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  • "Praying Pelican Missions took care of all the difficult details so I could focus on training our team for ministry. As far as mission trips go, PPM is a youth minister's best friend."

    -Nick Mobley, Northside Baptist Church, Group Leader
  • "I have taken many mission trips, but this was my first with Praying Pelican. One thing that impressed me was that Praying Pelican seemed to truly have a heart for the people and churches of Belize. It was not just a "touristy trip for Christian Americans". We actually were strategically placed to bless a local church and to minister to the people of Crooked Tree."

    -Jacqueline L. Payne, Lexington Christian Academy, Adult Participant
  • "Thank you for all you do for our Belizean friends in service for our God. I am very impressed with the Praying Pelican mission team and their model for helping Central America."

    -Susan Alexander, Hope Community Church, Adult Participant
  • "Praying Pelican Missions is incredibly organized and efficient. They make the most of your time and use every opportunity to serve others, to give God the glory."

    -Dana Sisbarro, Immanuel Church, Adult Participant
  • "Praying Pelican Missions is extremely organized and reveals the love of God in their attitude and willingness to constantly serve. They give without thought and encourage with sincerity."

    -Jordan Conover, Second Cape May Baptist, Adult Participant
  • "Praying Pelican Missions has an incredible way of connecting its mission workers to the community members so that God's word is shared to all."

    -Allison Murray, Canyon View, Adult Participant
  • "Praying Pelican Missions relaxes me as a student pastor. To know they take care of all needs before and during our trip allows me to focus on getting my team prepared."

    -Ryan Holtzclaw, FBC Barnwell, Student Pastor
  • "They give students great opportunities to live out their faith and put their faith into action. The team leaders are experienced, well prepared and excellent at understanding a group's needs and meeting those needs."

    -Brad Echols, Field Street Baptist Church, Student Pastor
  • "They take care of the logistics so that our group can stay focused on Christ and serving others while nurturing an environment in which we can grow close to one another."

    -Candice Gardner, Florence Union, Group Leader
  • "Praying Pelican Missions sets the stage for youth teams to experience God on their own in settings that require them to step forward into their ministry gifts."

    -Crystal Stiltner, New Life Christian Center, Youth Pastor
  • "Praying Pelican Missions provides a great opportunity for a church or youth group to establish and maintain a relationship with a national church that will ultimately bless both churches."

    -Rob Witzig, Hope Missionary, Youth Pastor
  • "Praying Pelican Missions is a breeze to work with! It makes a group leader's job so easy. PPM provides so much spiritual nurturing before, during and after."

    -Pam Thesing, Hibben UMC, Mission Trip Coordinator
  • "Praying Pelican Missions takes the planning and logistics out of my hands and allows me to focus on forming relationships with my team, other teams we work with, the people we are ministering to and, most importantly, Christ."

    -Karen Maresco, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Group Leader
  • "Praying Pelican Missions is well organized and beautifully rooted in the community, with leaders that respect the people and the culture."

    -Andi Aguilar, Archdiocese of New Orleans, Student Participant
  • "Praying Pelican Missions gives its missionaries the chance to become a part of the community they are serving. This sense of community only strengthens our love of God, our love of others and our love of our mission."

    -Jennifer Landry, Archdiocese of New Orleans, Student Participant
  • "Praying Pelican Missions provides great resources for training, planning and fundraising. Is great with communication leading up to the trip."

    -Jared Gustafson, First Baptist Cambridge, Associate Pastor
  • "All of the ministries are geared toward pointing people to Christ through the local church. The group leaders are very personable and prepared."

    -Bob Littleton, Kings Baptist, Youth Pastor
  • "As a group leader, I appreciate how organized and thought out PPM trips are. There are no surprises. The process of bringing my group to a foreign country is a lot easier because of PPM."

    -Brian Garver, Milford Bible Church, Associate Youth Pastor
  • "Praying Pelican Missions coordinates well with the local Body, partnering with church leaders to share in the vision that these ministers have for their own churches, utilizing local resources, and supporting local communities."

    -Suzanne Noakes, Milford Bible Church, Adult Leader
  • "Great manual and devotions. I was able to find most everything I needed in the manual. We were able to get help or support no matter what we needed."

    -Kendra Mallory, Get Real Outreach, Group Leader
  • "Just returned from Jamaica with PPM. BEST trip ever. I will plan another with this ministry; they rock. Thanks to Jon and Brian and the team."

    -Steve Coleman, First Baptist Church Richmond, Group Leader
  • "Just got home from Haiti a few days ago, from delayed and canceled flights to an amazing week in Haiti. Full of miracles! I miss it already! Bondye beni ou! Thank you Bethany and Eric!"

    -Taylor Perez, Youth Participant

Are you looking for a life-changing mission trip?

Don't simply sit around talking about the Great Commission. Take action. Churches and ministries across the globe share the gospel, meet practical needs and support their communities. You can be part of this work when you schedule a custom mission trip focused on a true, authentic, and healthy partnership. Give your church, family or school group the opportunity to share their passions, interests and talents with the international Church and watch your faith grow.

Your international mission or domestic mission experience starts when you contact us, the short term missions trip experts. At Praying Pelican Missions, we specialize in partnering your group with an established or new church across the globe or close to home.

We currently offer a variety of affordable Christian mission opportunities. Select from a Mexico mission, Costa Rica mission, Belize mission, Haiti mission, Dominican mission, Jamaica mission, Puerto Rico mission, South Africa mission or US mission. During your experience, play sports, teach VBS, build homes, repair churches, participate in a medical mission, teach English, serve meals or perform dozens of services that meet spiritual, practical and physical needs and impact the local community.

As you build relationships during your mission experience, you support and partner with the local church. Our trips are also led in partnership with local, native Christians and ministry leaders. They understand the local culture, have established relationships and work tirelessly to share the gospel and grow God's kingdom. After your team shares its expertise during a safe mission trip this year, return again to the same location year after year.

Contact PPM today and learn more about the adult and youth mission trips we offer. Arrange for your church, school, family or community team to participate in a missions experience that changes the world and each of you one life-changing mission trip at a time.


We specialize in leading trips to the following domestic and international mission locations:

Belize Mission

Costa Rica Mission

Dominican Republic Mission

Haiti Mission

Jamaica Mission

Mexico Mission

Puerto Rico Mission

South Africa Mission

US Mission


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Entering the Kingdom
Denny Meints
April 15, 2014
This past month of March I had the opportunity to co-lead one of our mission trips to Puerto Rico. As I spend most of my mission leading time in the beautiful country of Belize, I was not sure what to expect from the Island. I had always heard great … READ MORE >
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  • Awesome day
    Brian Zeschke on April 22, 2014
    Today we started our work project and the VBS. The work project is constructing the stage for the Greenvale Church. That place is amazing, we love it there. We filled the stage area with rocks and san… READ MORE >
  • Painting All the Walls
    Tracy Roberts on April 22, 2014
    After lunch we headed over to the Peniel Basic School (like a kindergarten) to paint the entire inside of the classroom, the kitchen, and the bathrooms! These girls knocked it out! They are working so… READ MORE >
  • Starting Strong
    Tracy Roberts on April 22, 2014
    Today we jumped into ministry and worked with the children on their reading. During 4th grade they take a very important literacy test, so we were able to encourage them in their abilities and help th… READ MORE >
  • I'm waiting!
    25990460.7112 on April 22, 2014
    The PPM staff and I are waiting for the team to come out of the airport. Couldn't be more excited about this week!… READ MORE >
  • Easter!
    Tracy Roberts on April 22, 2014
    On our wonderful Easter morning, we got to experience what church is like in Jamaican. It is incredible how passionate they are about their worship and the Word; it definitely is contagious! After lun… READ MORE >

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