Genuine Partnerships

We believe in investing in the local church. As a result, our base is the local church. Each of our teams is partnered alongside a local church with the goal of encouraging and assisting them in their ministry.

Long-Term Relationships

Our heart is to be wholly invested in the communities where we serve. Your team will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with local churches throughout the world.

Sustainable Ministry

We remain under the authority and direction of the local church so each missions trip will have a lasting impact. This fully customized approach aligns your team's gifts with the needs and initiatives of the local church.

It's about real ministry

2016 Mission Trip Locations Pittsburgh Mission Trips Providence Rhode Island Mission Trip Miami Florida Mission Trip Chicago Illinois Mission Trip Memphis Tennessee Mission Trip US Native American Reservation Mission Trip Tucson Arizona Mission Trip San Francisco California Mission Trip Mexico Mission Trip Guatemala Mission Trip Belize Mission Trip Nicaragua Mission Trip Costa Rica Mission Trip Bahamas Mission Trip Haiti Mission Trip Dominican Republic Mission Trip Puerto Rico Mission Trip South Africa Mission Trip Ghana Mission Trip Jamaica Mission Trip Italy Mission Trip

Praying Pelican Missions is the leader in organizing and leading short-term mission trips with a long-term impact. Our mission trips are Christ-centered, safe, affordable, and hassle free.

We invite you to come and serve on a short-term mission trip with Praying Pelican Missions and be the hands, feet and heart of Christ to the world. It is our mission to be the bridge between cultures, uniting your team with a local church family from across the globe. We stand firm in our belief that healthy missions is fully-dependent upon genuine partnerships, long-term relationships and sustainable ministry — connecting the local church on a global level.

Praying Pelican Missions will utilize your mission team to partner alongside local churches and ministries who are active in their communities. Our staff will work hard to consult with your group in order to understand your passions, interests and talents. Through this intentionality, we are able to facilitate genuine partnerships where your team is able to serve in a way in which they are gifted, with a local ministry that can use those gifts in their community.

Your international or domestic mission experience begins when you contact one of our short-term missions experts, who can help guide you through the process of customizing your trip. We currently offer a variety of Christian mission trips in a plethora of locations.

Contact a PPM missions expert today and learn more about the adult, college, family, and youth mission trips we offer. Arrange for your group to participate in a missions trip that spreads the love of Christ to the nations, including your own team as they build relationships, create long-term partnerships and participate in sustainable ministry.



We connect you to a ministry that aligns with your team's heart and skill-set.



We prepare your team both spiritually and physically for real ministry.



You and your team form genuine partnerships by serving in sustainable ministry.



We help you foster a long-term relationship through continued investment.


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