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Genuine Partnerships

Genuine Partnerships

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Long-Term Relationships

Long-Term Relationships

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Sustainable Ministry

Sustainable Ministry

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Build a Bridge Between Cultures

Come serve on a mission trip and immerse yourself in a culture far different from your own.

Be guided through your trip by knowledgeable local staff and experienced Praying Pelican Mission trip leaders who ensure your ministry will uplift the local economy and impact the community for Christ. Allow us to serve as a bridge, removing the burden of planning and logistics from you and your partnership pastor, and freeing you up to fully experience all God has in store.

Genuine Partnerships.

Praying Pelican Missions believes in investing in the local church. As a result, PPM does not seek to "build a base" in any of the countries in which we serve. Our base is the local church. Each of our teams is partnered with a local church with the goal of encouraging and assisting them in their ministry. PPM partnership churches truly care for our teams and are dedicated to seeing successful ministry happen — all through genuine partnership.

Genuine Partnerships

Long-Term Relationships

Long-Term Relationships.

The story of Praying Pelican Missions began over 20 years ago through a friendship with a pastor in Belize that continues to provide the foundation for our ministry today. This kind of long-term commitment remains essential to the effectiveness of our trips. Our heart is to be wholly invested in the communities where we serve. Likewise, your team will have the opportunity to build similarly lasting relationships with local churches throughout the world.

Sustainable Ministry.

We desire each mission trip to have a lasting impact through sustainable ministry. We accomplish this by remaining under the authority and direction of the local church. We work with you to understand your mission team's gifts, and we partner those gifts with a church that can utilize them in their community. This supports and encourages local initiatives while involving your mission team in real ministry that is customized to your abilities and interests.

Sustainable Ministry

Do you ever feel like you just sit around talking about the Great Commission instead of living it? This year, do something - take action.

Come and serve on a missions experience with Praying Pelican Missions and be the hands, feet and heart of Christ to the world. It is our passion and mission to be the bridge between cultures, in Christ's name. We stand firm in our belief that healthy missions is fully-dependent upon genuine and authentic partnership, long-term relationship and sustainable ministry.

Existing churches and ministries around the world share the gospel, meet practical needs and support their communities day in and day out. You can partner alongside these existing ministries when you participate in a fully-customizable mission trip with us. Give your church, family or civic group the opportunity to share their passions, interests and talents with the international Church as they serve in ministries identified by the local host Pastor.

Your international or domestic mission experience begins when you contact one of our short-term missions experts, who can help guide you through the process of customizing your trip. At Praying Pelican Missions, we specialize in partnering your group with an established ministry, ensuring that the ministry you take part in will continue upon your departure.

We currently offer a variety of Christian mission opportunities. Select from a Mexico mission, Costa Rica mission, Belize mission, Haiti mission, Dominican mission, Jamaica mission, Puerto Rico mission, South Africa mission or US mission. During your experience, play sports, teach VBS, build homes, repair churches, participate in a medical mission, teach English, serve meals or perform dozens of services that meet spiritual, practical and physical needs identified by the local leaders, and impact the community in a tangible way.

As you serve alongside our local Christian staff, you will build relationships with the community and host church partnership. During an affordable mission experience, you support the local Church and economy, providing at minimum, 15 paid jobs for local workers. Our Praying Pelican Staff, both domestic and international will be there to serve alongside you and guide you with everything that comes with serving in a new location. Our staff understand the local culture, have established relationships where we serve and work tirelessly to share the gospel and grow God's kingdom. After your team is stretched and challenged during a life-changing mission experience, return again to the same location year after year developing a long-term partnership with your host church.

Contact a PPM missions expert today and learn more about the adult and youth mission trips we offer. Arrange for your church, school, family or community team to participate in a missions experience that spreads the love of Christ to the nations, including your own team as they build relationships, create long-term partnerships and participate in sustainable ministry.


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