to attend local church services, evening worship, prayer, debriefing meetings, and a local sightseeing or recreation activity.

Transportation to/from West Africa, passport, vaccinations, spending money, offering at church services construction and/or ministry materials, personal insurance, and personal snacks.

West Africa has a plethora of languages, since each country within the region contains many tribal tongues. Most West Africans will speak English or French and 2-3 other languages as well.

Praying Pelican Missions holds safety as a top priority. PPM staff are trained and equipped to provide a safe and incident-free mission experience. PPM staff will be with your team for the entire trip and will have access to transportation, cell phones, hospitals, and first aid kits at all times..

West Africa has its share of creatures; however, the chance of seeing anything dangerous is very slim. In the unlikely event that one of these creatures is encountered our staff is well prepared and equipped to handle such a situation.

Your Praying Pelican Missions consultant will provide you with specific airport information that coincides with the country you will be visiting. You will fly into said airport, where PPM staff will meet you and your team upon exiting customs and immigration. Praying Pelican Missions will take care of all your transportation while in West Africa.

All transportation within West Africa is included in the cost of the trip and will be arranged by Praying Pelican Missions.

Which airport a team flies into depends on where in West Africa they are serving. Please check with your Praying Pelican Missions consultant to determine what airport your team will fly into.

While in country, Praying Pelican Missions will provide you and your team with healthy meals and purified water for your entire stay. All food is prepared by a team of local cooks who have been trained and understand the importance of using treated water and the sensitivity of the North American stomach.

Yes. There will be opportunities to purchase gifts and souvenirs if one so desires.

The teams will be eating traditional African food and some American influenced meals.

No. Praying Pelican Missions will provide all meals from the time you arrive to the time you depart. You may wish to bring snacks, but all main meals will be provided by us.

Please see our general FAQ page for answers to questions not specific to Western Africa

Location Info. basics about western africa.

West Africa is west of an imagined north-south borderline that runs through the continent. The Atlantic Ocean forms the western and southern borders of the entire region. Areas considered borders are that of the Sahara Desert in the north, and the Benue Trough to the east.

The northernmost section of West Africa is composed of semi-arid terrain known as Sahel, a transitional zone between the Sahara and the savannahs of Sudan. Many languages are spoken in and throughout the 16 countries that make up Western Africa. With English and French being well-known and traditional tribal tongues being spoken, hearing multiple languages while in the region is not uncommon. Areas in West Africa are some of the safest places in all of Africa, like Ghana.

ECOWAS works to promote co-operation in the region on a range of economic and political issues including conflict resolution, striving to boost the economy. Eight countries in the region (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo) are members of the West Africa Economy and Monetary Union (WAEMU) and share a common currency, a common central bank, a development bank, a regional stock exchange and a common banking regulator.

Traditional African meals consist of chicken, rice and beans, and maize. Recreation options will differ depending upon the country, but examples include canopy walks in the rain forest and/or visiting the Slave Castles in Ghana.

The history of Western Africa can be divided into five major periods: Prehistorical times, in which the first human settlers came and began working in agriculture; the second, the Iron Age empires that consolidated both intra-African and extra-African trade, and ultimately developed centralized states; Major polities flourished, which would undergo an extensive history of contact with non-Africans; fourth, the colonial period, in which Great Britain and France controlled nearly the whole of the region; Lastly the post-independence era, in which the current nations were formed. Within the realm of religion, Islam and Christianity are at the highest of influence. Islam is currently the predominant religion of the interior regions however, Christianity, generally new to the area has become the predominant religion in the central and southern part of Nigeria, and the coastal regions stretching from southern Ghana to coastal parts of Sierra Leone.

If you were waiting for the perfect time to bring a group to Western Africa, the time is now. Contact us for more information or register today!

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