Central Christian College | Haiti

| March 16 to March 22, 2013

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Staff: Bethany Richardson

Trip Journal Updates

Welcome to Haiti!
by Liz Drennan | March 16, 2013
We arrived safely in Haiti this afternoon. After collecting our luggage, we were greeted at the airport by our PPM trip leaders. We then boarded the bus and made our way to Haiti Christian Orphanage, our partner for the week. When we arrived we were greeted by the boys who live there and spent the afternoon hanging out with them. We enjoyed our first Haitian meal for dinner and ended the evening with a quick meeting. Tomorrow we head to church and begin our week of ministry in Haiti. We can't wait to see what God has planned for us this week!

by Liz Drennan | March 17, 2013
We woke up this morning and headed to church after breakfast. It was awesome to worship alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ. Though the entire service was in French and Creole, we both worshiped the same God. After lunch we headed over to Life Saver, a nearby orphanage an spent some time playing with the kids there. We colored with them, played frisbee and soccer with them. We loved seeing their smiles, and are excited to be returning there throughout the week. We spent the evening here at Haiti Christian Orphanage, worshiping, and just hanging out with the boys here. They have exams in school this week, and some of us were even able to help the boys study Chemistry. We are looking forward to a great and fruitful week of ministry here. Please pray for our team as we learn God's plan for our time here!

Jumping Rope
by Liz Drennan | March 17, 2013
Playing with the kids at Life Saver was a blast. Even some of our guys got into jump rope. We can't wait to return here and minister to these kids this week.

Chemistry Homework
by Liz Drennan | March 17, 2013
We were able to help some of the boys at Haiti Christian Orphanage study for Chemistry. This week they have exams that they must pass to move to the next grade. We loved being able to help them with this!

Daniel in the Lion's Den
by Liz Drennan | March 18, 2013
This morning we headed over to Life Saver, where we did school ministry with the children who attend school there. We sang songs with them, and told them the story of Daniel in the Lions Den. We acted out the story for the kids, and they loved it, and laughed as we threw our Daniel into the den of mean lions. Afterwards, we made lions masks with them. We can't wait to return here everyday to give these kids the word of God.

Prepping for the Garden
by Liz Drennan | March 18, 2013
This week we are preparing the land and planting a garden here at Haiti Christian Orphanage. It will be full of vegetables and fruit trees. Today we started by preparing the land, by removing trash, and moving rocks where we will be planting. Some of the boys joined us and helped. We know that we are not only planting and sowing literal seeds, but also sowing seeds in the boys here, as they serve alongside us here.

Kite Making
by Liz Drennan | March 18, 2013
We spent the afternoon just hanging out with the boys here at Haiti Christian Orphanage. Here, Samuel shows Steven how to make a kite out of sticks, string and a trash bag.

Sing Along
by Liz Drennan | March 19, 2013
Today we headed back to Life Saver Orphanage to spend time with the kids there and do some ministry with them. We sang songs in both Creole and English. They especially loved "If You're Happy and You Know It" in Creole. We had so much fun and can't wait to return there!

Sowing Seeds
by Liz Drennan | March 19, 2013
We did more work in the garden today.We continue moving rocks and removing trash on more of the property. But, we were able to begin planting the area that was already cleaned up. We planted corn, peas, and callaloo, which is okra. When the plants grow, they will produce vegetables that can be used for meals here at Haiti Christian Orphanage.

Saying Goodbye
by Liz Drennan | March 20, 2013
Today we said goodbye to the children and Pastor Paul William at Life Saver Orphanage. We brought along several donations of clothing toys and medicine that we presented to Pastor William. He said he asked God, and received from us. We hope that the things we brought will bless the children there as much as they have blessed us.

Playing Uno
by Liz Drennan | March 20, 2013
We spent the afternoon hanging out with the boys at Haiti Christian Orphanage. They love to play Uno, and it even helps us to learn the colors in Creole. The boys here are full of energy and every day with them is full of joy and a true blessing.

A "See you Later!"
by Bethany R. | March 24, 2013
This morning we all began packing up for the long journey back home. Before the majority of us left, we gathered together for prayer and goodbyes. We decided that See You Later was much more appropriate than Goodbye.

What a beautiful and amazing week we've passed here at HCO. The garden is planted, the donations have been given and our week is at an end. But its the relationships that we've built with the boys that will live on in our hearts. The Lord was with us during the entirety of this trip and it is our prayer that our actions and words were pleasing to Him.

Please keep the boys of HCO in your prayers. That they will have a beautiful future ahead, full of hope and possibilities. But most of all, that they remember the reason why we come to love and serve, that Jesus loves us all. That we are an eternal family in Him.

Thank You Father for this week. Thank you to everyone who supported and gave to our time in Haiti. It has been a life-changing experience.

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